Lords of Hell Card Prints

This page includes previews of all Lords of Hell, the cardgame of unholy politics, game cards. They are according to game rules but might be a bit depricated as the game is in the late design phase and thus the rules and cards change now and then.

All cards of Lords of Hell are available as ready postscript files (as A4 color), and as JPEG preview files. There is also a summary card available with stylesheet to support proper printing.


Lords of Hell (c) Copyright Kalle Marjola 2000-2003, including all assorted graphics. You are permitted to print and photocopy these cards for your own use only, all other rights reserved. If you are running a game company, contact me if you are interested to publish this game.

Using the Prints

See my generic guidelines on using sheet tarballs and printing them. There is also some counters which should be glued to thick paper.

Backside: backsides for cards are provided, in a case that you do not use opaque card protectors and do not like the original card type. All hand cards (specials, Oaths, Favors and Votes) must have identical back; likewise all resources must have identical back.

Print Quality: do not expect to get identical copies from printer than you have at your monitor, and you mean need to modify your printer's drivers if it is creating too dark or light prints, or colors are all messed up. The used paper affects the output very much. If you are using a B/W printer, some cards might be hard to read and you might need to make prints lighter.

Updates: as this game is currently at development stage, cards are modified now and then. Consider this page more like a preview page; after the game is more stable I will announce that.


Resources A (4 copies)

Resources B (3 copies)

Resources C (2 copies)

Resources D (1 copy)

Specials (1 copy)

Votes and specials (1 copy)

Oaths (4 copies)

Favors (5 copies)

Hand card backs (9 copies)

Counters and specials (1 copy)

Devils (1 copy)

Devil backs (1 copy)

Realms (1 copy)

Realm backs (1 copy)
(note: back for resource cards is currently missing)


All cards as printable postscript: loh_sheets_ps.tgz (4.6 MB) (7.1.2004)

For handling tarballs, see my generic guidelines. I'm sorry that current tarballs are so big, but that's mainly because of the pictures as postscript.