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Lords of Hell

Resource Cards

The letter after the card is sheet on which it is. This is according to new sheets, not the old one.
(size:x): The unit has a power size more than 1
(def:X): The card gives X defense points for main defender
(T): The (special) card can only be played while player's Devil can trade with possible target
(P): The (special) card can only be played in playing phase

Cattle of Hell O (6) (size:x) The first Cattle of Hell on combat side is of size 1, the second of size 2, third size 3 and so on.
Dark Critters C (2) In combat, if any Dark Critters are partaking, attacker draws an extra combat card per combat round. During your turn in ritual phase, if you have Dark, Night and Shadow Critters, you can cast one ritual directly from your hand.
Night Critters C (2) In combat, if any Night Critters are partaking, combat does not end for time-out. During your turn in ritual phase, if you have Dark, Night and Shadow Critters, you can cast one ritual directly from your hand.
Shadow Critters C (2) In combat, if any Shadow critters are partaking, deal no extra hits, including revenge hits. During your turn in ritual phase, if you have Dark, Night and Shadow Critters, you can cast one ritual directly from your hand.
Fiends AO (9) Fiends can go to Earth to collect Souls
Diabolic Fiends A (3) Diabolic Fiends can go to Earth to collect Souls. Can upkeep one ritual when you have no home Fortress
Warriors of Darkness A (3) If destroyed, increase Soul counter by one. In combat, add after all damage is dealt and Souls join combat army, not home Realm
Metal Beasts A (3) Metal Beasts can attack or join combat only once per turn. Defender's defense points are reduced by one if attacking side has any Metal Beasts
Juggernauts (4) AD (EH) Must take first hit. If destroyed in combat, causes an extra hit to selected enemy, immediately after damage is dealt
Fallen Angels D (1) Can act as leader for an army, in a place of Devil itself
Leviathan D (1) (size:5) (EH) When attacking, causes an extra hit each turn. Cannot defend, but is put aside and joins winner of the combat. If Leviathan does not attack during combat phase, destroy it at the start of ritual phase. If destroyed, shuffle into deck.

Fortresses (Fortress card can be used to negate identical fortress (no defense points and fleeing only with special card), or to escape or for special flee from identical fortress)
Basalt Fortress B (3) (def:1) If takes a hit, during next combat round the owner can discard a resource card to remove this hit (turn Basalt Fortress face-up again), assuming that combat still continues
Black Tower B (3) (def:1) During init phase, increase your Soul counter by one
Iron Fortress B (3) (def:2)
Deadmaze of Granite B (3) (def:1) (ED) In combat, deals an extra hit to attacker each turn.
Volcanic Caves B (3) (def:2) In combat, ignore first hit to each side each combat round.

Bury C (2) Destroy up to 2 hordes in Hell
Chain Catalysm D (1) Destroy a tabled card in Hell. Owner of that card can then destroy next card, and so on until someone stops selecting
Conjuration B (3) Turn over 5 top cards of the deck, and table up to 2 hordes or artifacts, discarding rest. If there was less than 2 cards to table, gain each from the Realm with most hordes (including your own Realm), one by one, randomizing any ties.
Drain Power D (1) All artifacts on table are destroyed. Draw a card for each own artifact destroyed.
Furnace of Souls C (2) Destroy all Souls in play. Draw a card for each own Soul destroyed this way.
Great Earthquake D (1) All fortresses in play are destroyed.
Infernal Plague B (3) Each Realm loses one-third of Souls and hordes in Hell, rounded up. Lost hordes are randomized.
Sanctuary C (2) While the ritual is being cast, your Realm has 3 defense points. Discard this ritual if the caster attacks or joins a combat. When this ritual is completed, draw a card.
Steal Power B (3) Select a player with non-imprisoned Devil, and draw 2 cards from her hand. Draw a replacement for each Oath card, and then return all drawn Oath cards, and draw one card from deck for each card you did not gain from target player.
Summon D (1) - All fiends on Earth and all non-imprisoned Devils on Earth or fled Devils return immediately to Hell and game.

Heart of Fortress E (1) If your devil is in its own fortress, discard a resource card to increase fortress defense points by one until end of this combat.
Orb of Transformation E (1) Once per turn, draw a card and then discard a resource card, which can be the card just drawn.
Staff of Undead E (1) If there is no horde on top of this card in playing phase, you may take one horde card from discard pile and put it on top of this card. If you lose this card, the horde returns to discard pile.
Throne of Hell E (1) During init phase, increase you Soul counter by one if any Souls were lost in rituals or combat during previous turn. Throne of Hell is worth one post during voting, and never follows the Devil, but is kept in fortress. If you have no fortress, discard Throne of Hell.
Tome of Power E (1) Once per turn, discard a resource card to take a ritual card from discard pile into your hand.
Wand of Might E (1) During combat, if your Devil is on attacker side, discard a resource card to give the attacker choice to replace one drawn combat card per round, until end of the battle or your Devil switches side or retreats

Dispel Magic E (1) Target ritual is discarded.
Double Cross C (2) Just played Disple Magic, Treacherous Troops, Escape or Thief in the Night special card did not work.
Drunken Agreement E (1) Play during gathering phase. Each Devil partaking in gathering must select an Oath card, and these cards are then shuffled and dealt to these same Devils. Those without Oath cards do not partake.
Escape A (3) Flee from combat during organization phase, before your Devil has taken a hit. Alternatively this card can be used to release any one Devil from imprisonment.
Forced Agreement A (3) (P) (T) Give your own Oath card to target Devil which has greater total number of tabled hordes, fortresses and artifacts. For each 2 more the other Devil has, take one of your choice.
New Alliance F (1) (P) (T) Play only during second or later turn. Put your own Oath card to Oath pile. All Devils with more hordes than you lose one random, which is then added to your Realm. Gain d3 Souls.
Rear Attack D (1) Play during first round of the combat, if you are not partaking the current combat. You can now announce, if it is otherwise legal, an attack against any combatants Realm while she is away fighting. This combat is handled before the original is continued, and those not yet partaking the first combat can partake this combat
Recall A (3) Return any number of your fiends on Earth back to Hell, or return target Devil non-imprisoned Devil on Earth to Hell which can take any number of its fiends on Earth back to Hell, or return a fled Devil to game. If combat, can only be used on first round and target cannot then flee during the same round.
Siege C (2) Play in first combat round as main attacker when defender has fortress. The defending Devil cannot use free flee, and if already tried it, it is canceled. The combat does not end for time-out. Your army cannot attack again this turn.
Silence F (1) Until gathering phase, all communication and trading between players is prohibited.
Thief in the Night FF (2) (P) (T) Take target tabled artifact
Time of Virtue F (1) If there is World War in play, discard this and that card. Otherwise, leave this on table until next init phase. All Devils and fiends roll 2d6 on Soul gathering, selecting the lowest die.
Treacherous Troops F (1) (P) Target horde switches to your control
Winds of Chaos F (1) (P) Put this card aside. Each player selects 5 resource cards from hand and/or table, if able. Then these cards and discard pile is shuffled into deck, and 5 cards are dealt to each player. This card is put as new discard pile.
World War (1) F (P) If there is Time of Virtue in play, discard this and that card. Otherwise leave this on table. During Soul gathering, all Devils and fiends roll 2d6, selecting the higher one. During each init phase, on a d6 roll 1-3 this card is discarded.

Total 36 hordes, 15 fortresses, 20 rituals, 6 artifacts and 23 specials.

Oath Card



Combat Cards

There is 20 combat cards, of which each are unique and not listed here. They are on sheets P (4 cards), Q and R (8 cards each). One of the cards is special 'counter-strike' card, others have nice diagram.

All combat cards should have identical back, which is different than Devil cards or resource cards have.

Summary Card

Summary card is on sheet S. It is double-sided big card. You can have any number of these. Note that rules on it cover only normal cases, certain cards can break those rules (like combat time-out or ritual upkeep) [an error occurred while processing this directive] 28.08.2001