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Lords of Hell 1.2

A card game of unholy power struggle

Card Prints

All cards of Lords of Hell are available as ready postscript files (as A4 color), and as JPEG preview files. If you are interested to do work for them, please contact me and I can provide you with XFig source files and raw graphics.


Lords of Hell (c) Copyright Kalle Marjola 2000-2001, including all assorted graphics. You are permitted to print and photocopy these cards for your own use only, all other rights reserved. If you are running a game company, contact me if you are interested to publish this game.

Using the Prints

Print the files, with multiple copies for certain ones, and then do one of the following:

..or of course you can print them directly to thick card if the printer can handle that. In any case, I recommend using plastic card protectors if you used an inkjet printer, as the ink does not endure very well.

Note that summary card on sheet S is meant to be double-sided, and that some cards have a bit different wording than in card listing.

In addition, I recommend that you get a different back-side for Devil cards (but not for Oath cards) so that they are not shuffled into deck, or if are, are easily separated.

Print Quality: do not expect to get identical copies from printer than you have at your monitor, and you mean need to modify your printer's drivers if it is creating too dark or light prints. And the used paper affects the output very much.

Card update: as this game is currently at development stage, cards are modified now and then. I will comment any modifications here at this page.


Sheet A, collection of resource cards (3 copies)

Sheet B, hordes (2 copies)

Sheet C, hordes and rituals (2 copies)

Sheet D, special play resource cards (2 copies)

Sheet E, artifacts and miscellaneuos cards (1 copy)

Sheet F, special play resource cards (1 copy)

Sheet O, Oath and horde cards (6 copies)

Sheet L, Devils and counters (1 copy)

Sheet S, Summary card (double-sided)

Sheet R, Realm cards (1 copy)

Sketches of various Devils are available: Asmodeus, Baalzebub, Belial, Mammon, Glasya, and Memphistopheles


All cards as printable postscript:

A tarball is unpacked with tar zxf filename, or if you have no GNU tar, with serial gunzip and tar xf.

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