Finnish Nationals 1997

This is a brief tourney report from Finnish Nationals held 25-26.5.97. I played black weenie deck I have named 'Bankhorde' for Ankhs it has, and althought I am not on the edge anymore, I felt quite confident that I would qualify for the second day at least.

First Day

Game 1

The first match of the day was against UW counterpost. In first game, he had short mana screw and before he could recover from that, my horder has ran over him.

In second game, he got his defenses up and the game went long... he had CoP: black and CoP: artifacts (!) out, and his Kjeldoran outpost generated 2/2 white creatures. I risked and got Tombstone stairwell out and he was dead.

Result 2-0, pts total 3

Game 2

The second opponent played with borrowed RUW deck. This deck was a slow one, which build up land reserve with glaciers and then burned opponent away. The first game was short when my horde overrun him.

In second game, only a few creatures dared to rise from my deck, and all of them were burned or exiled.

In last game, I again had shortage of creatures. I got him down to 7 life, but could not do more damage.

Result 1-2, pts total 3

Game 3

Third game was against RG creaturedeck. This young fellow did not concentrate enough on the game and it was an easy victory. My lone Dystopia in main deck was a real surprise for him (you keep those in main deck?!)

In second game, I had 3 ankhs out at the end.

Result 2-0, pts total 6

Game 4

This game was against turbostasis deck. In first game, he put howling mine out and I just keep on drawing creatures and played them. An early Ankh of Mishra denied any possibility for stasis lock.

In second game, he again played howling mine and I kept playing more and more creatures. Arcane denied wrath of god was his last try, and I hit him dead from 12 life in one big attack.

Result 2-0, pts total 9

Game 5

This game was against interesting GUR deck with blue for force of wills, red for pyrokinesises and incinerates and green for centaurs.

In first game, we both draw just city of brasses and painlands, and he had burn, I didn't.

In second game, I kept playing creatures and he was soon overrun.

In last game, I managed to get 2 dystopias in my starting draw, and all his green creatures were destroyed that way. I overrun him with creatures.

Result 2-1, pts total 12

Game 6

Thie game was against Draconis, which have borrowed me 2 bad moons. He played UW phasing creature deck, and in the first game, his phasing spirit linked creatures finished me off.

In second game, black horde supported with Dystopia finished him.

In last game, he was mana screwed and succeeded to cast CoP: black with 2 islands! Neither of us noticed that, and I cast Dystopia and continue, and note that only after few turns. We continued from that after short debate with judges and I finished him off.

Result 2-1, pts total 15

Game 7

The last game of the day was played just for leisure: we both were already going to second day.

My opponent played white weenie, or better say, white knight deck, because it had mainly only knights and outposts.

In first game, he got out couple of white knights or pump-knights, and I was soon overrun by them.

In second game, I draw critters faster than he did, and had 2 bad moons out, and mind bended his crusade to enhance black creatures.

In last game, I overrun him again with creatures. Dystopia killed his defenses.

Result 2-1, pts total 18, which entitled 5th position in the first day. 60 best went to second day.

Second Day

Game 1

First game was against UW deck, which had knights and spirit links. In first game, I succeed to get him down to 2 life when he armageddons. Bad for him, there is one ankh out...

In second game, he has spirit linked white knight out in 3rd turn, and there is very little to do.

In last game, he has that black-countering white creature out at 3rd turn. I manage to get dystopia out later, but is eventually ran over with protection from black creatures.

Result 1-2, pts total 0

Game 2

Second game is against WR burn deck. In first game, I have mana screw and opponent plays armageddon when I have some lands out, but he draws no creatures and I manage to win with horde.

In second game, my initial draw is Dystopia and 6 land cards! Combined with more lands drawn, this game is quickly lost.

In last game, I draw again mainly land only, and he got karma out. No mind bend (3 in deck, now) rise, and I lose quickly.

Result 1-2, pts total 0

Game 3

Oh, things did not look good, I have to win rest of my opponents to get into play-offs. This game was against black necro deck.

In first game, I drew creatures and quickly finished him.

In second game, he had some mana screw and early ankh of mishra denied use of Thawing Glaciers.

Result 2-0, pts total 3

Game 4

The fourth game was against very interesting deck: it was UGW Pheldagriff deck!

In first game, I drew creatures and swarmed him, with help of Ankh of Mishras.

In second game, he sideboarded Tidal Waves and they somehow slowed me down, but could not save him.

Result 2-0, pts total 6

Game 5 vs. B Necro

Again a faced an all-black necro deck.

In first game, I drew only pain lands or cities, and crypt rats killed my creatures.

In second game, my swarm was again killed by crypt rats, and I made a calculation mistake at end - I would have won if I had not made a suicide attack with my Phantasmal Fiend, but instead waited a turn and drawn Kaervek's Spite!

Result 0-2, pts total 6

Game 6

With only 6 points so far, I had no chances to get into play-offs, but played anyway. This last game was against all-red burn deck with ball lightnings and sandstalkers.

In first game, I drew only one city of brass in entire game.

In second game, in contraversy, I drew only land. In addition, my sideboarding has gone wrong anyway (cards set aside was returned to deck and sideboard cards returned back to sideboard)

Result 0-2, pts total 6

As a conclusion, this entitled me for 40th position. I was quite satisfied with the happening in overall, because almost all my matches were against different decks. Maybe I should plan my deck more next time, this time I had 3 cards in my deck which I almost every time sideboarded as soon as I had chance to...

As for the rest of the tournament, I left after last game and I don't know about them very much.

Creatures (24)
4 Shadow Guildmage
4 Sewer Rat
2 Vampire Bat
4 Skulking Ghost
4 Black Knight
2 Phyrexian Warbeast
2 Nekrataal
2 Phantasmal Fiend (It's like a black juzam! :)
Spells (16)
4 Bad Moon
3 Ankh of Mishra (against glaciers and parasite)
2 Contagion
1 Dystopia
1 Soulshriek (should have been a creature)
1 Stupor (ditto)
1 Choking Sands (ditto)
2 Arcane Denial
1 Mind Bend
Land (20)
2 City of Brass
4 Underground River
14 Swamp

1 Kaervek's Spite
2 Tombstone Stairwell
2 Nekrataal
2 Knights of Stromgald
2 Dystopia
2 Mind Bend
2 Energy Flux
2 Hydroblast
Main idea in this deck is to play fast creatures and then swarm opponent with them, preferably enhanced with Bad Moons. The main key element to break down slower or multicolor decks are those Anks of Mishras, which effectually break down Thawing glaciers and Undiscovered paradise.

This deck should have had more creatures instead of those some odd spells which were there to keep opponent quessing.

And big, big thanks for all those who borrowed me cards, especially mos and vms. It couldn't have been possible without you.

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