Neo-Troops Equipment

explosioncenter*next**5m 10m15m
basic2x +0+2 ---
5md2+1x -22x +0 +2--
10md3+1x -3d2+1x -2 2x +0+2-
15md3+2x -4d3+1x -3 d2+1x -22x +0+2
Fire-explosions all hits saves +2, ignite on d6 4+
chargearea sign
HE5m H/m/lNormal explosion
Anti-Armornone H/m/l2d2 hits, -4 save on center
Meltabasic l/m/H2d2 hits, -3 save on center, Heat-wave, explosion armor save +0 instead of +2
Inferno5m m/H/mFire-explosion
Flechette5m m/m/-all hits armor save +1, no extra power in enclosed spaces

weaponrangerofsv sign
sizeammo notes
Blaster25/501+1 l/m/-S/1kgul  
SMG25/503+1 m/l/lS/1kg10/0.5kg Quickload
Heavy Pistol25/501-1 m/l/-S/1kg5/0.5kg Quickload
Blaster Rifle50/10010 l/m/lM/2kgul  
Assault Rifle50/10030 m/l/lM/3kg15/1kg Quickload
Nailer25/503-1 m/l/lM/4kg12/1kg Quickload
Slicer50/1005+1 l/m/-M/4kg20/1kg Quickload
explosive shell
m/l/-M/2kg10/1kg* causes 2d3 hits on range 10m or less, d3 on 25m or less or explosion
Flame Thrower25/-6* l/H/HM/4kg20/1kg
Fire-attack, Heat-wave. If used on small spaces, use fire-explosion instead (no to-hit roll)
Grenade Gun50/100*1-2 l/m/lM/2kg8/4kg* Explosion, same ammo as in built-in
Plasma Gun50/1002-1 m/m/H*M/5kg30/2kg  
Melta Rifle25/-1-3 l/l/H*M/6kgul Heat-wave, Must reload 2 turns after being fired
Rail Gun100/2001-2 l/m/lM/5kg5/2kg causes d2 hits, beam
Sniper Laser100/20010 l/*/lM/3kgul 2-handed. Almost silent, uses IR laser (m visibility in IR)
Sniper Rifle
10/1kg 2-handed. -1 to-hit unless aimed shot. Optional silencer is detachable.
Fusion Lance50/-1-3 m/H/m*M/4kg1/1kg 2-handed, causes d3 hits, beam, 2m stick
Rocket Launcher100/200*1- l/m/lL/6kg6/9kg* 2-handed, backblast, uses any charge types in rockets
Pulse Rifle50/20060 m/l/lL/10kg30/2kg 2-handed, can also use 60/4kg or 90/6kg clips
Plasma Rifle50/1004-1 m/m/H*L/12kg60/4kg 2-handed
Assault Cannon100/2001-3 m/l/lL/10kg8/4kg 2-handed, causes d2 hits, explosion
Heavy Rail Gun100/2001-4 m/m/mL/12kg5/4kg 2-handed, causes d2 hits, beam
Built-in Grenade Launcher25/100*1-2 l/m/lS/1kg4/2kg* 2-handed, explosion, combined to other weapon
Mini-Rocket50/100*1-3 l/m/l(1kg)- explosion, as part of battlesuit
LAW50/200*1-4 H/m/lM/3kg- see notes on other weapons, 2-handed, backblast, -1 to-hit unless aimed shot, explosion, 2d3 hits on center
MAW50/200*1-6 H/m/lL/8kg- see notes on other weapons, 2-handed, backblast, -1 to-hit unless aimed shot, explosion, 2d6 hits on center

Melee weapons and attacks
weaponrofsv sizenotes
Claws2/3+1 -Inferior reach
Improvised2/30 - 
Combat Blades2/3-1 1kgInferior reach, battlesuit accessory
Axe/Sword3/4-1 S/2kg 
Combat Spear2-1 M/3kg2-handed, +1 melee, superior reach. 2.5m spear which can be retracted to 1m when not used.
Haymaker (Manouver)1* -As used weapon, but save extra -1 per strong boost-up. Used weapon might get broken.
Grenade(1)- S/1kgInferior reach, stick to target

Other weapons and accessories
equipmentsize notes
grenadeS/1kg can-sized grenade fitted with one charge, see grenades chapter
LAW/MAWvaries Single-shot anti-tank weapon. Must be prepared for one turn (opened. If moved around when opened, can accidentally discharge). When fired, armed after 5 meters. Any target smaller than car is hit by GM's discretion.
timed bombS/2kg 10m explosion (sign H/H/H), if set carefully (3 turns), causes 2d3 hits on -5 save at center, otherwise as normal explosion. Detonated with remote control (radio), timer or proximity, as selected when primed
melta bombS/2kg 5m explosion (sign m/H/H), Heat-Wave, causes 2d6 hits on -6 save at center if set carefully, otherwise 2d2 at -4. Primed and set as timed bomb.

Battlesuit accessories
accessorywt effect
Blowtorch1 kg The varan has a powerful blowing torch inserted to its arm. This torch can be used to cut and weld metal things. Melee use limited to against pinned targets.
Buzz-Saw1 kg This retractable buffsaw in one arm can be used to cut open doors, light walls and most melee targets. Count as improvised attack in melee, but if used against pinned targets, mimimum save at -2 (regardless of strong attributes).
Cable System1 kg A small rocket and 20 meters of cable is fitted to arm, and can be fired to grab something or to stop fall. One use only. If used as a weapon, use mini-rockets but armor save +1 and no explosion.
Combat Blades1 kg Retractable blades at arm. See melee weapons.
Fire Extinguisher1 kg When used as part of extingush action, adds +2 to extinguish roll. Enough charges for 10-20 uses
Mini-Rocket1 kg A small rocket and its launching system is fitted to a small compartment, see weapon table for rocket statistics
Power Drill1 kg Varan has a built-in drill with switchable points from screwdriver heads to normal drills. This drill is mainly usable for making holes and opening (large) screws quickly, any combat use is limited to against pinned targets.
Suction System2 kg The varan has enhanced suckers in its arms/legs and can be used to stick into sheer surfaces. Movement with them is very slow (1 meter/turn), and they do not work against very rough surface, but varan can hang from wall or ceiling with them. They produce only very minimal sound when used.