Neo-Troops System tables

Melee attacks
-1run move
+1superior position
-1twin weapon (to-hit only)

+1aimed shot against stationary target
-1long range (plus 50m max range without aiming)
+1varan modular weapon system (see notes)
-2quick load (see notes)
-1for each 2 ROF (or part) when using two guns
Perception and sensor levels
automatic things
+1automatic scanning in normal situation
+2auto-detect powerful back radiation, like IR or UV lightning
+3notice all non-normal signature, all-time scanning
+4notice all signature

Agility levels
-13clumsy target
+04normal human agility
+1prepared flips
+25 flips on flat surface, scale any normal surface with high speed (half normal move)
+3flips anywhere
+46run on walls, scale by jumping and running (no reduction to movement rate)
+5run on ceiling

Handling weapons
-1switch of weapons. This does not apply if there is no need to put anything away, i.e. the varan has only one weapon and is not switching to medium or large weapon
-1using medium weapon single-handedly
-1using 2-handed weapon with limited brace

Repair: d6 minutes, 6 beyond repair. Roll for each damage level
Regenerate: 5 minutes after last combat, 1 hit point and one level of all wounded statuses
Falling: safe 2x jump, -d6 if no time to prepare, +d6 if soft ground. One hit per each exceed 2 meters (or part), causes 1 damage on d6 roll 4+ (no armor save)
Parry: max melee bonuses, 4+ save (6 against cloaked)
Slow Projectile dodge: base perception 5, agility 5
Heat Wave: armor save +3
Ignited: -1 perception and attacks. At the end of the turn, d6 roll 6+ extinguished. +1 for each helping, +2 if fire-extinguisher. If not put out, hit at save +2 plus possible external damage. Same apply to new ignite results when already burning.

Critical hits
d6 cybervaran human/mutant robot vehicle
1-2 No special effect!
3 System damage, reroll:
1-2Cloak damaged
3-4Scanners/mapping system damaged, -1 perception (cumul.)
5-6Random built-in accessory damaged, including weapon mount-points (note: if scarce, may be none)
Legs wounded*
(as varan, can only happen if damage caused)
Random system damaged
(use varan system damage table if the target is close enough, like cloaked combat 'copter. Can also destroy weapons)
4 Appendixes*, reroll:
1-2Legs wounded (-2 agil, half move)
3-4Right arm wounded
5-6Left arm wounded
Legs/tracks damaged* (as legs wounded) Motor damaged* (half move). Second hit immobilizes.
5 Vitals, +1 damage and reroll:
1-5Torso wounded (-1 attacks, cumul.)
6Head hit (drugs**, -2 all)
Structure damage, +d3 damage Crew hit
6 Reroll twice

*critical ignored if the total damage is 0 and it was reduced because of the armor
Varan damage
cloak damaged Varan is visible until the cloak is repaired
mapping systems and scanners damaged, -1 perception Varan cannot use scanners or map other varans, nor can other varans map this varan until this damage is repaired. Meanwhile radio/video transfer unreliable. The varan gets cumulative -1 to all perception tests.
accessory or weapon damaged Accessory or weapon cannot be used until repaired
system destroyed Direct destroy-result or second hit to damaged system destroys it beyond any repairing. Weapons and ammunition can explode when damaged/destroyed, depending on weapon type
legs wounded Move and jump halved, agility at -2. Second or subsequent leg wound immobilizes (can still drag)
leg severed Immobilized and cannot be regenerated, bleeds to death in 1 minute unless can stop to bind the wound
arm wounded Arm disabled and cannot be used except for light work.
arm severed As disabled, but cannot regenerate it. Bleeds to death in d3 minutes unless the varan stops to bind the wound
torso wounded All attack rolls (melee, shooting and throwing) at -1 dice, unless able to brace attack very well. This penalty is cumulative
head hit Automatic drug injection. If the varan survives that, is at -2 on all levels (melee skill, agility, shooting attacks, perception etc.). Second head hit is instantly fatal unless the previous is regenerated.