Neo-Troops Cybervaran Creation Guide

1. Startup (box A)
varan sheet

Fill your name and current date to appropriate rows in box A. Varan-ID and type are determined and given by the gamemaster, after your varan is ready.

2. Select boost-ups (box B)

Select 6 boost-ups from the following list, but no more than 3 of each. Mark your choices by crossing out boxes in sheet box B.

strong increased lift and carrying capacity, stronger haymaker
accurate more accurate shots (but not throwing)
sensors better perception (including automatic spotting) and throwing
mobility faster movement, longer jump, increased agility
melee better melee skill, increased agility
3. Mark static modifiers (box C)

Mark bonuses given from the various boost-ups to box C. These final modifiers for your cybervaran is as follows:

accuracy+1 per accurate boost-up
throwing+1 per sensors boost-up
perception+1 per sensors boost-up plus +1
lift200 +50 per strong boost-up
weight130 kg -10 kg per mobility boost-up +10 kg per strong boost-up
haymaker-1 per strong boost-up
4. Select battlesuit plating (box D)

Select plating from the following list and mark it to box D:

platingsave wtnotes
carbon-molecular (scout)4+ 5 kg 
heavy carbon-composite (combat)3+ 15 kg Hinders movement a bit even when unencumbered
heavy titanium (heavy)2+ 25 kg Extra burden level
5. Mark mobility (box E)

Check the carrying capacity table below and mark these to box E, in first row:

Carrying capacity:
liftload level
burden level
000 123
0 10/2010/2010/20 10/2010/1510/10
1 15/3015/3015/30 15/2515/2010/15
2 20/4020/4020/35 20/3015/2515/20
3 25/5025/5025/40 20/3520/3015/25
agility/jump+1+0 -1-2-3

Fill up the move, jump and agility rows. First, find out the burden levels of the cybervaran. These depend on the armor plating carried by the cybervaran, and are as follows:

The first burden level is for light load, the second for heavy load and last for max load. Next, cross-check the mobility table to see the various cybervaran speeds, depending on the burden level and mobility boost-ups, and mark these to box E. Then mark jump and agility:

movesee mobility table
jumpbase 5m, +1 per mobility boost-up, plus modifiers from the mobility table
agilitybase +2, +1 per 2 total mobility and melee boost-ups, plus modifiers from the mobility table
meleebase +1, +1 per melee boost-up, -1 if large weapons, -1 on max load
6. Select accessories, weapons and ammo (box E, F and G)

Select any battlesuit accessories, firearms, melee weapons and other weapons carried by the cybervaran and mark them to box E. You can also write statistics of the same weapons into box G. See equipment sheet.

Count the total weight of the battlseuit accessories and add the weight of the armor plating to that and mark that to box E. Similarly count weight of any multi-use weapons and mark that to approrpiate row in box E. Finally, do the same with one-shot weapons and ammunition and mark that, too, to box E. Count the total load of these 3 together and write that number to big 'total' box in box E. You can then draw a circle around the load level the varan has (light, heavy or max).

7. Melee skill (box E)

Mark the melee skill of the varan to the row in box E. The melee skill as explained above in step 5 (but you could not know the final value before selecting the equipment). Note that light and heavy loads always have the same melee skill level and max load one lower.

If the varan has a combat spear, do not include that +1 in this box, but just remember to tell about it when appropriate.