Sectors (7)

Each sector is double-sided. If any exits are blocked, walls are always on opposite sides.

Tunnel Complex (3) (5,4,3 exits) No shooting possible to or from adjacent sectors.
Storage Hall (4) (6,5,5,4 exits) 1 cover against shooting
Empty Halls (4) (6,5,5,4 exits)
Plant Garden (3) (6,5,4 exits) 1 cover if cloaked

Action cards

Snapshot (priority 1): Turn varan face-up and fire at lower firepower. If varan is Sniper, turn it face-down unless visible
Run&Hide (priority 2): Unless varan is visible, turn it face-down and remove the varan piece from gaming board. Varan is now Hidden. If varan is visible, move it to any sector.
Service (priority 3): Either discard one Service special card affecting the varan or 2 points of armor damage. Turn varan face-down unless visible.
Max Fire (priority 4): Turn varan face-up and fire at higher firepower
Assault: (priority 5): Turn varan face-up and deal melee damage to targets in same sector

Varans (12)

A1 Assault A #45, armor 3, health 4, firepower 2/3*, melee 0/4, flamer, fast
A2 Firepower A #23, armor 4, health 5, firepower 2/4*, melee 0/2, sensors
A3 Scout A #46, armor 3, health 3, firepower 2/2, melee 2/3, sensors, sniper, very fast
A4 Support A #12, armor 4, health 4, firepower 2/4, melee 1/2, sensors, sniper
A5 Melee B #95, armor 3, health 3, firepower 1/2, melee 2/4, very fast
A6 Infiltrator B #25, armor 3, health 4, firepower 2/4, melee 0/3, sensors, fast
A7 Support B #19, armor 4, health 4, firepower 2/4*, melee 1/3
A8 Incinerator B #38, armor 4, health 5, firepower 1/3*, melee 1/3, flamer, fast
A9 Firepower C #55, armor 3, health 4, firepower 2/4*, melee 1/3, fast
B1 Commando C #66, armor 4, health 3, firepower 2/3*, melee 0/4, sensors, flamer, fast
B2 Sniper C #74, armor 3, health 4, firepower 2/2, melee 1/3, sensors, sniper, fast
B3 Assault C #92, armor 3, health 4, firepower 1/3, melee 2/4, fast

Troopers (23)

Standard A (5) #4,5,6,7,8, armor 1, health 2, firepower 2*
Tough B (2) #9,10, armor 1, health 3, firepower 2*
Support B (4) #11,12,13,14, armor 1, health 2, firepower 4
Crack C (3) #19,20,21, armor 1, health 4, firepower 3*, melee 1
Armored C (4) #15,16,17,18, armor 3, health 2, firepower 2*
Elite B (2) #22,23, armor 3, health 4, firepower 4*, melee 2
Scouts A (2) #1,2, health 2, firepower 1. At the start of scout action, turn all face-down varans in same sector face-up. If there is no varans in same sector as scouts are, all hidden varans must be placed on board, in number order.
Hunter-Killer A (1) #3, armor 4, health 6, firepower 4*, melee 2. At the start of Hunter-Killer action, turn all face-down varans in same sector face-up, and if there is any armor damage at Hunter-Killer, remove one of them. Hunter-Killer does not panic when Ignited.

Special cards (40)

Each special card has 2 uses, so there is total of 80 effects in cards. The combinations are on prints and not repeated here. Some cards might have different wording on card itself, that is fixed in future. Use card wording, not this, when they contradict. Letters after each card are sheets in which they are found, and how many numbers.

Ambush AABB (8) play when Assault or Snapshot action is done. Acting varan is turned face-down, not face-up.
Cloak damaged CC (2) (service) play at varan just damaged. That varan's cloak is damaged and it is visible until repairs the damage.
Clumsy move AB (4) play at any time. Target face-down varan is turned face-up, or target Hidden varan is put on board, face-down.
Cover AB (4) play when damage is dealt. Target takes 2 points less damage from the attack.
Fireworks AABCC (8) play when Max Fire action is done. Put this card next to acting varan, which is visible until its next action.
Flaw in Armor AAB (6) play when damage is dealt. At least one point of damage causes wound instead of hitting cover or armor.
Good Hit ABB (6) dealt damage is increased by one
Grenade AAB (6) play when your varan is going to do Max Fire action. Instead of normal action, it throws grenade to any adjacent (or same) sector, causing hit of damage 2 (3 in Tunnel Complex) to all in that sector. Turn your varan face-down, unless visible.
Hide CC (2) play at any time at any face-up but non-visible varan. Turn that varan face-down.
Ignite AABB (8) (service) play at unit just damaged when firer has Flamer, or at any time at target already Ignited. Target now burns and if varan, face-up and visible, while trooper panicked and cannot act. Discard this card at the end of the next turn or if new Ignite played.
Initiative CC (2) play when your varan has not yet done its action but its priority would allow it to. Do your action now, instead of current player, and then select next player. If several players play this card, the one who played last gets the initiative.
Move AABB (8) play at your varan or trooper under your control, just before it does itds action. Move target to any adjacent sector with no intervening wall.
Out of Ammo CC (2) (service): play at varan performing Max Fire action. Leave this card next to target. Varan cannot select Max Fire action until gets rid of this card in Service action.
Reactive move CC (2) play before your varan has done its action. Change its action to any other action.
Regenerate CC (2) play at your varan when it is going to do Service action. Instead, remove one wound at your varan.
Scan AABB (8) play at any time. Until end of turn, your varan can attack face-down varans as if they were face-up. If your varan has Sensors, playing this card is not counted against one card per turn limit.
Sprinklers CC (2) play to target area where someone is just shooting from or at, or at any time at area with Ignited unit. Sprinklers start and everyone in area is visible until end of turn. Any Ignited unit is automatically exhausted.

All cards are available as gni-zipped tar file, as Xfig source file (20kb) or ready-to-be-printed postscript file (100kb). See my generic guidelines on how to use those postscript files.

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