Syndicate Fantasy Supplement


Third Edition

RIP 3rd edition is simplified and streamlined fantasy system for hi-level cinematic scenarios and campaigns. It consists of simple rules for combat, skill use and magic, but is very dependant on judgment made by the GM. RIP 3rd edition is expansion to Syndicate Dark Era rules adding fantasy character creation, fantasy bestiary, equipment and magic. It can easily be used in crossover scenarios.

This system is still under development

Syndicate Dark Era Rules

Fantasy Characters

New skills and attributes

Game System

Combat system and test rolls

Magic System

Spell casting, mana drawing, effects for different magics and sample spells.

Medieval Equipment

Weapons and Armor

Fantasy Bestiary

Fantasy monsters, creatures and animals


Conversion guidelines, latest changes

dark - elemental - force - mind - nature - primal - sample spells - summary

Summary of CP Costs

Summary of all CP costs

Sample Characters

Some sample characters

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