Casting Test

+1If spell is prelearned
+1No subelement higher level than sorcery (or innate control) skill
-1Complex spell (3 subelements or different parts)
-2Very complex spell (5 subelements or different parts)
-1For each 3 (5) pure power in spell i.e. power to affect target
-1For each 5 (10) mana in spell, starting from 10 (20)
(in paragraphs, limits for ritual magic)

Magic Effects

LvlDark Elemental Force
1Drain Strength, Darkness, Detect Evil, Repel Evil Increase Effect, Trap to Element, Banish Element Increase Momentum, Decrease Momentum
2Drain Life, Summon Spirits, Create Fear, Feed on Dark Create Element, Form Element Create Momentum, Teleport Things
3Absorb Soul, Trap Soul, Control Spirits Transform Elements, Animate Elements Manipulate Momentum, Create Portals, Redirect Portals
4Consume Soul, Control Evil Drastic Transformations, Drain Elements Complex Manipulation, Complex Portals
LvlMind Nature Primal
1Shield Mind, Telepathy Repel Animals, Detect Life, Heal Simple Forms, Calm Animals Detect Mana, Release Mana, Mana Storing, Spell Blasting
2Suggest, Visions, Detect Minds, Midn Barriers Grow Life, Modify Forms, Commune with Animals, Control Plants Spell Nullifying, Bind Effect, Unbind Mana, Spell Storing
3Project Ideas, Subconscious Suggestion, Prophecy, Enforce Expectations Metamorph, Regrow Limbs, Recreate Life, Control Animals Spell Drain, Enchantment Enhancing, Spell Shaping, Anti-Magic Area, Mana Trapping
4Subconscious Ideas, Enhanced Visions, Read Mind, Create Thinking Extended Metamorph, Create Life, Control Nature, Talk with Animals Spell Redirection, Spell Hardening

Generic Power Table

ManaDuration Target SizeRangeEffect
0Seconds CoinSelf Minor Transformation
1Tens of seconds AppleTouch
2Minutes RatClose Obvious Transformation
3Tens of minutes Dog20 meters
4Hours Human100 meters Major or Unnatural Transformation
5Quarter of days Horse500 m
6Days Small Cottage2 km Drastic or Complex Transformation
7Weeks Small Wind Mill10 km
8Months House20 km Unnatural Drastic Transformation
9Seasons Farm House40 km
10Years Tower80 km Complex and Drastic Transformation
Size assumes simple forms if something new is created. If more complex forms are desired, add mana cost. When affecting something, size is also used, and add mana for animated targets with force magics.
Range assumes line-of-sight. Add 2 for non-direct effects, but there usually must be some way to do it.
Effect is for transformation spells. They are more complex and require more mana if material is changed to something new, especially if very different kind of new material.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved