Fantasy Bestiary

General Notes


Creatures here have identical attributes to basic characters, but have also some special ones.
N% speed reflects creature movement speed (when compared to human) when creature is running or walking. This is only approximation and chase depends also from endurance if there is no great difference in movement speed.
half damage or some other damage multipliers means that creature is very resilient or simply large and all damage is effectually halved against it, unless instant death is possible. Note that most creatures with half damage still have weak spots where to strike and score normal or even higher damage.


Creatures described here are only average versions of specific type, and individual creatures vary more or less depending on race or type. In addition, most civilized and inelligent creatures easily learn new things and thus elders and more mature creatures may have much experience and high level skills.

Player Characters

For non-human races, player character standard values are noted, along with CP cost to have character of that race. Please note that in any race, typical values are just that, typical, and player charcaters are free to have any value allowed to that race.

Example: A typical human woman has strength -1, but PC human female has strength +0 unless player drops it to -1, and thus gains 2 CPs for it.

Civilized Folk


Humans are basic race of fantasy worlds. All attributes are at +0 normally, and weight is around 80 kg and height about 175 cm for males. Women weight about 60 kg and height is about 165 cm while strength is normally -1.

Humans are very flexible, and thus they have prospered and now inhabit most lands worth living.

A typical soldier guarding cities, castles, caravans or anything suitable, or fighting in armies.

Endurance +1, chain or leather armor (1/1), spear or halbard and/or sword, possibly shield or crossbow or bow.
Melee-1, Bow-1


Elves a slender and agile creatures. A typical elf looks like a long skinny human with pointed ears, weighting about 50 kg and being 180 cm long. Most elves live about 500 years.

A typical elf has agility +1, but is limited as with humans. Elves move have natural smooth movement style and are naturally skilled in stealth. They also have excellent vision and hearing, giving them awareness +1. Elves can move quickly in the forest, but their light bones make them more vulnerable to breaks, and efficiently adds +1 to trauma of all concussion damage. Despite all rumors, elves need normal sleep and are very easily drunk.

Elves are arrogant and ancient people, althought some of them are adaptive. Future of elven people lays on these hands, because elves breed slowly and they are easily overwhelmed by rapidly spreading human communities. Elves are usually feared and treated with distrust in human communities, because most elves act hostily against human frontiers and may shoot arrows at people arriving into their forest.

Elf Ranger
Agility +1, Awareness +1, light bones, possible leather armor, short sword and long bow.
Melee-1, Bow-2, Stealth-1

Elf Character (0 CPs)
Awareness +1
Light bones (+1 concussion damage)
Social stigma: Elf
Native language: Elf (must take local language)

In addition, elves cannot have strength +2.


Dwarves are sturdy and short demihumans with long beard and big belly. A typical dwarf is about 120 cm long and weights about 100 kg, female dwarf has shorter bread and weight 10 kg less. Lifespan is about 300 years.

A dwarf has automatically endurance +1, and has natural resistance against poisons and diseases, which have only half effect against dwarves. In contrast, dwarves move slower than humans because of their short legs, and have 75% movement speed. Most dwarves have willpower +1, but agility -1 and dwarves with higher ratings are rare.

Dwarven communities are usually in huge mines underground, and combat skill is very appreciated, as is skills with mining and metal working. Dwarves breed slowly and regard earth-dwellers with distrust. Dwarves are regarded as stunties and not very respected in most human communities, in addition to knowledge about their greed (most dwarves have mental problem of greed). On the other hand, their craftsmanship is appreciated and skillful dwarven smiths enjoy much respect.

Dwarves do not become good magicians, and have -1 die in all sorcery and innate control rolls.

Dwarven Warrior
Endurance +1, 75% speed, resist poisons and diseases, chain or plate armor, warhammer or axe, shield.

Dwarf Character (0 CPs)
Endurance +1
Slow (movement 75% of human)
Resistant to Poison and Disease (half effect)
Social stigma: Dwarf
Native language: Dwarven (must take local language separately)

In addition, agility over +0 cost double and dwarven mages have -1 on all sorcery and innate control rolls.


Orc is a big and broad green-skinned humanoid. Orcs have long broad faces, tusks, big pointer ears and long arms. They height about 2 meters when crouched, and weight around 120 kg. Lifespan is about 40 years.

An typical orc has strength +1 or more, good endurance and tough skin, giving them effective 0/1 armor. In addition, they heal quickly even very bad wounds, and are naturally resistant against poisons and diseases. On the other hands, orcs has very sensitive eyes and have -2 to awareness in bright daylight.

Orcs usually live in small villages made from mudhuts, with warbosses or leaders to coordinate most things and shamans to handle magics and spirits.

Orc Warrior
Strength +2, Endurance +1, resist poisons and diseases, 0/1 tough skin, light-sensitive eyes, leather armor and big sword or axe and shield.

Orc Character (+1 CPs)
Strength +1
Resistant to Poison and Disease (half effect), tough skin 0/1
Sensitive eyes: -2 awareness in brigh daylight
Extreme social stigma: Orc (man-eater, monster)
Native language: Orc (must take local language separately)

In addition, agility over +0 cost double


Goblin is a small and skinny 'cousin' of the orcs, being only about 150 cm long and weighting about 30 kg. They live in orc communities, being kicked around and abused.

A goblin has strength -1, but is usually very agile and has sharp eyes. They are also resistant to poisons and diseases, but also has sensitive eyes.

Goblin Warrior
Strength -1, Agility +1, resist poisons and diseases, light-sensitive eyes, spiked club and short bow.

Goblin Character (-3 CPs)
Strength -1
Resistant to Poison and Disease (half effect)
Sensitive eyes: -2 awareness in brigh daylight
Extreme social stigma: Goblin (man-eater)
Native language: Orc (must take local language separately)

Other Humanoids

Troll, Rock
Rock trolls are huge humanoids with scaly rock-alike skin. They tower almost 3 meter high when standing in their crouched stance and wield huge clubs made of wood, bone and stone. When sleeping or inanimate in forest, they mainly resemble formation of moss-covered rocks.

Rock trolls move mainly during nights, and they smell blood of the living for long distances. During days they mainly sleep camouflaged.

Strength +5, Endurance +2, Agility -1, Smell +3, Willpower -1. 50% speed, 2/4 skin, half damage. Resistant to poison and transformation.
Troll, Swamp
Swamp trolls are skinny blue, blue-green or green rubbery creatures towering about 2 and half meter with arms reaching to ground. They live usually in swamps or other wet places, or may live with orcs and goblins.

Swamp trolls move during night or day, but prefer dark places. They fearest power is regeneration, and they can regenerate even most horrible wounds within minutes, small cuts closing almsot instantly. Only way to permanently kill a troll is hacking it to small pieces or by burning it, which produces toxic gases.

Strength +4, Endurance +1, Awareness +1, Willpower -1. 75% speed, 0/2 skin, half damage. Resistant to poison and cold, claws 4/0.


Bear, Brown
Brown bear is a fearsome sight of moving muscles and fur. It is about 2 meters long and weights almost half a ton.

Strength +2, Endurance +1, Awareness +1, 150% run speed. Half damage, claws 3/0, or grab and crush.
Spider, Giant
This fierce predator of the dark forests and dark caves has a body about the size of small dog and legs over 1 meter long. It weaves its sticky webs across trees and into corridors, and attacks by jumping onto victims.

Strength -1, Agility +2, Willpower -1, very quick, -2 to-hit with missiles. Jaws 2/0, poison (strength 5).


Basilisk is a feared mythical reptile which can turn any creature touching it into stone. Physically it looks like a large lizard, being about 3 meters long, and weighting 300 kg. It has dark green or brownish heacy scale and long snout.

Strength +1, Endurance +2, Awareness -1, 50% speed. Tough skin 1/3. Any long flesh contact with Basilisk cause automatic petrification, shorter ones are 4 dice against target size.


Golem is an animated creation done by mighty wizard. It has no will of own and it works with mighty force and mind magics. All golems are immune to any normal mind magic or mental illusions, and have no willpower or endurance trait, having infinite endurance.

Stone Golem
A stone golem is a broad status made of some suitable stone. It is about 2 meters long and wights about a ton.

Strength +4, Agility -1, 50% speed. Made of rock, 2/4 armor, half damage.



Undead are creatures animated by dark magic or possessed by spirits.


Being dead, undead creatures are immune to any kind of sleep, poison, disease or aging. In addition, most undead creatures are immune to fear and cold, or at least very resistant. In addition, impaling attacks cannot cause instant death by piercing a brain, for example.

Wraith is an evil spirit from World Beyond, feasting on souls and life of the living creatures. It appears as dense black fog with glowing red eyes. A wraith is immune to any normal form of physical damage, and must instead be banished somehow. It clings to targets and drains their life force, becoming larger and larger. A wraith may move from small gaps and fly through air.

Willpower +1, awareness +1, 50% speed, immune to physical effects except lightning, resistant to lightning.
Drain 1 point of 'bleed' each turn in contact.


Zombie is an animated corpse, raised with help of dark magic, controlled by restless spirit and moved by force magics or with power of the spirit.

Zombies are immune to any kind of fear, and can only be affected with pure physical damage to body; piercing of brain does no harm to them. In contrast, they usually see with their hollow eyes, and thus they can be blinded. Most spirits possessing corpses will flee if the body is decapacitated, but some may still remain, wandering around without sight. Some may even continue to work when separated, having telepathic link between head and separated body. In any case, Zombies are immune to any kind of weakness and cannot tire.

Simple Zombie
This is a simple zombie created from dead human with use of Dark magics and complex mind magics to create simple will.

Strength +2, endurance +2, agility -1. 50% speed, immune to fear and mind-affecting, resistant to cold, piercing.



Demons are immense evil creatures from other worlds, mainly from places called Hell, Abyss or Hades. All demons have great hunger for souls of the living, althought more simple ones will usually simply feast on the flesh of the living.


As innate power, all demons can consume souls, althought this is usually very slow and unpredictable process especially for weaker ones. In addition, most demons have some kind of limited or full magical powers, usually mainly force and dark magics with some primal magic. In addition, many demons have innate demonic powers, which mainly consists of force effects (telekinesis and self teleportation). Demons know all languages and regenerate rapidly, regaining full health within hours.

Despite their great powers, no demon can normally create portal from Abyss to other planes, and thus they are trapped in Abyss unless someone summons them. More powerful demons can, however, create portals to other worlds if they are summoned simply by calling their name repeatly.


All demons are immune to any kind of sleep, aging or diseases, and all have very alien mind hard to control. Most demons are resistant to all elemental attacks, and cannot be affected with poisons.

Lesser Demons

Lesser demons are horrible creatures with limited powers. They are usually simple-minded or have no magic powers at all. Some sample lesser demons are detailed here.

Bull Demon
These big two-and-a-half meter gorilla-looking demons have big hooved legs and dark furless skin. They are mute but understand commands given to them, if bargained to do some service. In combat, bull demons usually slash at their victims or grab and rip them to pieces with their mighty claws.

Strength +4, endurance +3, willpower +1. 50% run speed, 1/4 skin, half damage.

Claw Fiend
Claw fiends are one of the most dangerous lesser demons, because they move very quickly and slash horrible wounds with their claws which they use very effectually.

Claw fiend appear as a bit over 2 meter red demons with cloved hoofs and 2 arms, which divide into 2 smaller hands. It has big red horns and mounth full of long sharp fangs.

Strength +3, endurance +3, agility +1, willpower +2. 0/2 skin, half damage. Claws 5/0.

Greater Demons

Greater demons are demons of immense powers. Practically all have mighty force and dark magics and thus power to create portals across worlds. Here is some sample greater demons, but there are endless variations and almost are quite unique.

This huge black demon is lord of fire and darkness. It towers almost 4 meter high and has big leathery wings. It has black thick fur and face a bit like baboon with mighty fnags and flaming eyes. It carries usually flaming sword and mighty whip.

Strength +5, endurance +5, willpower +3. 75% speed, jumps (wings do not allow real flying), 0/3 skin, 1/3 damage, immune to fire. Magically attuned, consume self. Sword 9/1 and burns, whip 2/0 and grab.
Melee-1, Mana control-3, Sorcery-2, Primal magic-3, Dark Magic-3, Elemental-4 (fire effects).

Demon Lords

Demon lords are ancient and unique demons of great power. Most of them are not more powerful than greater demons, but some of them have immense powers and can battle Gods in even match. These demons are especially interested in souls and have endless time to wait them, and thus may usually make contracts with living creatures, gaining their soul in exchange for infernal powers.

Most demon lords have physical form, but they cannot be destroyed permanently, only trapped. To trap a demon lord, man must go to Abyss into lord's own palace and there capture it, or it can always return to palace to its One and True material form.

Rhaakuk is an ancient minor demon of darkness and cold. It was worshipped centuries ago by some human communities, but it is seldom called nowadays and thus its power has faded.

Physically Rhaakuk is a very broad dark-skinned demon with legs like elephant's and very wide broad grin with pointer teeth and huge black horns. It towers about 2 and half meter long, and it has very long and sharp claws. In combat, Rhaakuk prefers to slash at its opponents with its claws. A hit from claw of Rhaakuk causes numbness in target, and non-cold resistant creatures become slow.

Strength +3, endurance +3, willpower +5. 75% speed, 0/2 skin, half damage, immune to cold. Magically attuned, consume self. Claws 5/0.
Melee-1, Mana control-4, Sorcery-3, Primal magic-2, Force Magic-4, Dark Magic-2, Elemental-2 (cold and ice effects).

Kharom, the Eater of Souls
Kharom is a mighty god of darkness and death. Its hunger for souls is immense, and it is a favorite demon of those who need to gain power and dispose enemies.

Physically Kharom is a hulking giant over 6 meters long, with two heads of worms and 4 black tentacles, which reach over 10 meters. Its feet are black and broad and clawed, and mere sight of it causes insanity and fright.

Strength +8, endurance +6, willpower +6. 2/4 skin, 1/5 damage, resistant to fire and cold. Magically attuned, consume self, innate demonic powers (telekinesis, teleport self)-4
Mana Control-4, Sorcery-2, Innate Powers-3, Ritual-2, Primal magic-3, Dark Magic-4, Mind Magic-3.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved