Fantasy Characters

Character in RIP are similar to Syndicate characters, and only some modifications to skills and costs are made. All them are detailed here, but see also summary of CP costs.


Most Syndicate attributes are used as they stand, except for some cost differences. The only difference is that quickness is merged into agility (quickness is not so important in fantasy setting as it is in world with firearms). In addition, RIP has some special attributes characteristics for fantasy play.

Magically Attuned

The character is magically attuned and can draw mana and try to cast spells. Characters without this attribute simply cannot use mana or cast spells. This attribute can be latent and discovered later, so it should be perfectly legal to buy it with experience. 3 CPs

Limited Magic

The character can use magic, but very limited version of it. Character is limited to 1-3 magics and in certain type of effects on them. For example, character may be limited to illusions and phantasms or healing and defensive effects. This power is typically granted by outerplanar powers like gods or demons. 3 CPs, including free 2 CPs in magics. Note that limited magics can usually be combined to one special magic.

Mind Resistance

This is a sub-attribute of willpower, and only applies to resistance against magical mind effects.

Innate Powers

This power is a bit like psionic powers. Character can use selected magics without sound or hand gestures; only concentration and staring is required. Effects are limited to very narrow area, typical are forcemind (momentum force effects and direct mind affect), demonic powers (all force effects) or some limited elemental (fire effects). For more broad ones, talk with gamemaster. Mana is drawn as magically attuned, but character cannot use normal sorcery without separate magical attunation. 4 CPs plus price of highest force in powers, as with magics (1,2,4 or 7).

Consume Self

The character may drain mana from him or herself. All mana drawn this way causes generic damage (weakness, disorientation and eventually death), and if some source draws mana with great force near character, he or she may become source for that mana. 2 CPs, and character needs limited, full or innate magical powers.


Skills are as in Syndicate, but some modifications exists to skill classes and skills. Note that all useful skills must be at least secondary skills, and character must have at 5 CPs in skills, excluding magical skills.

Limit for skill levels: Character cannot have more high-level skills than lower level ones, excluding magics. So 4 skilled, 2 expert and 2 master level skills are legal, but not 3 skilled, 2 expert and 2 master, for example.

Primary Skills

Here is some most common primary skills.

Acrobatics, Con, Stealth - as before
Bow - new skill, as Gun before. All bows and crossbows fall to this category, but not thrown weapons
Combat - this skill is not used unless character happens to stumble into firefight. Should not be allowed in normal case
Healing - primitive healing with knowledge about fantasy herbs (if available)
Melee - note that melee is so powerful skill in most times that it costs more. Skilled 2, expert 6 and master 12 CPs.
Read/Write - not many can read or write, or at least well. At least expert level is needed to read silently, and master to read as fast as modern people do.
Sleight of Hand - skill to pick pockets etc.
Throw - Used as gun in Syndicate. Note that this is secondary in modern/future campaigns.

Note that combat, computer, electronics, gun, mechanics and paramedic should not be taken by fantasy characters.

Secondary Skills

Examples of secondary skills. Note that secondary skills should have same limitations as with primary skills, so that character must have as many skilled skills than expert or better.

Area Knowledges - the character ha straveled a lot or heard stories and knows main game area well, instead of just local area.
Bestiary (spec) - knowledge (not just rumors) of certain creatures. Must be specialized in natural (animals and humanoids), unnatural (creations, undead) or outer-planar (demons etc.)
Climbing - this is so typical in fantasy, so it is not free anymore
Etiquette - the character is well trained in different etiquettes, like chivalry or churches. Usually means etiquettes in human culture.
Language (spec) - as before.
Riding - riding with horse, typically
Tracking - skill to track and to identify tracks (may require use of bestiary, too)

Free Skills

Free skills in RIP are likewise to Syndicate free skills. Most skills should be at least secondary, but cooking, tailor, smith and similar artisan skills can be categorized here, as long as it is typical adventure campaign where such skills are rarely used.

Magic Skills

Mana Control - skill to handle flows of magic (primary skill)
Innate Control - skill to use innate powers (primary skill)
Ritual - skill to perform effective rituals. Includes knowledge of suitable chants and actions (primary skill)
Sorcery - skill to cast spells (primary skill)

Magics - maximum effects available to certain magic. Magics are primal magic, force magic, dark magic, elemental magic, mind magic and nature magic.

Level 1 (initiate) magic costs 1
Level 2 (practioner) magic costs 2
Level 3 (master) skill magic 4
Level 4 (grand master) magic costs 7

Note that normal rules for skill levels do not apply to magics. In addition, if character has limited magic he or she may have special magic for that limited type as long as it has fewer possible effects than any major magic alone. For example, follower of some light deity may have powers to heal and detect evil. They may be combined to one special magic, although they would normally require both nature and dark magics.


Prelearned spells cost .5 CPs per 3. These spells can have only one mana-dependent variable, all other things must be selected while spell is selected. Note that counterspells must be specified against specific spells to be prelearned! (And please note, most spells are improvised and there is no usually need to prelearn spells)

Background Options

Most Syndicate background options are also available in RIP, although they may have different names and CP costs. In addition, RIP has some new background options and notes on old ones.

Exotic Item

The character has some exotic, even magical item. This item can be some magical weapon or amulet, or simply very high quality item. .25 CPs or more, depending on item

Mana Focus

A character may have an item with permanent mana reserve on it. This mana can be drawn normally and reloaded with primal magic. This item is very handy when mana level is low on surrounding area, but is otherwise quite useless. .25 CPs per 1 mana in focus or foci

Authorized Person

This is quite identical to 'free agent' in Syndicate. Character is representative of some powerful organization like some common church or king's agent. The character can have extra aid from same organization when needed. 1 CP for standard, 2 CP for heavy backing

Forced Pawn

This is like 'forced agent', and character is forced agent of some organization. With lower level it means that character is expected to do some things or he or she is killed, someone close to him or her is killed or this backing disappears as does powers gained from that organization (like limited magic from church).

With powerful packing, the character must continuosly do what he or she is ordered to do, and there is no escape - disobedience usually means death or severe punishment. In exchange, character gains some powers. This is typical 'sell your soul' disadvantage if character has made contract with some demon prince or other similar entity. -2 CP for standard pawn, -4 CP for powerful forcing

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved