Dark Magic



Dark magic manipulates Death, decay, fears and darkness all around us. It is a mighty power of corruption and destruction, and most practioners of dark magic are selfish or insane by nature, becoming more twisted with its dark power.

But dark magic has also power to retrieve lost souls and with help of nature magic, bring dead creatures back to life. It is also used by holy priests to detect evil creatures and enchantments.

When dark magic is used, most creatures in vicinity get cold shivers and their hair in neck might start to stand. In addition, lightning in close vicinity becomes dimmer for a short period and normal sounds of nature become silent. This effect more powerful if much mana is used or spell-casting fails.

Mana Drawing

Dark magic can be used to drain life from Death itself; from corpses, from vanquished souls or from dying creatures. Drawing mana from sacrifices is the most efficient way to draw mana, topped only be areas of immense mana concentration. Mana from sacrifice is about ten times the size of sacrifice, plus extra for very brave or strong persons, humans, priests and virgins, or any other suitable special type of sacrifice.


When life force is drained from target or weakness is caused, subject's endurance attribute is very important factor, and can directly reducted from effect (or added to it, if negative).

Dark Effects

Level 1

Drain Strength

Cause loss of strength and other physical attributes. Mana required is about the size of target for each level of strength and other physical attributes.


The mage can drain light around him or her, causing darkness. Mana required mainly depends on size of the area and duration, and power of the darkening.

Detect Evil

The mage can detect concentrations of pure evil and possible sources of dark magic mana.

Repel Evil

The mage can now create effects that prevent Evil creatures (demons mainly) from enterering. The power required is usually quite enormous unless mage can specify the creature.

Level 2

Drain Life

The mage can drain life energies from living creatures, causing general damage. This life can be transformed into life energies of the mage or into mana with use of other magics.

Summon Spirits

The mage can now summon specific or generic spirits or ghosts from area around him or her. This allows retrieving of the spirit of just fallen, as long as the spirit has not departed into Netherworld.

Create Fear

The mage can now create concentrations of pure fear and horror. The effect on creatures is mainly dependant on willpower attribute and general size of subject.

Feeding on Darkness

The mage can use darkness and decay to feed enchantments, and spells with dark-magic on them have their duration lengthened on dark places.

Level 3

Absorb Soul

The mage can now drain the very soul of living creature gaining power from it, trapping the spirit. It is easiest to trap a soul of just departing spirit, but is is also possible to trap soul from living being. Trapped souls feed power to the mage, giving him or her effectually +1 endurance for each multiplier of 10 souls. This is modified by the power of souls.

Trap Soul

Instead of absorbing the soul, the mage can trap it to some container or do other similar feats with it.

Control Spirits

The mage can now control and harness simple spirits of the dead. Some spirits are ideal to raise zombies and wraiths.

Level 4

Consume Soul

The mage can now completely consume souls of the deceased or living things, transforming them into pure power. Souls lost this way are irrecoverable without divine powers. Power is usually about five times the same as would get from simple draining.

Control Evil

The mage can now control Death and Evil itself, and can make demons do his or her biddings without their will, or use hate and fear as source of mana.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved