Elemental Magic



Elemental magic is perhaps the strongest magic when it comes to pure power and drastic effects. It is quite easy to create magnifient and deadly fireballs with elemental magic, but it is also very limited in other aspects, and do not combine with other magics very well. In general, all elemental effects are permanent; fire is as real it is, but vanishes instantly while earth conjured stays there.

Mana Drawing

Elemental mage can draw mana from immense concentration of certain element in its purest form. A mage inside active volcano or huge storm clouds or deep in ocean can draw extra 1 to 5 mana each turn, even more in extreme cases. In places with extreme concentrations of certain elemental, all mana can be trapped into elements and no mana cannot be drawn without elemental magic.

Elemental Effects

Level 1

Increase Effect

Cause flames to grow, wind to blow with more force or water to flow more quickly. Mana needed is mainly dependant on target size and effect desired, and duration is for extra mana or concentration.

Trap to Element

Effect of other spells can be trapped or bind to elemental forces. Most simpliest use is to create magical potions with primal magic.

Banish Element

Extinguish fire, stop stream or lessen wind. This effect is usually quite simple unless huge amounts of mana is invested, but final effect is still only reducting.

Level 2

Create Element

Create fireblasts, lightning bolts or jets of water. Fire or lightning attacks do damage equal to mana invested in power. It is far easier to create something with no real physical form like lightning and fire than permanent stuff like earth or water. In addition, more purer forms are a bit more easier to create.

Form Element

Cause fire to rise higher or lower or water to run upstream, or make even holes into dirt. Can be used to create sudden defenses, but good control of elements is not yet possible.

Level 3

Transform Elements

Change water into ice or rock to mud. These transformations are limited to similar types of elements, but the effect is usually permanent.

Animate Elements

Cause continuous tremors or earthquakes or make water to walk on earth. With use of mind magic the mage can create independent elementals with simple thoughts.

Level 4

Drastic Transformations

The mage can now turn earth into fire or do other massive form transformations. Huge amounts of mana is required for these drastic changes, especially if they are very fast.

Drain Elements

The mage can now feed on elements itself and turn them into power, gaining mana or strength if walking on fire or hit by hurled rock. This is very dangerous feat and easily burns mage.

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