Force Magic



Force magic is used to cause flows of mana to have physical impact on material world without making it real stuff. Force is most powerful to control unmoving simple objects, but willing creatures are also quite easy. Creatures resisting with their willpower are much harder to 'grab', and creature size is much more limiting factor than object size. Easiest effect is to throw something horizontally away from caster.

Mana Drawing

Only generic mana drawing is mainly possible, except that master force magicians can try to move moment and force effects into other force effects.

Effect Duration

Force magic effects are limited to fast impulses in most cases, but effects requiring more little mana can last as long as mage concentrates intensively on it. To get duration without concentration, primal magic is required.

Force Effects

Level 1

Increase Momentum

The mage can increase the momentum of moving object, thus allowing creatures to jump long leaps or thrown objects to gain more speed.

Decrease Momentum

As it is possible to increase momentum, it as also possible to decrease it, but is is much harder. The mage can cause falling objects to drop more slowly or slow down creature movement if combined with primal, althought that is quite hard to do.

Level 2

Create Momentum

The mage can make unmoving objects or creatures to move, thus causing doors to shut or tables to fly. Non-alive creatures are much easier to manipulate than living ones, and power to held liquids inshape require elemental magics.

Teleport Things

The mage can now create portals from one place to another, allowing teleportation over short or long distances. This is limited to one-way movement away from mage, and mainly on mage itself only or simple objects.

Level 3

Manipulate Momentum

The mage can change direction of flying things. Good levitation is now possible, but fast flying is much harder and very clumsy.

Create Portals

The mage can now open portals between separate worlds, but this is not very controlled and mainly from other places to mage, unless opened to same world.

Redirect Portals

Likewise, the mage can now create barriers that prevent teleporatation to area, casting the portal exit to other place. This works more probable against simple teleportations.

Level 4

Complex Manipulation

The mage can now cause momentum to multiple directions, and practically rip things to pieces with pure mana flows. Fast controlled flight is now possible althought very draining.

Complex Portals

The mage can now open portals quickly or across multiple dimensions, draining power from other places as well. Likewise, the mage can create complex effects that prevent teleporation away from area, directing all portal exits back to same place they were created.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved