Mind Magic



Mind magic is power to create illusions of the mind and to detect thoughts. The power of mind effects is very dependant on subject's willpower attribute, and more alien minds are harder to affect. Invasive and powerful mind effects usually cause some little nose bleed and headache, so subject notices something, but cannot tell the reason.

In addition to direct mind effects, mind mages can also see glimbses of future or past. These visions are normally very unclear and only momentary.

Mind magic has no duration normally, but effect can sometimes be held in air as long as mage concentrates intensively on effect. To create longer term effects, primal magics are required.

Mana Drawing

Mind mages are limited to standard generic way to draw mana.

Will Power

When using mind magic, will power of the target is used for resistance. As simplest form, target must succeed in will power test versus extra mana in mind spell, and is affected if that test fails. In any case, if target tries to resist the effect mind mage must either use huge amounts of extra mana or concentrate on effect and use his or her own will power to penetrate target's defenses. In addition, alien minds (not same race as mage) are harder to penetrate, and they are considered to have extra will power.

When generating effects that do not directly target anyone, it is more awareness test to notify that something is wrong.

Mind Effects

Level 1

Shield Mind

Shield mind of the recipient from detection and invasive mind spells. Target has its willpower increased and is shielded from normal detection, but if subject uses active transmission (uses own mind magic), subjects opens his or her mind back to offensive attacks.


Open telepathic link with some other creature telepathically attuned, or simply detect thoughts. This can also be used to create link between enchantment and target creature, allowing other creature to use powers of enchantment.

Level 2


Suggest something simple to target creature. This is usually limited to one word or 'thing', and if mage cannot speak same language, limited to simple image. More alien minds are harder to suggest.


Now it is possible to see visions from past things. These are usually limited to things that has happened lately, and are only quick short visions with only shadowy forms and no sound.

Detect Minds

The mage can now detect familiar or specific minds unless they are shielded. This can be combined to create selecting effects or triggers.

Mind Barriers

Likewise, the mage can now shield entire areas from mind intrusion. The simpliest form is to blank all detection attempts, but this can also be combined with other effects to create reactive defenses.

Level 3

Project Ideas

The mage can now project images or thoughts to other people, allowing him or her to control minds of the weak ones. Creatures with strong ideas of their actions are hard to change their mind (like monster thinking just killing).

Subconscious Suggestion

Now it is possible to create aura of suggestion, so that all thinking creatures approaching the mage or, if combined with primal and possible other magics, enchantment will be suggested simply, like 'back off'. The mage can create simple defenses or mental invisiblity.


The mage can now create visions of what would happen within few seconds if some action is conducted. The probablity for this to work is very low, and visions might be wrong and from past.

Enforce Expectations

The mage can now create effects from other minds, thus causing effects dependant on target's own mind. In this way it is now also easier to affect alien minds.

Level 4

Subconscious Ideas

The mage can now subconsciously project ideas. He or she may create aura that thinking creatures want to leave area and not come back when seeing him or her, for example.

Enhanced Visions

It is now possible to have visions much older or accurate than with lower level abilities. These visions may even have sound and faces might be recognized, but still cannot give very accurate information.

Read Mind

The mage can now read mind of other creatures. This usually requires skin contact and hard concentration, and target notices the thing and can actively fight back. Very skilled mind mages can do the reading without subject noticing it and from distance (well, few meters), but it is more slower and very hard.

Create Thinking

Mage can create own will to animated things and thus create artificial life (or at least thoughts). This is usually limited to very simple forms.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved