Conversion Guidelines

Here is some guidelines to convert characters from other roleplaying games or previous versions to RIP 3rd edition. The guidelines are only ideas how to do it, and all characters should be handled separately.

RIP 2nd edition

  • Add 1 to all attributes
      Previous version of RIP was closer to 1st edition Syndicate, and thus human attributes ranged from 2 to 4. Now they range from -2 to +2 and so easiest way is to simply reduct 3 from attribute level. If the original attribute was referred as very inferior or superior, it can be also changed to -2 or +2, respectively.
  • Divide skill levels by 3, mainly

Cross-over Campaigns

To use Syndicate (Dark Era) players in RIP games, some things should be noted.

Latest Changes

Latest changes made to rules are collected here. This is currently only for player use, these will be nuked when system is classified as 'ready'.

  • Added some description about mana drawing, and changed penalty for specific drawing (previously for total, now for 6's).
  • Added visions to mind magic and edited nature magic.
  • Added free stuff description, and modified elfand dwarf characters.
Late March
  • Changed spell-casting and rituals
  • Added innate powers
  • Changed magical skill and attribute costs
  • Updated summary, sample characters and spells
  • Added new creatures to bestiary
Early April
  • Added some text to magics
  • Combined agility and quickness
  • Changed attribute costs back.
  • Edited innate powers.
  • Added text to dwarves and elves, and new creatures
  • Added text on typical levels of races and on some background options
  • Extended primal, mind and dark magic
  • Added new magic summary file.
  • Added new sample spells and changed mana penalties
  • Added coins to equipment.
  • Edited files chars.html, bestiary.html, dark.html, force.html, index.html, magic.html, mind.html, primal.html, summary.html, system.html, spells.html, stuff.html, _mag_summary.html.
  • Reworked magic-system (mainly rolls), including mana drawing, spell casting and mana burn/leak
  • Added new sample spells
  • Edited files system.html, magic.html, spells.html, _mag_summary.html
  • Added description to magic system and spells
  • Re-edited files magic.html, spells.html
  • Edited magic system
  • Re-edited files magic.html, spells.html, primal.html, _mag_summary.html

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved