Nature Magic



Nature magic is magic of life. It has power to recreate original patterns and forms and cause temporary modifications to living things. Permanent effects that alter target from its original form are quite hard and almost impossible with nature magic alone, because it drives to preserve naturality of targets.

The original form is very important to nature, and creatures wounded can be easily healed back to original form if the healing is done before the wound heals normally. After that, nature magic tries to preserve original form which is now the healed form! So, if a limb is cut off the nature magic cannot effectually help after the wound has closed normally (some weeks). It is possible to create new limb and then make it quite permanent with primal magic, but is is not natural anymore.

Mana Drawing

Nature magic is very powerful magic to draw mana in most cases. It draws mana from plants, animals or even humans. If used in places with little life (like deserts or caves) the drawing is not very powerful and will quite probably kill those simple life forms. Drawing from creatures is much harder and not as efficient.

Nature Effects

Level 1

Repel Animals

The mage can cause normal animals to keep away from him or her. This can also be used to draw a ward into ground for similar effect. This ward is limited by its physical properties unless at least level 2 primal magics are used.

Detect Life

Life forms can be detected around the mage. The probablity for detection to work is dependant on mana used and life forms; animals are much easier to detect than intelligent beings. Non-living creatures cannot be detected, and demons and other semi-dead creatures are very, very hard to detect.

Heal Simple Forms

The mage can heal simple damage in living creatures, like small cuts or broken branches. The mana needed is usually dependant on size of wound or damage, and effect is almsot instant for small wounds.

Calm Animals

Simple animals can be made calm unles sthey are already very aggressive.

Level 2

Grow Life

The mage can now temporary increase physical stats of target, or heal more complex wounds. Target size mainly determines needed mana.

Modify Forms

The mage can now cause little changes on living things, like growing of claws. Thsi effect is only temporary, because living creatures try to revert back to their natural form.

Commune with Animals

This powers allows mage to commune simply with animals and may ask them to leave, keep quiet do something other very simply actions, which they could do anyway. Duration is usually limited by mana and concentration. The mage can also summon animals to area.

Control Plants

Simple plants can be made to twists and move and even grab something.

Level 3


Cause simple living things to metamorph into other things, or more complex very slowly and not so drastically. Duration of metamorph is mainly dependant on mana used, and large metamorphations require usually much mana. Note that lost limbs will still be lost after metamorph and so on.

Regrow Limbs

It is now possible to regrow lost limbs or create new appendages. Unless this is made soon after the limb is lost, the effect is only temporary.

Recreate Life

The mage may cause dead things to become alive. This is mainly limited to things that was originally alive but has deceased, or very simple and small life forms. This effect is usually made permanent with some extra mana.

Control Animals

The mage can now make simple animals to do whatever he or she wants them to. Animals can attack, run away or stampede, or even do some simple fetch operations.

Level 4

Extended Metamorph

Allow fast metamorph of any living thing, like turning man into a frog. This effect is usually only temporary.

Create Life

Now the mage can create complex life like new host bodies for spirits from other creatures or piles of mud.

Control Nature

The mage can now control the forces of nature itself, and may morph the forest, move trails or rise a hurricane.

Talk with Animals

The mage can now conversate with animals, ask things from them and make them do anything he or she wants them to do.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved