Sample Spells

Here is guidelines to generate some spell effects along with sample spells for each type. This is here only for guidance on how to create spells and effects. More simple or complex spells can be created by reduction or adding sub-elements to these spells, and range, duration or size of effect can simply be modified by changing mana required accordingly (but note that very extremes in some of them and the spell becomes complex)

All spells have their mana requirement as minimum for effect, and everything above for that is used for target size, range, duration or power, as detailed in spell.

Complex spells are marked with *, and very complex with **.


Counterspells are spells used to counter other spells before their effect happens. The very basic counterspell is used against spells directed at caster; other require more mana. All counterspells are interrupts ie. they may be used as defensive effect.

Simple Counter
Primal-2, Mana 3
This simply spell breaks apart target spell targeted somewhere close to caster. If countered spell has over 10 mana on it, some of it may burn into mage trying to counterspell it.

Counter Drain
Primal-3, Mana 4
The mage breaks the spell directed at him or her apart and drains the mana in it for own mana reserve. If this spell is successful, other spell is countered and mage draws mana equal to in original spell (roll d6's appropriately).

Drain Power
Nature-2, Primal-3, Mana 4
The caster drains all mana from target spell just cast and transforms it into personal strength and endurance, becoming bigger in an instant. Draining much power in short period is very dangerous, and mage with low endurance can easily faint or even die if drains too much power. Total mana in counterspell must be greater against more powerful spells, or it has no effect against them.

Enchantment Manipulation

Many spells create temporary effects called enchantments, and thus mutiple spells are required to modify them, mainly to break them apart before they normally decay.

Tear Pattern
Force-4, Primal-2, Mana 5
By finding the tinies cracks of the pattern of an enchantment rips the enchantment open. Usually used when the enchantment is too complex to unbind in more delicate ways and can cause some seriously harmful effects on the enchanted object or creature. Target object must be close to caster and extra pure power is required for complex or big enchantments.

Consume Enchantment
Primal-3, Mana 3
The caster rips enchantments in target object close to caster into flows of mana and then drains them into his or her mana pool. The probablity for this to success is determined by extra mana in spell and power of target enchantment. If the enchantment is broken, most mana on it is drained to caster's pool, and that number of d6's are rolled as caster has just drained it.

Rip Enchantments
Primal-2, Mana 2
The mage sends rips of pure magical force around him or her, ripping all enchantments to pieces, destroying their effects. All extra mana in spell is used for that effect, and enchantments closest to mage itself are first affected, and power of this spell decreases for each enchantment ripped. If any enchantment is much more powerful than this spell, it is ignored. Only enchantments within 20 meters of mage are affected.

Offensive Spells

Offensive spells are usually very dramatic spells using all their power to create destruction and effect on target. The power is usually directly from pure power in spell.

Elemental-2, Mana 5
Creates a small ball of fire which flies from tips of caster's hand and upon intact explodes into gigantic fireball. Fireball has maximum range of about 20 meters and it explodes in 2 meter ball. Damage caused is from extra power in spell, causing immense burning damage.

Lightning Bolt
Elemental-2, Mana 3
Blasts target within 20 meters with bolt with damage equal to mana over 3. As side effect, bright lightning may cause temporary blindness. Mage must still hit with the bolt, but it is quite trivial most of the time. If shot into crowd or melee, may hit wrong target.

Force-2, Mana 3
Target close to mage is pushed with force away from caster. With +1 extra mana, force can be directed sideways. Extra mana in spell is force in push, with strength +0 for no extra mana. This spell is not very accurate, and is mainly used to push people around.

Leech Touch
Dark-2, Nature-2, Mana 2
Target creature touched is drained from life force and that force is added to mage's own physical strength. The actual effect is determined by extra power in spell, each mana equal to size causes one leevl of damage and likewise health restoration.

Dark-1, Mana 2
Target creature within 20 meters causes sudden loss of strength and vitality for a few minutes. Extra mana is for power of weakness, and target endurance is quite limiting factor for effect. In simplicity, causes damage similar to bleed, for a total of 2 per extra mana.

Mind-2, Dark-2, Mana 5
A subject within 20 meters seeing the mage is instantly filled with horrible visions and this causes loss of concentration and sight for short moment. Weaker creatures may sustain permanent or temporary insanity and will cover in fear or run away.
Extra mana is used to fight target willpower. Big and horrible creatures have extra bonus against this effect as any alien creatures do.

Defensive Spells

Defensive spells are used for instant defenses from attacks. All are interrupts by their nature.

Ice Block
Elemental-2, Mana 3
Creates an instant block of ice to air in front of mage's hand. This block can be used to parry an attack or ranged weapon. Normal parry must be made, but with bonus against melee attacks.

Shift Image
Mind-2, Mana 2
Causes target creature close to mage to see mage at different location for a very short of time. Extra power in spell grants more probable success, depending on target awareness and willpower.

Absorb Fire
Elemental-4, Mana 5
The caster drains all heat and fire directed at him or her, transforming this power into pure mana. All fire damage is instead handled as mana drawing of same size, and normal mana control tests must be made if applicable.


Walls are temporary enchantments created to block some way. When created, they are not very accurate and not very handy to hit anything. When emerging, walls usually cling into walls.

Wall of Fire
Elemental-2, Primal-2, Mana 6
Creates a wall of flames within 20 meters. This wall is about 5 meter wide and flames rise to 1-2 meters. Only very brave (or stupid) creatures can cross this wall, and for them it causes power 2 burns. Extra mana in spell determines duration.

Wall of Will
Mind-2, Primal-2, Mana 6
Creates almost imvisible wall within 20 meters. This wall is about 5 meter wide and about 2-3 meters high. Creatures wishing to penetrate it must succeed in willpower test, with -1 dice for creatures similar to caster, and +1 or even +2 for very alien kind of creatures. Those failing may try again and again, until succeed. Extra mana is for duration.

Wall of Shadows
Dark-1, Primal-2, Mana 2
Creates a wall of darkness and shadows within 20 meters. This wall is about 5 meter wide and about 2-3 meters high. Not even daylight can penetrate this wall of intense darkness. Extra mana is for duration.

Healing Spells

Healing spells are often needed instant way to repair even extensive damage to living creatures. Most spells require touch and have permanent effect.

Close Wounds
Nature-1, Mana 2
Closes small wound in target creature touched. Cannot help for internal wounds (like mana burn), loss parts or major damage.

Restore Health
Nature-2, Mana 1
Removes weakness from general damage, mana burn or poisoning, restoring one health level on target creature. Extra mana in spell must beat target size.

Heal Wound
Nature-2, Mana 5
Closes wounds in damaged location and repairs broken bones and severed muscles and nerves. Some extra mana is required for large locations. Restores also one point of bleed if extensive bleed is in location.

Recreate Blood
Nature-2, Elemental-2, Mana 1
Creates new blood to target creature, removing weakness from bleed. Extra mana in spell is directly bleed points removed. Note that without elemental magic, this requires level 3 nature magics.

Transformation Spells

Spells are fast and powerful way to cause permanent effect on target material thing. Mana required for such feats is mainly dependant on material affected and how drastic the transformation is.

Clear Water
Nature-1, Elemental-1, Mana 1
Removes all extra dirt and other substances from pool of water, making it clear and drinkable without fear of poisoning or muddy taste. Extra mana must beat the size of water body.

Nature-1, Dark-2, Mana 2
Causes touched living thing to slowly rot and decay. Extra mana must beat target size, and rest is used for length of this rotting. Causes slowly structural damage, and may infect target. This spell can also be used to rot simple wooden structures.

Nature-3, Elemental-3, Mana 6
Cause target creature touched to transform into stone. Extra mana in spell must beat target size, and even then effect may not be complete, especially if mana is used is very close to required.

Detonate Rock
Elemental-2, Force-2, Mana 4
Target makes target stone or rock within 100 meters to shatter and explode into sharpnels all around. Extra mana must beat target size, everything above that is for blast power.

Creature Enchantments

Various creature enchantments are used to enchance living creatures. Target enchanted is obvious when mana detection spells are used, unless some special mana manipulation spells are used.

Harden Skin
Nature-2, Mana 1
Creature touched has its skin hardened to 1/1 armor (of +0/1 if already protective skin) if extra mana is enough to handle target size. Mana over that is extra for duration.

Aura of Fright*
Dark-2, Mind-2, Primal-2, Mana 5
The mage creates aura of fear around him or her which causes fear and terror to any creature coming close. Only very brave creatures dare to come to contact with caster. Extra mana is for duration.

Nature-3, Primal-3, Mana 5
Transforms the touched target creature into something much more brutal for extended period of time. Teeth turn into fangs, nails into claws and features become more frightening, giving effectually +1 to all physical attributes and natural attacks. Does not however effect the psyche of the target, but if enough mana is used to lenghten the duration, the creature affected may start acting like it looks because of the trauma. Extra mana must beat target size, rest is for duration, but enchantment also resists normal dispels very effectually.

Curse of Arrow Attraction*
Force-3, Primal-2, Mana 5
Caster curses target thing to attract fast light flying objects like arrows and quarrels. Arrows magically turn toward target, but is limited to quite simple turns. Target must be within 100 meters and extra mana must beat target size. All remaining mana is for duration.

Animate Zombie
Force-2, Dark-3, Mana 4
Causes target corpse to gain unnatural life with power of trapped mana and spirits, giving the zombie sight and some very simple thoughts. The spell must have power enough to animate corpse of target size, and extra is then added to duration.

Raise Corpse
Dark-3, Primal-3, Mana 10
Causes target corpse to gain unnatural life with power of trapped mana and spirits, giving the zombie sight and some very simple thoughts. This spell is different from normal animation that it requires a spirit with power to move the corpse it is possessing, and thus is much harder to cast and may fail easier because lack of proper spirits. In addition, the spirit can possess the corpse until banished with some means.

Detection Spells

Detection spells are used to detect distinct things from area around the caster. The area is from mana as usually, but detection is so simple that basic area is usually very large even with little mana.

Detect Thoughts
Mind-1, Mana 4
The caster can detect thoughts within a few meters of him or her as long as concentration is maintained, regardless of walls. Only knowledge about locations of some thinking is detected. Extra mana is needed to detect creatures with high will power or alien thoughts.

Illuminate Mana
Primal-1, Elemental-1, Mana 3
Causes all mana flows within few meters of caster to become illuminated with strange light. Duration is dependent on extra mana.

Conjuration Spells

Conjuration spells are used to create portals between worlds to summon spirits or demons. A ritual is usually needed, because of high mana requirement.

Raise Dead*
Dark-2, Nature-3, Mana 10
The caster reaches for spirit of the dead and brings it back to original body, which then grows back to former life. For this to succeed, the spirit must still be present and body in quite good condition. Extra mana must beat target size.

Conjure Demon
Force-3, Dark-1, Mana 4
The caster reaches to Abyss pulling a demon (or other evil creature) to place near him or her. The size of the demon is quite limited by extra mana used, and proper materials and conjuration methods may increase the possibility for preferred demon to arrive.

Summon Demon
Force-3, Dark-3, Mana 6
The caster reaches to Abyss summoning specific demon. Extra mana must beat demon size and power for any chance to get preferred demon, and suitable materials, chants and sacrifices increase chance to get what is wanted. Otherwise nothing appears or possibly some weaker or stronger demon.

Example: To summon a Claw Fiend, an old Theurian grimoire tells that the wizard must perform a 4 hour ritual during full moon under full sky. The ritual must be done in pentagram sealed with his or her own blood, and 5 candles made of goat guts mixed with red wax must burn all the time. At the end of the ritual, a sacrifice of a living goat is performed. In game terms, if this is right way to do it, it is quite propable that if the spell succeeds, a Claw Fiend will appear.


Potions are magical effects binded into some container, usually a small vial. The magic is binded for the duration of the spell or until drank or poured.

Mana Potion*
Primal-3, Elemental-1, Mana 3
Caster stores mana from pool into potion full of water. This mana is stored there until duration for spell ends, which depends on extra mana over basic cost and mana stored into potion. If drank, the mana flows to drinker and normal drawing is tested for it (roll dice equal to mana put into it). If drinker ignores flowing mana, only half of it leaks, and possible mana burn will occur anyway.

Healing Potion*
Primal-2,Nature-2, Elemental-1, Mana 6
Caster creates a magical healing potion from flask full of water. By drinking this potion subject gains more life energy and internal small wounds close, and if poured on wound, breaks and cuts miracelously disappear. Cannot help on very extensive damage.
Extra mana determines duration for enchantment, and potion will dilute after that and lose its magical properties.


Miscellaneous creations with permanent or long duration.

Create Golem**
Force-2, Primal-4, Mind-4, Mana 20+
Caster gives an inanimate creation power to move and to do simple commands. The golem has power as defined in bestiary, depending on materials it is created from, craftsmanship and extra mana in creation. Mana used must correspond to golem size and powers, or creation has only limited 'life span' or reduced power.

Arrows of Force
Force-1, Primal-2, Mana 2
Casters traps into arrow extra power to be launched when arrow is fired. The arrow will have double the usual range, even for short ones, and has +1 penetration and trauma very close. The enchantments stays as determined by extra mana, but is lost when arrow is fired. The mage can enchant extra arrows at 2 mana each.

Nature-4, Primal-3, Mind-1, Mana 10
Creates a bond between the caster and an animal. Both will understand the thoughts of each other, but neither has complete control over the actions of the other, although caster may somehow control the animal. By concentrating the caster can see what the animal sees. Extreme feeling of fear or pain will be projected through the bond, and should either die, the other will be incapacitated for long because of the intensity of pain that pours through the link in the moment of death. The effect stays until somehow broken, and extra mana used in spell determines the range of telepathic link.

Weapon of Might*
Force-1, Primal-4, Mana 20
Enchant weapon with extra power so it does always swing much faster or deliver more powerful blows. For truly permanent effects, the mage must create the weapon by his or her own hands and during that time cast this spell into it.

Miscellaneous Spells

Some miscellaneous spells not suitable under any other list.

Mana Vortex*
Primal-3, Force-3, Mana 20
The mage opens a vortal of swirling energies that drain all mana around it into some other world. Mana drawing near vortex is almost impossible, and after a few days all mana in close vicinity is gone. When vortex finally disappears, mana returns, but slowly. When vortex is very active (just after being cast), the flows of mana can be seen as multicolered swirls.
Vortex is created within 20 meters and it drains mana within approximately 100 meters of it. All extra mana in spell is for duration.

Demon Ward
Dark-1, Elemental-1, Mana 8
The caster draws a circe of 2-3 meters to ground, marks it with mystic symbols and seals it when everything is ready. No demon can cross this ward (walk inside or outside) nor damage it if demon's size is less than extra mana used on it. If something belonging to demon is used to draw the circle, the demon cannot simply cross it, regardless of its power. Note that this ward is very simple and do not prevent demon from using its powers across it nor teleporting to it or from it. More powerful magics are required for that.
The ward stays until someone wipes part of it, breaking the circle. Note that demon unable to cross it cannot do that directly.

Force-2, Primal-2, Mana 3
Causes a brilliant door between two places wink into existance. The distance between the both ends must be possible with extra mana in spell, the remaining is for duration of the gate. The gate will collapse the moment any creature enters through the gate. Only human-sized or smaller creatures may enter the gate.

Create Mental Illusion
Mind-2, Primal-2, Mana X
The mage creates an illusion seen by creatures with thoughts. This illusion is very simple and can be quite easily detected, if any reason is to doubt its existence. Mana determines the size of the illusion, extra is for duration.

Warded Area
Force-3, Primal-3, Mana 15
The caster creates an area warded from teleportation; nothing can create portals into area, and instead fail or open into places near area. The area warded is about the size of a house, and effect lasts for weeks. Extra mana is for strength of ward, if tried to be dispelled or forced with powerful portals.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved