Melee Weapons

WeaponStr DmgTypeNotes
Sword+0 +2Cut/impaleGood to parry
Axe, Mace or Warhammer+1 +3Cut*/crunch/pierce*-
Flail+0 +3Crunch/spikes*Hard to use, ignores shield
Spear-1 +1/+3ImpaleUnwieldy 1-handed
Staff (2h)-1 +2CrunchGood for parrying
Great Sword (2h)+1 +4Cut/impaleGood for parrying
Great Axe (2h)+2 +4Cut*/crunch-
*good for armor penetration. Pen up to 2 depending on user strength and attack type; highest with pick-type weapons.

Thrown Weapons

WeaponRange DmgTypeNotes
Daggeravg 1/0*Impale-
Throwing Axepoor 2/0*CutHard to throw
Speargood 2/1*Impale-
*add damage for very strong throwers

Missile Weapons

WeaponRange DmgNotes
Short Bowpoor 2/1*-
Long Bowgood 3/2*Special skill required to use efficiently
Light Crossbowpoor 3/2*Loses power very quickly
Heavy Crossbowavg 4/2*Loses power very quickly
*penetration drops very quickly
Note that crossbows are hard to load, and require use of some devices unless user is very strong.

Medieval Armor

ArmorDefense PriceNotes
Fur0/1 low-
Leather1/1 lowOnly against low-strength attacks
Chain1/1 avg-
Plate2/3 high-

Coins and Daily Goods


In (my) typical fantasy world, a basic coin used is copper coin, used for daily purchases. It is casted locally, and foreign money is bot usually accepted, and have only value of pure metal, which is usually worth 10% of coin value.

Gold is the most expensive coin, worth 100 copper (or 10 silver). One coin weights about 10 g, and thus 100 goes into one kilogram.
Silver coins are usually used when buying more expensive things. 1 silver coin is worth 10 copper coins, and each weight about 5 grams, and thus 200 coins weight one kilogram.
Copper coins are basic coin used, and weight about same as silver.
Tin pieces are used for change, and 10 is worth one copper coin. They weight as silver or copper, but have practically no value as pure metal.

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