Summary of CP Costs

All standard stuff which is available to the characters for CPs is collected here. The players are free to select from lists, but the final judgment of combinations and selections is by the gamemaster. If some advantage or disadvantage completely replaces some attribute, the character cannot lower that original value. Usually characters are made with 20 CPs.


Characters are not normally limited to humans. See bestiary for details of other races.
Elf Character0 cp
Dwarf Character0 cp


Basic Attributes

Standard basic attributes are strength, endurance, agility, awareness and willpower
superb (+2) 6 cp
good (+1) 2 cp
poor (-1) -2 cp
inferior (-2) -4 cp
Halve costs for attribute subclasses like balance, sight, mind resistance etc.

Other Attributes

Mental Problem
standard-1 cp
severe-2 cp
weak-1 cp
strong-2 cp
very strong-3 cp
Physical Disadvantage
missing arm-3 cp
missing leg-5 cp
Magical Powers
magically attuned3 cp
limited magic3 cp*
innate powers4 cp**
consume self2 cp
*includes free 2 CPs in magics
**and cost of highest power (1, 2, 4 or 7)


For skills, note that character must have at least as many skilled (level 1) skills than any other, excluding free skills, and at least as many expert (level 2) skills than higher and so on. In addition, character must have at least 5 CPs in primary/secondary skills.

Primary Skills

Skills like acrobatics, bow, con, healing, melee, read/write, sleight of hand, stealth and throw.
Skilled (1)1 cp
Expert (2)4 cp
Master (3)9 cp
Note: Melee costs 2, 6 and 12, respectively.

Secondary Skills

Skills like area knowledge, bestiary (spec), climbing, etiquette, language (spec), riding and tracking.
Skilled (1)0.5 cp
Expert (2)1 cp
Master (3)3 cp

Magical Skills

Skills to use magics are mana control, ritual, innate control and sorcery. All them are primary skills, and cost same.

Major magics are dark, elemental, force, mind, nature and primal. Note that special magics are also possible.
Level 1 (initiate)1 cp
Level 2 (practioner)2 cp
Level 3 (master)4 cp
Level 4 (grand master)7 cp

Prelearned spells cost 0.5 cp per 3. Note that you do not need these, all spells can be improvised!

Background Options

Most background options are similar to Syndicate except that different names are used. Note that 'agent'-type options are normally linked to local authorizations or churches, or character may have sold his or her soul to some demon, gaining infernal powers in deal.
Dependent-2 cp
Exotic Item.25 cp or more
Mana Focus.25 cp per mana point
Forced Pawn
standard-2 cp
suicidal-4 cp
Authorized Person
normal1 cp
strong2 cp
Powerful Enemy
infrequent-1 cp
frequent-2 cp
Stranger-2 cp*
*speaks non-local language as native. Only for humans.

Optional Stuff

standard1 cp
very lucky4 cp
campaign log-2 cp
personal diary-2 cp

Free Stuff

For free, all characters have following:
  • Native language at master (3) level
  • Local area knowledge and contacts
  • Any number of free skills (with common sense, good limit is age of the character)
  • Any standard equipment, with horse and plate mail if appropriate
Of course, this depends on gamemaster and campaign, but this is standard list.

RIP 3rd edition (C) Kalle Marjola 1996-97. All rights reserved