Anton (Patrick Anton Drake)

This is a character from Isle of Dawn professional agent campaign.

Anton is a remarkably unremarkable Caucasian person of 173 centimeters, brown eyes, dark hair and somewhat pale complexion. He wears black suits, synth-leather boots and sunglasses. He sometimes carries a suitcase, but not always. Most people who meet him casually forget him the moment he leaves.

Anton's father was a Brit and his mother was Italian, and they died while he was young. He was sent to boarding school by his uncle, and there he excelled in sports, especially gymnastics and rugby.

After finishing that he went on to enlist in a school for private investigators, and spent his parent's inheritance to pay for the school and to get his firm started. He worked in Birmingham for three years, and had some success, until he shot a undercover police officer. He escaped prosecution, and tough not wanted by law, the police officers did want his head, and he had to leave.

Anton began touring the English-speaking world doing things for people who pay well. He has been in some tight spots, but has managed to get through because of his lightning-quick reactions, glib tongue, and calmness under fire.

The last two years he has been in Canada because of a love affair with a part- time eco-terrorist. He was employed by Green Tide to help her cause some "accidents" among some factories who cut costs by skipping recycling and dumping waste air and water directly out, instead of filtering it. Here he learned to work with others, and got more combat experience. The group was ruthless, well funded, clever and in the end, infiltrated. What saved Anton was the fact that none besides his lady knew who he was, nor ever saw him without infiltration suit.

After she was dead, Anton took a uncertain, high-risk job in Taiwan, and left without looking back. He thinks he might have some corporates hunting him. (He is mistaken). He was hired as spatial dislocation expert, that is, to go places.

Strength 	0  	Acrobatics	1 (1)	Contact:  Kim,
Endurance	0   	Combat		2 (4)	  Employer's agent
Agility         +1 (2)  Team Fighting	1 (1)	
Quickness 	+2 (6)	Con		1 (1)
Awareness	+1 (2)	Gun(Pistol)	1 (1)	Free Agent	1 
Willpower	0	Stealth	(urban)	1 (1)	Stranger	-2
                 	Pistol Handling 1 (1) 
			Electronics     1 (1)
			English Native  3 (0)
Dark suit, sunglasses, synth-leather boots, gas mask, GTS, contact lenses (which change his eye color to darker brown), some cash (E- and normal)

In a safe box: 2 pistols, 8 clips, 100 rounds explosive 488 rounds normal ammo. Covert clothing.