Damian Warbaby, formerly Eric Schind

Was born in 2010 by the sunny Avenida Beach Avenue, Southern California into a happy family. Having spent his youth surfing and cruising around the upper class parts of the city he managed to shock his family by applying to the Los Angeles Police Academy after graduating from the Goldsmith High in 2028.

He did quite well in the Academy, graduated and was accepted to LAPD Riot Control Squad. After he got out of hospital after the year 2034 Great Riots he was first moved to the Sniper Squad, then to Street Patrol. LAPD Medical Department stated repeating nightmares, flashbacks directly affecting his behaviour and stress as the reasons for his resignment in 2035.

Though he spent his next year wandering in the streets living in cheap coffins when he had enough money, some corporation must have had his name still in its databanks. He was contacted through an employment agency and offered work as a hired agent, he was still adequate with rifles and knew much about security systems. He accepted the second he was offered a cure to the nightmares he still had about the Riots. After the small operation and implantation of the new experimental emotion suppressor he had never felt better. Of felt.

Currently residing in Taiwan as Damian Warbaby, he lives for his work and also looks like it dressing in black suit and shoes made of real leather. But his work...

He was always an arrogant person, in a way. After the implantation of the instinct shield he has slowly begun to slip into something worse, as morals are no longer clouding his judgement. If he decides something should be done, he rarely thinks about what law, other people of the janitors cleaning the mess afterwards think. But he also follows his orders, to his last breath and no matter how illogical or unwise those orders may be.

Strength        0	Combat			2 (4)
Endurance       0	Gun(rifle)		2 (4)
Agility         0	Stealth(urban)		1 (1)
Quickness       +1 (2)	Electronics(security)	1 (1)
Awareness       0	Etiquette(security serv)1 (0.5)
Willpower       0	Acrobatics		1 (1)
			Chinese			2 (1)
Forced Agent	(-2)	Melee(rapier)		1 (1)
Rude		(-1)
Cyberware Level 	1 (3)
Mind Link		0.5	Instinct shield		0.5
Cyber Eye		0.25	Noise filter		0.25	
Light filter		0.25	Ultrafrequency hearing	0.25
Light intensifier	0.25	Air filter		0.5
Display			0.25	Blood filter		0.5
Thermographic		0.25	Rapiers (in both hands)	0.5	
GTS phone			Second Identity		0.25
A Personal Computer
Covert clothing

Sectek Storm-3, 10 clips (300)
Sectek Officer, 4 clips (60), silencer