Nick Cheng (burglar)

Please note that this is not identical to Nick Cheng in Isle of Dawn campaign, but is very close to it. It is here mainly as example character for Syndicate in general

Nick is an electronics expert, specialized in sneaking past security systems. He also knows several other skills that may be useful in getting into places (or out of them if something goes wrong - and something always does). Nick is a rather cautious kind of person. He never trusts anyone, especially the people he works with (since they are all thieves, murderers and who knows what else). He dislikes amateurs, junkies, psychopaths, and stupid people. Nick likes to work as cleanly as possible: no alarms, no fingerprints, no more corpses than is necessary and so on. For this reason, he believes that the most important part of a job is The Plan. If it's good, the rest is going to be easy. If it's not, Nick prefers to leave the job to someone with a smaller brain and a bigger gun. Unfortunately, this isn't always possible (which is the part of his job he absolutely hates).

Acrobatics      1	Agility		+1
Chinese         2	Awareness	+1
Combat          1
Computer        1
Con             1
Electronics     2
English         3 (native)
Gun (SMG)       1
Paramedic       1
Stealth (urban) 2
Vehicle (car)   1

Auto lockpick		E-tools
GSM II			Headset radio
Laptop PC		Medkit
Goggles (LI, LF, IR)	Grapple gun
SecTek Piranha Covert + 4 magazines (20) + silencer
Ultrafiber vest