Isle of Dawn

Campaign Storyline

Sunday May 11th, 2036 Monday May 12th, 2036 Tuesday May 13th, 2036
Friday May 16th, 2036 Saturday May 14th, 2036 Sunday May 15th, 2036
Monday June 2nd, 2036 Tuesday June 3rd, 2036 Wednesday June 4th, 2036 Friday June 6th, 2036 Saturday June 7th, 2036
Tuesday June 17th, 2036 Thursday June 19th, 2036 +++ Record Terminated +++

Latest reports from Melissa

Campaign Characters

Carter Zhen (Tane) - local computer and verbal expert - MIA (8 sessions), shot by the Yanaka troopers in Tehok-facility
Nick Cheng (Lasse) - security and electronics expert - KIA (7 sessions), got brains blown out by the Yanaka troopers in Tehok-facility
Damian Warbaby (Teemu) - firearms expert - KIA (7 sessions), blown to pieces by Fey in Tehok-facility
Anton (Tommi) - assault expert from Europe - KIA (6 sessions), shot by Melissa
Stanley Ky (Jere) - team leader and expert driver with rigging - retired (5 sessions)
Diane Tanaka (Viljo) - local close combat expert - retired (4 sessions)
Melissa (Risto) - light combat cyborg - KIA (3 sessions), committed suicide
Philip Maykrantz (Risto) - Computer wizard - KIA (3 sessions), died for lethal dose of nerve gas
Fey (Irrette) - medic - KIA (2 sessions), shot by Nick in Tehok-facility
Andrew Waters (Risto) - breakin - MIA (2 sessions), shot and dropped to ground from second floor
xxx (Tommi) - problem solver - KIA (1 session), shot by the Yanaka troopers in Tehok-facility

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