Dark Era Epilogue Mini-Campaign

This mini-campaign was held as introduction to Syndicate system and Dark Era. It last for 4 sessions (and 3 campaign days!), started from Miami, USA, and ended in Guatemala. A total number of 7 players partake.


James 'Jimmy-Boy' Anderson (Tane) - 4 sessions (MIA) Rico 'da Man' Crockett (Viljo) - 2 sessions Archie Estevez "Speedy" (Lasse) - 4 sessions (MIA) Jesus Martinez (Markku) - 4 sessions (MIA) Felicia Romero (Satu) - 4 sessions (MIA) Dan Escobar (Teemu) - 4 sessions (MIA) Ziggy Wailer (Jere) - 3 sessions (KIA) Robert 'Bob' Griffith (Jere) - 2 sessions (MIA)

Campaign Storyline

Tuesday May 6th, 2036 Wednesday May 7th, 2036 Thursday May 8th, 2036
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