Philadelphia Campaign

The first Syndicate campaign was held winter '93 - '94, and it was situated to Philadelphia. It started with only 3 players, but soon number grow and standard group of 5-6 players was seen each time. The campaign last for 3-4 months, and all players were wasted at its end (a typical fate in Syndicate).

Campaign Storyline

The main scenarios in campaign; most side stories etc. are not told.

Friday Nov 19, 2030

Tuesday Nov 23, 2030 Saturday Nov 27, 2030 Wednesday Dec 15, 2030 Thursday Dec 23, 2030 Wednesday Jan 5, 2031


Characters are ordered by the total number of sessions they partake. Note that this is not a top ten; scenarios in Philadelphia became more risky at the end.
Syndicate RPG (c) Kalle Marjola 1993-1996