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Syndicate Non-pro Campaign Fall '96 - Spring '97

Campaign Storyline

Monday April 19th, 2036 Tuesday April 20th, 2036 Wednesday April 21st, 2036 Thursday May 22nd, 2036 Friday May 23rd, 2036
Friday September 9th, 2036
Saturday September 10th, 2036 Sunday September 11th, 2036 Monday September 12th, 2036

Campaign Active Characters

Erno 'Ere' Ruotsalainen (Viljo)
An old fixer with knowledge on electricity, mechanics and computers.

Per-Olof Bergman (Teemu)
Finnish-swedish art critic specialized in firearm combat.

Markus 'Maku' Saarela (Tommi)
Close combat specialist.

Repa Kuusisto (Lasse)
Violent motorist.

Paavo 'Pablo' Blomberg (Tane)
Quite sane melee expert fascinated by knives.

Campaign Retirees

Taisto Jylhä (Lasse) MIA - 2 sessions
A huge and strong cleaner. Was wounded and cornered into public WC, where used concussion grenade to kill policemen.

Lare Tykkyläinen (Tane) MIA - 2 sessions
A car-mechanic with combat training. Officially bled to death after been shot to legs and then crashing to tram step with his car.

Sampsa Tykkyläinen (Tommi) confined - 2 sessions
Second of Tykkyläinen brothers. Ex-car driver with combat training, too. Badly wounded to several locations by gunfire and then officially moved to hospital for recovery.

Samuel 'Savu' Vuoksenperä (Teemu) KIA - 2 sessions
A silent assassin from Oulu/Russia. Fell from car roof after shot twice and broke his head when rolling on the hard ground.

Aki (Tane) MIA - 1 session
Sadistic and overconfident motorist. Was left behind to Helsinki after Paramyk conflict.

Syndicate RPG (c) Kalle Marjola 1993-1996