Syndicate: Sunset Beach

Sunset Beach
Original Finnish

Sunset Beach is a Syndicate campaign of well-paid professionals carrying out assignments on the island of Ata in the Pacific Ocean. It is a lucrative but challenging mission, with little margin for error.

Game system is (obviously) Syndicate, more precisely its fifth edition Syndicate V: the Corporate Future that will be further defined as the game progresses. No previous experience of the game system or setting is required as long as the player is interested in the concept.

Campaign area is the island of Ata in Tonga Archipelago close to the International Date Line and the Tropic of Capricorn. The island has been leased from the Kingdom of Tonga for 100 years and the corporations ruling it have the highest authority there, so it is effectively a miniature state of its own.

Characters are foreigners, smuggled onto the island by means disclosed at a later date and with contacts to local informants and snoopers. They are first described freely and then numerical values worth about 20 CP are generated on the basis of that description in cooperation with the gamemaster. There are no absolute CP-limits (although they can be used as guidelines). Note that forced agent, backed, licence, officially dead and second identity advantages are not in use, stranger is highly likely and contacts or friends are rare. There are no free contacts. In Finnish version there is some additional information for the characters on how to preserve their cover role.

Translation by Ville Vuorela. Possibly other campaign information like campaign area and undercover guidelines will appear in English some day.