Cyber and Bioware

Cyberware is expensive, and not available to most people. If the character needs cyberware, he must pay a high price for it. To gain cyberware, CPs must be used for the right to take it. This CP cost reflects the unavailability and surgical costs of installing the cyberware. After that initial cost, most cyberware is available for given cp price. Note that some cyberware could be illegal in some countries and no entry to them is allowed while cyberware is still functional.

General rules of Cyberware in Syndicate


Bioware is even more expensive, rare and experimental than cyberware. It has some major advantages over cyberware, like being more natural to body and not shown in metal detectors nor affected by EMP, but is very expensive and harder to fix if damaged very extensively. Minor damage is healed as with normal body, but quicker and more effective because of more effective body cells.

All modifications are given as cybernetic versions. Bioware versions are basically available from any modification or system, but final judgement is done by the GM. Some systems are automatically bioware, some can never be bioware and some are either. Use double price if cyberware system is replaced with complete bioware, in normal cases.

Cyber Modifications

Some Cyberware does not have very dramatic effects. For most of the time, cybermodifications (cybermods for short) in Syndicate are cyberware with little effect, and thus cost less than other systems. It costs 2 cp to allow the character to have cyber modifications, in addition to the cost of the cyber system itself.

Head Systems

Access Ware (0.5 cp)
Implanted computer system to modify and access data in head memory, and to send information. Without this, the character can only store, record and download data, but cannot manipulate it.

Instinct Shield (0.5 cp)
So-called Zombie Chip, Instinct Shield protects wearer from mental manipulation giving effective willpower of +5 against any such attack. Additionally, the character has better resistance against unconsciousness because of enhanced blood circulation systems, and superb balance (+2). Negative result is that normal emotions of the character are almost completely nullified.

Memory (standard 0.5 cp, extended 0.75 cp)
Enough memory to store every common data, hundreds of pictures, days of music or pile of books. However, cannot store large amounts of very complex data. The storage area can be extended by compressing the data, but accessing speed is the lowered. Extended Memory is just much bigger. Socket is inserted to some location, usually under hair in the neck.

Mind Link (0.5 cp)
Allows mental operation of all cyber systems - no switches or specific muscle impulses are needed.

Radio (0.25 cp receiver, 0.5 receiver/transmitter)
The character can listen to radio frequences, and any simple scrambles/decryptor systems can be fitted without any additional modifications. The more expensive version includes the sender side, too. Note: implanted radio systems are known to have problems with the brain and other cyber systenms, so this modification is not recommended for those eager to live forever - but who does expect to?

Voice Scambler (standard 0.25 cp, enhanced 0.5 cp)
Turns voice to unrecognizable. Enhanced version can imitiate voice patterns recorded.

Cyber Eye Systems

Camera (0.25 cp)
Can take single or motion pictures of seen things. Includes memory for 50 pictures if no internal memory is present. Socket is fitted for picture retrieval if needed. To see stored pictures without downloading them, the display and access ware is required.

Display (0.25 cp)
A display for information. Allows a direct smartgun link, information display (from memory) and graphical data. Character may be fitted with a socket in suitable place for input.

Light Filter (0.25 cp)
Diminishes bright lights and reduces glare. Especially good idea with a light intensifier system.

Light Intensifier (LI) (0.25 cp)
The eye has enhanced functionality in the dark, but may result in longer blindness if exposed to brighter light than normally. Without mind link or a similar method, this light intensifying is automatic.

Magnification (0.25 cp)
Electronic magnification when needed. Includes range finder if fitted with some kind of laser technologies and display. To use magnification, mind link or similar method required.

Thermographic Vision (0.25 cp)
Simply known as the thermo, this system allows user to see thermographic waves. To use this system, mind link or similar method is required.

UV Filter (0.25 cp)
Sensitive to UV frequences, these are mainly used with active systems like UV flashlight, laser sight or various security systems. Otherwise like thermographic.

Cyber Ear Systems

Noise Filter (0.25 cp)
All sudden loud noises are suppressed so that the character does not lose his hearing. Also helps to filter specific voices from background noise, but a mind link is required for that.

Recorder (0.25 cp)
Allows the character to record sound. Duration limited to half an hour unless internal memory is present. Can be synchronized with camera. Mind link or similar method is required to activate the recording.

Ultrafrequence Hearing (0.25 cp)
Character hears sounds from wider spectrum than normally.


Air Filter (0.5 cp)
Filters the aír in lungs from most harmful gases and chemicals.

Blood Filter (0.5 cp)
Filters blood from harmful toxins and venoms.

Drug Injectors (0.25 cp)
The character has built-in drug compartments in his body which can hold 10 charges of drugs, which can be injected to nervous system. Activated with a mind link or some kind of switch.

EMP-Shielding (0.5 cp)
All cyberware in the character is protected with stronger EMP-shielding than normally.

Gills (0.5 cp)
The character can breathe underwater via gills in some suitable place. If they are under clothes, they must be revealed, of course.

Rapier (0.25 cp)
Character has a retractable, long (20 cm) blade fitted to his arm, which can be used as effective melee weapons. Activated with mind link or some kind of switch or muscular movement.

Razors (0.25 cp)
Character has ultra-sharp retractable blades fitted under his fingernails. Activated with mind link or some kind of switch or muscular movement.

Cyber Systems

While cyber modifications are usually very small and cosmetic, cyber systems are most of the time very big modifications and completely alter the body of the character. It costs 3 CPs to have a possibility to have cyber systems. This cost includes access to cyber modifications.

General Notes about Cyber Limbs

Note that there are no bioware versions of most of the systems here.

Body Parts

Artificial Body (12 cp and permission from GM)
Replaces the body completely with an artificial one. Character has no living parts in body anymore, except for brains that are preserved in some container. No synthetic muscles are usable anymore, character simply has no endurance. Character is automatically immune to most enviromental hazards and has cyber eyes and mind link with most systems. Basic armor is 0/2. This can be used as base for Robocop 2 stylish monsters.

Artificial Organs (2 cp)
The heart, lungs and other organs are replaced with artificial ones. Character does not die for internal bleeding. Includes air filtration, but poisoned blood might still be dangerous for the brains.

Cyber Head (1 cp)
The skull is replaced with an artificial one. Includes improved brain protection and thus the character is less likely to blackout. Gives an initial armor value of 0/2.

Cyber Limb (one 1 cp, any number 2 cp)
One of the character's limbs is replaced with artificial. This limb has similar statistics than normal limb, but does not bleed or cause pain (unless ripped off), and has an initial armor value of 0/2.

Cyber Torso (3 cp)
Character has his torso replaced with an artificial one. Gives better overall constitution and structure, with an initial armor value of 0/2. Includes artificial organs.

Pressure Stabilization (1 cp)
The body of the character can stand more severe pressure changes than a normal man. He can dive into 200 meters without severe pressure problems.

Synthetic Body (10 cp and permission from GM)
Instead of complete artificial body, the character is a synthetic hybrid of metal and muscle. All normal healing systems are replaced with advanced bioware systems, and character automatically has air and blood filteration, artificial organs and practically all parts 'made of cyberware'. The character is more like an android now, except that brains are still preserved, and all systems are 'natural' unless coated with metal.


Boosted Reflexes (2 cp)
Enhanced reflexes give active superb (+2) quickness, when needed (quickness is subpart of character attribute agility)

Extra Power (see below)
Cyber parts are fitted with strong servo motors. Allows unlimited strength. Cost is 2 per +1 minus 1, so +5 strength costs 9 cp.

Plating (2 cp)
Selected cyber parts are fitted with durable plastic-metal plating, giving armor value of 2/3. This armor can be in all cyber body parts.

Armor is nice, but there is always someone with the Bigger Gun.

Reflex Wiring (3 cp for basic, 5 cp for enhanced, +1 for dynamic system)
The character is fitted with nervous wiring which allows running reflex and agility based manouvers and skills. These programs, 'skillchips' can be either fitted to sockets in spine, or used from internal memory. These programs require adaptation from the wired character, from few minutes to hours, but after that, they can give skill level 'skilled' or even 'expert' in that specific thing. For example, skill to pilot a helicopter can be dynamically loaded.
In addition, the character can take full advantage of smartgun or smartlink systems, using two-way operations, with weapon or vehicle controlling the actions of the character, like compensating for recoil.
While running the skillware, the character's actions are done by the system, giving skill and attribute levels according to reflex wiring level. Basic level gives +2 quickness, reaction and awareness, with skill level up to 2, with usually 1. Enhanced level gives +3 quickness and awareness, +4 reaction and usually level 2 skills. The exact skill level is dependent on software and situation, however. Skillware programs are expensive and not very easy to come by, and they are also dangerous, as physical control is given to computer system.
In addition, reflex wiring allows the character to do unnatural lightning fast reactions to specific situations. In most cases, these reactions are good, but they can backfire now and then. The character will have +4 reactions as defined above, but he has no control over what his first reaction will be. His action is determined by wiring, and may result disastrously. Wiring may be set on or off with mind link or external switch.
When the reaction wiring or skillware needs updating, like removing some special cases from reaction stimulants, it either requires special hardware (standard model is flash-programmed) or can be edited on-air with access ware or with external terminal plugged to character (dynamic system)

Example: character is wired to draw a gun whenever someone else does draw a gun or something very suspicious: Of cause this logic can fail, but it is good most of the time.

The GM may apply half the CP cost for skillware system than from normal skills, unless he wants to restrict them otherwise.

Synthetic Muscles (see below)
Character has replaced his own muscles with laboratory grown ones. Increases strength and endurance for up to superhuman. Costs 1 cp for good (+1), 3 cp for superb (+2) and 5 cp for superhuman (+3), individually for both strength and endurance. The difference between endurance and strength cannot be higher than 1 level.

Synthetic Skin (1 cp)
Needed locations of the body are covered with kevlar-plastic flesh which protects against cuts and firearms. In addition, most vital and broad locations are protected with plates under skin, giving an effective armor value of 1/0.

Titan Structure (5 cp)
Selected artificial parts are made of very durable metal, giving an effective armor of 4/4.

Wired Reflexes (flash-programmed 3 cp, dynamically programmable 4 cp)

Cyberware and Damage

Rules how different cyberware affects normal damage system.

  • Cyberparts do not bleed, nor cause pain (and thus possible unconsciousness). They must be repaired mechanically.

  • Cyber head and Instinct Shield both have better circulation in bran area and character does not black-out as easily as normally. Apply +2 to endurance.

  • Artificial Organs nullify internal bleeding and reduce standard bleeding from a torso hit.

  • Synthetic Body makes the character totally immune to blackout and both normal and internal bleeding. He can still be killed by a direct hit to the brain.
Bioware is treated as normal human tissue, but repairs itself faster than normal cells. Halve all healing times.
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