As it is very hard to predict upcoming political changes and wars, it is even harder to predict technology, especially high-tech electronics. Thus, if something seems to be too old-fashioned, too high-priced or too advamced, completely feel free to modify things. To avoid many problems, electronics are quite abstract and vague, and most are based on things that are in drawing boards or in prototype phase in year 2000. Just make them common, cheaper and a bit advanced.

General notes

Electronic Equipment

General note: Any electronic equipment can be as small as required and have thousands of features, but the price goes up accordingly. Similarly, almost anything is possible to get in realtime from data networks via wireless connections, as far as the user has accounts and is ready to pay for service.

Security Stuff

A little device to encrypt data flow. Tap a data line, and receiver needs a similar cryptor with a known key for decryptation. The cryptation is usually so complicated, that it cannot be decrypted without the key. 300e

These electronic tools are handy for all kinds of electronic tasks, like for opening electric locks, tapping power cables (metal and optical fiber) etc. 500e

Retinal Scanner
This compact scanner can be set as part of any device. It scans the retina of the target eye within 20cm and compares it to given database. This scanne can be so compact that it can be set into goggle/HUD system. Scanning takes some seconds. 100e, very compact 300e

Rifle Microphone
Directed microphone for long-range hearing amplification. Standard conversation can be heard and distinguished up to 200 meters away. Classified and very expensive systems allow hearing up to 2km away, depending on obstacles and weather and other noise. 200e

Security Sensors
These sensors can be activated via temperature changes, changes in (air) pressure, in lightning, humidity, radio waves... Anything is possible. A signal is then sent (or, better yet, no signal is sent anymore), a voidespeaker can be used or built-in camera activated and the picture transmitted. 50e and up.

Various scanners. Can output results via display, wireless link, computer plug-in, camera system, loudspeaker or whatever is appropriate or possible with that model. Prices can be anything depending on functions, quality and fashion model. Typical scanners check different wave frequences, air pressure changes (sounds and movement), tremors (movement up to 2 km away, but much less in soft ground), humidity or radiation. 100e to 10000e and up.

Smart Box
Small box, which can be used to tap a data line. It first records the standard data flow on it, and then severs the line and starts sending this recorded information onward. A useful little device to fool simple cameras and other electronic devices. 100e

Tracking Equipment
Includes ``bugs'' and a receiver. Can be used to track down people with bugs. 100e

Wireless Camera
Or microphone or heat sensors or whatever needed. Can be fitted to something like one cubic centimeter and sends the signal up to 100 meter away. 200e

Home Electronics

General note: Practically all digital operations ever thought are possible. It is quite trivial to put a camera somewhere, then receive its signal, streamline it to your PDA, edit-on-air and send the result to your friend's PC on the other side of the city.
However, please note that all these systems need infrastructure to work on, satellite systems are rare and expensive. So they do only work in places with higher general income.
A cellular telephone system, from Global Telephone System. Uses some operator-spesific chip card, which usually roams at every corner of the world - in cities. For wilderness, older or satellite phone systems are needed. The phone itself is as small as a credit card, if needed to. 100e and up

Pocket-sized personal aid. A personal computer is classified as PDA when it fits (and is meant to fit) into pocket. Usually uses stylus, touch screen or similar methods for data input, with possible trode interface. Usually has integrated wireless modem and so on. 100e and up.

Personal Computer, tabletop
Higher power workstations (or just cheaper ones) come with main cpu tower, tabletop keyboard, plug-in system and flat screen display. Power is sufficient to do anything instantly except cryptation functions and other complex calculations. 1000e and up.

Personal Computer, portable
The size of portable computer is mainly dependant on input and output devices. Input devices usually include keyboard (standard portable, fold-up or roll-up) and plugs for trode/cyberlink. Output device is usually a flatscreen, roll-on screen or a data projector, and plug for display goggles/cyberware. 1500e and up, price goes up as PC becomes smaller and more powerful

For notes about data surfing, information seek, virtual reality, defense programs etc. see campaign section

A simple short-wave radio transmitter/receiver. Normally a hand-held system, but also available as a headset. Data encryptation, digital broadcast, multiple channels, possible smartlink, anything is possible 50e and up

This headset system reveices mind impulses through temples and sends them onward to decoder, so that user can manipulate smartlink systems and other mentally operated things without cyberware (access ware). The system is usually only send-only, to prevent any harmful effects, but a skillful mechanic can adjust that. And of course you can buy send/receive units, too, but not from everyday store. 300e

A recorder for video and audio data. Normally uses optical discs or holochips for data storage. Normal size is a typical handset, but very small ones are available. 200e and up

Virtual Entertainment Recorder
Recorder for virtual entertainment, uses holochips for storage (for the immense need of capacity required). 2000e

Virtual Interface System
A headset with a goggle system for display, and trodes for mental impulses. Allows interface to virtual netsurfing and entertainment. Most popular system currently is the FutureTek Virtual Surfer. This is a slower replacement for a full cybernetic interface with access ware and a display. 500e

Wetware Playback System
For ultimate experience, all feeling and sensory data are directly transmitted into brain - you feel like you were itself experiencing the recording, wetware. This requires a wetware virtual reality playback system, which includes high-power trode-net (or direct mindlink for cyberpeople) and playback unit. These things are like a narcotics for many people, and are illegal in most places, because it is easy to create wetware that locks up the brain. Or the wetware unit can be modified to fry the brain. 2000e

Note: wetware recordings can be seen by standard virtual entertainment system, too, if suitable convertator is used. Of course lots of data and feeling is lost.

Wetware Recording Unit
This 'web' put into head is used to record wetware holochips. Even more hard to get by than wetware playing system. 20000e

Optical Gear

Available with thermographic or LI vision in addition to normal magnificating. HUD systems, vector mapping, motion detectors etc. are also available, for much higher price. 100e

Contact Lenses
In addition to fancy look, these lenses can include limited light intensification, HUD systems etc. 50e for fashion, special systems. In these days, contact lenses are very rarely used to improve fight, see notes on glasses. 200e and up.

For those who are visually impaired there exits cheap and easy laser surgery for just 200e including all drugs needed. But if you cannot afford that or do not trust in local 'hospitals', old fashioned glasses are still available. 100e

Thinner than binoculars. Most efficient ones are not much thicker than normal skiing glasses. Same options (thermographic, LI, UV) available, and normally set on/off with some switch. Rapid shading also available. 200e

If you are operating in dark places, night vision equipment might be a good idea. And never forget to bring your headset radios with you.

The most specialized version of goggles. Can include thermographic, LI, display (for maps, computer display, range data, clock etc.) and electronic magnification. Can even include trodes and audio set for partial virtual interface and more efficient smart gun systems. 300e and up

Retinal Projector
This tiny projector is fit into frame of sunglasses or other goggles, and it projects input picture directly onto eye retina. Unless the picture is very sharp and simple, the normal vision should be obstructed. 300e

Miscellaneous Stuff

Auto Lockpicks
A motorized lockpick for most mechanical locks. Better models are very quiet and efficient. 200e

This small device glued to arm or other place monitors heartbeat, blood pressure and other things of the subject. Basic version is used mainly during exercise, but security version sends the information via radio to main unit, so that status of the each guard can be monitored in the main office. 10e for basic, 100e for security version.

Flashlights come in many forms, sizes and functions. Basic models are meant to illuminate the target place with normal white/yellow light, but more sophicated ones use infrared or ultraviolet rays to lighten up the target, which can then be checked out by filters.

Glass Cutter
Suction system, expandable axis and a small motor to cut a round hole into up to 5cm of glass. Includes vacuum-suction grabble to take the piece so that it does not fall. 200e

An ultra light glider for silent descend. Fits into miniature backpack. 200e

Grapple Gun
A gun to fire small darts with a cable for up to 100 meters. 500e

A small pack of bandages, antidotes and disinfectants. Drugs must be bought separately. 50e

Oxygen Unit
This small high compressed cylinder with filters weighting only 0.5kg gives enough air to breathe for 15 minutes underwater. 50e

Available as a big, controllable heavy-duty version, and as a very small and light one for short drops in urban environments. 400e

Available as a small respirator system or as a full face mask. Protects from most inhaled gases. 100e

Suction Pads
These battery-run suction pads allow steady but slow climbing on sheer surfaces, as long as the surface can hold the weight. 150e

Striptape Binders
One-use very durable binders for instant ties or putting things together. 5e packet

UV Spray
Spray"paint" to mark things, the glow can only be seen with special UV filters. 10e can

For highly fashionable, these multi-colored, change-color-on-demand, any-style-anywhere wigs are the latest thing - never the same hair color again. 100e


Neutralizes poisons in the body. More efficient poisons require specific antidotes. 10e

Combat Drug
This drug enhances character's vision, strength and endurance for a while, making him a more efficient killing machine. While under combat drug's influence, the character gains +1 strength, +1 endurance, +1 awareness, +1 for any quickness tests, +2 for unconsciousness tests, and is immune to panic, rout and fear. No attribute can be raised above superb (+2) level, but those already at that level have some extra boost. After about half an hour, the effects slowly disappear, and the character becomes nervous and feverish for a few hours. In addition, use of combat drugs burns body very heavily. Illegal in most places. 50e

Healing Drug
Quickens regeneration of a human body. Divides all healing times by 4. 20e per day

Instant BloodTM
Blood packs. Restores up to half a liter of lost blood, but cannot be used more than once a week or severe rejections by host body are risked. 20e

Awakens the user and gives +1 to all consciousness tests. Can be used to recover consciousness, and helps to stay awake for a long period. If inserted to the drug injectors, can be used with mental impulse if fitted with mind link when character falls unconscious to allow instant recovery. 10e

Trance Drugs
These drugs are used to put subject to comatose rest, allowing the mind to wander, undisrubted. Used mainly by various artists, hippies and people who try to escape or break from the reality.

Trauma Patch
Closes and neutralizes an open wound. Prevents infections and further blood loss. 10e

Personal Armor

Covert Clothing (0/0)
This is not a real armor, but a black clothing which very efficiently reduces IR-radiation and thus makes the user almost invisible to the normal thermographic sight in temperate or hot regions. Covert clothing can be worn over most armor types but it is very hot and uncomfortable, and quite thick. 500e

Camouflage Cloak (0/0)
This hi-tech subterfuge device is a cloak that maps the surrounding area and changes coloration accordingly. It cannot imitate total invisibility, but very efficient camouflage in static environment, especially near objects, is achieved. The fabric does not usually react very quickly to sudden lightning chances, but it is quite survivable against holes and other damage. 5000e

Extra Padding (+0/+1)
Any standard armor fabric (including Ultrafiber) can be bought with extra padding, giving them effective +0/1, but making them much thicker, obvious, rigid and very hot. +200e

Rigid Armor (large areas 2/2, joints 1/1)
More protective personal armor but heavier and very rigid, so obstructs moving and only partial plates can be used in legs and arms, rest of them being protected by (padded) PA-lace or other armor fabric. 700e

Personal Armor (1/0)
Standard personal armor is made from Kevlar, PA-lace, or other very durable fabric, meant to disperse bullet impact to a larger area. Protects against most pistol-caliber weapons and light cuts. Available as jackets, shirts, trousers etc. 400e

Titan-Tex (large areas 3/2, joints 2/1)
A combination of Ultrafiber, PA-lace, Spectra and/or Kevlar and rigid plates. Gives the user ultimate protection while maintaining acceptable flexibility (similar to rigid armor). Joints and similar places protected with (padded) Ultrafiber. 5000e

Ultrafiber (2/0)
Very advanced lightweight fiber for personal protection. Can be used in any location, but cannot handle humidity very well and is quite uncomfortable for a long period. Similar to standard personal armor, but more durable (and far more expensive) 3000e


This section is a bit large, but there are mainly two reason for this: a) it is aimed to be as realistic as possible, and b) many cyberpunk players just want guns, and they play major part in many campaigns. If all this information seems to be a bit more accurate, just ignore them all and just have light, medium and heavy weapons, with no special ammunition, it is that simple.
  • Most firearms are illegal, but the state can provide a license to carry and use a specific gun. Most security companies have the license to use most pistol-caliber guns, while big corporations might have rights to use any gun in their areas.

  • A typical high quality gun is made of composite materials and uses caseless ammunition. Older and cheaper models are still made of steel and other metals and use old, cased ammunition.

    Even a small bullet can kill a man; you do not need bigger guns very often.

Firearm Ammunition Types

The damage caused by a firearm consist of 2 factors: bullet weight, material and shape, and bullet speed. The basic bullet is a solid slug, which has some penetration power but also expands a bit upon impact, thus causing a larger wound cavity (it also sends a shockwave through muscles which can rip tissue). This, however, is depends of the bullet caliber and speed, so details are given under each weapon type.

In many cases, certain special ammunition is needed or used. Basic special ammunition classes are:

Armor Piercing (AP) (x3 price)
This ammunition type keeps its shape and is designated to penetrate ballistic armor. Likewise, any wound caused by it is usually very clean. The ammunition has usually teflon or very hard coating, and possible dense metal core. Illegal in most places.

Exploding (x3 price)
Bullets with exploding tip are only for pistol ammunition. Upon intact, they will explode doing serious damage. Quite unreliable and dangerous.

Gel (x2 price)
Gelatinous bullets for riot control. No real damage caused for most of the time. Pistol ammunition only.

Hollow/Soft Point (and Dum-dum)
This is one of the most common ammunition types, an expanding bullet. Thus, it is far easier stopped by a ballistic armor, but if it strikes an unarmored location or passes through, the expanding bullet causes severe internal damage. The bullet might never leave an exit hole, but instead causes massive wounds and damage inside the target. Soft point ammunition create wide wound cavity and cause severe hydrostatic trauma. Dumdum ammo is self made by cutting the head; they tend to jam the weapon sometimes, and cannot usually be done with caseless ammo (it is packed so). The effect is something like with soft point or hollow point ammunition

RhinoTM Ammunition (x5 price)
"This special pistol ammunition penetrates standard kevlar and upon intact, explodes into hundred razor sharp sharpnels which virtually slices the target into pieces". In game terms, use HP (hollow-point) ammunition stats, that text is only ad.

Sabot (x6 price)
These subcaliber bullets have discarding sabot piece, which will fall off after the bullet leaves the barrel. With lighter and smaller bullet, a higher speed and penetration is achieved, with a cost in accuracy. It is also easier put out of path because of any obstacles.

Slivers (x5 price, also known as flechettes)
Composite slivers cause similar effect to shotgun shots, except in far smaller area. The damage is reduced to 0/1 but multiple hits are possible. Range is reduced to 10-20.
Of course, other special ammunition is available, from traditional tracers (x5 price) to incinerating AP ammunition, acidic slivers and other more modern or experimental ammunition. Prices and availability vary, details are left to GM and players.

For simplicity, all ammunition in Syndicate is categorizied to certain common cartridge sizes, and damage base (in game terms) is given for each ammunition type, with any common modifications.

Note that for large caliber weapons like shotguns, cannons etc. explosive, HEAP and other special ammunition is available. Ok, they are available to smaller arms, too, but actual effects do not vary from normal AP or hollow point ammunition very much.

Common Cartridge Types

Here is a list of the most common cartridges. Note that many local guns might use a bit different ammunition, which is identical in all cases except that they are like 0.5mm bigger or smaller and thus they are not compatible with normal guns. However, thanks to caseless ammunition, most guns are compatible with common ammunition, as there is no historical burden in caseless ammunition, except for first and second generation guns.

Any prices are for box of 100, unless noted otherwise. Note that all damage classes given are only figuritive, the GM should remember any descriptions given earlier, not all 1/2 weapons are the same. A plus sigh ('+') means that if the bullet penetrates the armor, damage is yet increased from that of the normal bullet extra damage.

Firs one is standard (slug) ammunition, AP = armor piercing, HP = hollow point (and variants), Expld = exploding. For cartridge types, the number in parentheses is bullet velocity when it is fired. This of course varies a bit depending on barrel lenght and cartridge type, but gives some idea of bullet speed.

Pistol Cartridges:

7mmS (7mm Short, 300m/s)
This very small ammunition is used in light pistols and sub-machine guns. Power is very weak, and any armor stops it easily, but it is very effectually silenced, very light and cheap.
20e (0/2), AP 60e (1/1), HP 25e (0/2+), Expld 50e (0/3)

9mmS (9mm Short, 350m/s)
Perhaps the most common pistol-caliber ammunition, this is the successor of the old cased 9mm.
40e (1/3), AP 100e (2/1), HP 50e (0/3+), Expld 80e (0/3)

11mmS (11mm Short, 250m/s)
This very short cartridge has some major stopping power as it causes a wide wound cavity and shock, but penetration power is bad. This caliber is easily silenced.
40e (0/4), AP 120e (1/2), HP 50e (0/4+), Expld 100e (0/5)

11mmL (11mm Long, 400m/s)
Longer version of heavy caliber pistol ammunition, this one has both the stopping and penetration power.
60e (1/4), AP 160e (2/2), HP 70e (1/4+), Expld 150e (0/5)
Rifle Cartridges:
5.5mmR (5.5mm Rifle, 1000m/s)
This standard light-weight ammunition is fired so fast that upon intact it will usually start to spin around and creates a huge wound cavity. For that reason its penetration power is poor, and there is no idea to create hollow-point ammunition. In addition, it is easily sent off-course by objects in the path.
50e (1/3+), AP 150e (3/1)

7.5mmSR (5.5mm Short Rifle, 700m/s)
This heavier common rifle cartridge is used mainly in places where there are things like tree branches and twigs in the path.
70e (2/4), AP 200e (3/2), Sabot 400e (4/1)

7.5mmR (5.5mm Rifle, 850m/s)
This longer version has better range, increased power - and weight.
80e (2/5), AP 250e (3/3), Sabot 500e (4/2)

9.5mmR (9.5mm Rifle, 900m/s)
This very heavy and powerful cartridge is mainly for sniper and hunting rifles, and for machine guns.
150e (3/6), AP 400e (4/3), Sabot 800e (5/2)

12.5mmR (12.5mm Rifle, 850m/s)
Heavy duty caliber mainly for strategic use, like firing cars, gasoline tanks or charging cyber beasts.
Box of 20: 80e (3/8), AP 250e (5/3), Sabot 500e (6/2)

General Gun Types

There are thousands and thousands of different guns in the world, so it is more practical just to categorize them, and give typical statistics for each type. The players and GM are then free to build new guns using the given guidelines.

After each general description there is a list of some common guns of that type, of which there are statistics later on the table. Some guns come in multiple models with different built-in systems. For those, the additional cost is about half of the external system. Most of these guns are also available with all kind of special modifications, but that costs, much more than those standard modifications.

Easiest to gain and typical weapons for indoor fighting. A typical pistol uses ammunition from around 5 mm (light) to 11 mm (heavy), is semi-automatic and fires 2-3 shots per second. Magazine holds typically 10-20 shots depending on caliber. Normal recoil is similar to a braced rifle. Pistols are not very accurate, and are accurate at ranges from 25 to 100 m (heavy pistols), 40 being the average. The size is compared to normal 9mm pistol.

Beretta Model 115M is the choice of the modern self-defense. With small size, big clip and reliable action, it also comes in many fashion colors to fit with your other equipment. 400e
Beretta Model 310F offers heavy firepower in minimal size, being the world's smallest machine pistol in wide use. 600e
Heckler&Koch TN4 is very reliable standard pistol for anyplace, anytime. Excellent quality is matched with good accuracy and decent magazine size, and the grip is one of the best in the market. Model L has a built-in laser sight with changeable frequency. 700e
SecTek O200 Officer is a fast and a bit heavier basic pistol design. Common choice for security services all around the world, when heavier firepower is not needed. As most SecTek handguns, this pistol is also available with built-in laser or smartgun adapter. 500e
Yanaka Official is a standard pistol for Yanaka officers and security forces. Can fire 3-round burst and normal semi-automatic fire, and comes with built-in laser sight. Secure version includes PGS and radio homer. 500e, 600e secure.
Armit Kickass is for street gangers and bodyguards who want to look impressive. Its design is very heavy, rugged and it is one of the largest pistols in the market. 400e
Colt Piecemaker is the choice of those who want heavy stopping power. Standard model comes in chrome or jet black look, and includes built-in laser sight in special L model. 800e
Magnum 350 is for those who just can't trust the modern caseless automatic pistols. It is an old fashioned revolver, so it is slow, loud and slow to reload, but very reliable and if your cartridge is a dud, just skip it. Of course it is double-actioned (pulling the trigger cocks the gun) and comes with built-in laser sight. And boy it is impressive. 700e

SMGs (Sub-Machine Guns)
SMGs effective weapons for indoor fighting because of their size. Most have a very high rate of fire (ROF) but are hard to control when using it. Some models have the option of burst and semi-automatic fire. They are usud with both hands.

A SMG uses pistol-caliber ammunition, and has a maximum ROF of 10-15. Magazines hold 20-50 shells, with 30 being the most typical. Recoil is a bit lower than with pistols because of heavier design if semiautomatic fire is used. Accuracy with folded stock is similar to handguns, but when braced and aimed, can be up to 150 meters, with 50 meter being the average. Automatic fire typically makes SMGs very inaccurate, because of rapid rate of fire and light design (when compared to assault rifles). The size is compared to Uzi SMG, and the stock is assumed to be folded.

Armit Storm is a gun that falls between machine pistol and submachine gun. It is a very small gun and fits into pocket, but is capable of incredible rate-of-fire. In addition, its special design makes it very easy to control even in full automatic firing mode. Can be fitted with built-in laser sight of smartgun adapter, and comes in impressive purple and green splashes. 800e
Heckler&Koch MP6 is modernized version of the popular MP5 series. Very reliable, accurate and is available with built-in laser, sound suppressor or scope, as needed to. Common in special troops not want to allegiate with SecTek products. 1400e
SecTek Piranha-1 is a very popular SMG for security offices worldwide, with two parallel magazines inside the grip, folding stock and fit for silencer. Can be ordered with built-in laser sight or smartgun system. 1200e
SecTek Piranha Covert is a compact version from Piranha-1, with shorter barrel and lighter design, making it a bit harder to control in full auto. Modern choice for upper class bodyguards who want sufficient firepower. 1300e
Steyr MPi 22 represents the Ingram SMG, but is more sleak and does not produce so big holes so quickly and thus is not as popular among street gangs. It is, however, a very decent and reliable basic SMG. 900e
Ingram MAC-17 is a very common gun in American suburbs because of its simple and cheap design, still allowing it to use same caseless ammunition as Ares Kickass. Accuracy is poor and gun is hard to control in long bursts, but holding a gun like this gives you much additional street credibility. 700e
Yanaka Samurai is heavy caliber SMG for security use and urban warfare. It is sleek, beautiful and deadly, with as special feature not including ful lautomatic mode, only single shots and burst mode. Basic models can include built-in laser sight or smartgun adapter. 1100e
Thompson T19 Cobra is a big and ugly SMG, but perhaps the best accuracy and range in market, with excellent control even in full automatic mode and built-in laser sight. However, many models have problems with ammunition feed, causing jams now and then. 1000e

Shotguns are very effective short range riot weapons. When buckshots are used, the target is easier to hit and the damage is spread all over his body. A shotgun is very dangerous and powerful weapon at a short range because of the ammunition size, but quickly loses its power as pellets spread to large area and lose their power.

Shotguns usuallu use either 20 (small game hunting shotgun) or 12 (combat and large prey shotguns) gauge ammunition and are about one meter long. Normal shotguns spread buckshot to 1.5-2 m area over 50 meter range, while more accurate ones keep them grouped longer. Shotguns are usually pump loaded, but semiautomatic and full automatic models exist, but have mechanical problems and auto-fire recoil impulses make them very hard to control.

12 gauge (19mm) ammunition: 20e (12 shots) (0/8, halve power per 5 meters), Expld 50e (0/6, as grenade, special types also available)

Colt Viper is a common pump-action shotgun used by security and law enforcement troops all around the world. It comes without a stock and is thus a bit smaller and harder to control. 700e, 800e with built-in laser sight.
Itchaca Model 20MN is another common pump-action shotgun. It comes with RealtreeTM stock and blue chromed barrel. 600e
Beretta H4 Hurricane comes with decent firepower, clip and standable reliability. It is perhaps the most widely used semi-automatic shotgun, and although not very accurate, is perhaps the best choice as a close combat weapon for indoor fights. 1100e
Benelli Heavy 30M is another semi-automatic shotgun, with internal slide magazine and choice of pump-action ad semiautomatic mode. Includes built-in mount for flashlight. 1200e
SecTek Street King 3 brings the ultimate close-combat firepower to your hands. With burst and full-automatic firing modes with decent accuracy the King surely stands up for that name. Who cares that automatic fire is very hard to control because of the recoil, and weapon jams a bit too often, as you can get it with built-in laser sight or smartgun adapter. 1600e

Sniper Rifles
Sniper rifles are very accurate guns but need room to be used. A typical sniper rifle has accuracy range of 700-1000m, varying from 400 to one and half a kilometer. Sniper rifles are build for accuracy, and are usually big and heavy. Caliber varies but is usually high, recoil is less than with assault rifles because of heavier build.

Walther Hawkeye is a el cheapo sniper rifle, but it can be disassembled and carried in a suit case, plus the standard 5.5mm rifle cartridge is more than enough to kill a man when fired at unarmored location. Light intensifier scope is a standard accessory, but the gun can be bought without one. 2200e
Heckler&Koch G4 is a sniper rifle with automatic fire capabilities. It also includes 2 parallel magazines for different kind of ammunition, and can also be disassembled quite well. It is, however, much heavier than standard assault rifle and comes with large light-intensifier scope with zoom up to 8x magnitude. 4000e
FA North Warfare Magnum is a bolt-action sniper rifle with excellent accuracy and reliability, with effective range over one kilometer. It is a big weapon without any detachable parts, unless you count the standard light-intensifying scope. 3500e
Barret Model 020 is a strategic sniper gun. It is heavy (9kg), ugly and needs bracing, but it fires big bullets with big impact. 7500e, stricly for military.

Assault Rifles
Assault rifles are general combat guns when there is enough room to use one. Ranges vary from 100 to 500 meters, with an average of 200-300 m. Most assault rifles are bullpup models, but basic gun is size of 'traditional assault rifle' like AK-74 or M16. Recoil is low, much less than SMG in automatic fire. Bullets are in magazines of 20-50, and some models have two serial magazines which can be used with simple switch.

Colt M30A2 is a standard U.S. military weapon, when bulk and decent pricing is things asked for. Easily disassembled and serviced, it can also use sound suppressor and rifle grenades. 1500e
Colt M32A2 is heavier version, with higher caliber ammunition. 1500e
SecTek Storm-3 is multiple purpose personal combat weapon, with bulpup design, double-magazine, scope and built-in pump action grenade launcher. Well it is not the prettiest one and unlike smaller handguns, is not available with factory built-in aiming systems. 3000e
Heckler&Koch G13 is a high end assault rifle with excellent reliability, good accuracy, very compact design and large standard magazine - and hefty price tag. No user servicable parts inside that black box. 2300e
Yanaka T20 Ninja is impressive assault rifle with built-in handle/scope, double magazine for long larger rifle cartridges and mount for grenade launcher. Best choice for your soldiers. 1800e
Kalashnikov AK-11 (and other variants) was named to honor the old Kalashnikov assault rifles, although the design was not anymore by Kalashnikov. The gun is the latest common design for many factors all around the world, producing cheaply reliable simple assault rifles using latest caseless ammunition. It is not the state-of-the-art rifle, but it is cheap and it works. 800e

Machine Guns
Machine guns are meant for rapid firepower for an extended period, and so their design is heavier than that of the assault rifle and they stand the heat generated by the firing. Although the ammunition in lighter ones are same as for assualt rifles, machine guns have tropid to support firing and have changeable barrel, so that it can be released to cool off. Ammunition is either from a box or fed with a belt, which is usually in a small pocket which holds a 100-round belt. Because of the weight, except for the light machine guns, which weight around twice the assault rifle weight, machine guns are mounted on vehicles.

Beretta Model 150F LMG is a common man-portable machine gun for fire-support for small unit actions. 2500e
SecTek Lawnmover is another small unit backup weapon, with high firepower and shorter cartridge type combined to high reliability and good accuracy. 3400e
Ingram 200T Firepower medium machine gun is vehicle-mounted heavier machine gun for light-armored transporters and helicopters. 7000e

As machine gun, but for much higher firepower. Usually fitted with rotating barrel set to reduce heating up.

Ingram GC2022 is a simple mini-gun which takes up the lack of accuracy with volume of metal in the air. 6000e
SecTek FireCracker is a very compact minigun, with only 30cm barrels, resulting in completely inferior accuracy, but it is meant mainly for very short distances. 8000e
Heckler&Koch 20A4 "Deathstorm" is here for a sample as heavy mini gun in combat helicopter or similar thing.

Grenade Launchers
We are not talking about tripod mounted mortars lobbing big projetiles into air but man-portable built-in grenade launchers for assault rifles and independent grenade guns. These things lob a grenade, which is essentially a small cannon ammunition, some tens of meters onward, which then normally explode upon intact. However, these weapons can also be used to fire special grenades.

SecTek Grenade Launcher is built-in launcher in Storm-3 assault rifle. It uses very compact 30mm grenades with very poor range, but with slide magazine for 4 of them. The action is pump-controlled. (Note that other built-in grenade launcher are usually alike, except that magazine side can vary)
Armit T5 Grenade Launcher is a very simple gun which is loaded one grenade at the time. Simple gun, very reliable. 500e
Thompson 3V Catapult is a grenade gun with round magazine for multiple grenades. It is a bit like gigantic revolver for grenades. 1800e

Heavy Weapons
These military weapons do not fall into any of the above classes, nor they are very experimental and unknown to public and media. Note that bozookas are in other weapons.

Armit XT-5 Nemesis is a 20mm grenade gun with build of over 1.5 meters. It is a bit like small cannon, as it fires its own 15cm long shells (20mm grenades) to distances over 1 kilometer. The weapon can be carried along and fired from the hip, but it is mainly meant to be put on stable surface and brace to its front-tripod. Ammunition (20): Expld 200e (1/10), Sabot 500e (7/4), Shaped charge 400e (5/6). Use sniper rifle statistics. 15000e
Armit L5 Inferno is a flame thrower, using either backpack for 20 second continuous burning or separate cylinders (2kg) for 5 second payload. Can jet the flame up to 30 meters away, and can use thermite or other special napalm variations. 7000e

Gauss Guns
These experimental guns are usually unknown to public. They use magnetic field to accelerate small metal needles or discs into immense speed. Rail gun is similar to gauss gun, but uses different technology (a rail instead of magnets in serial) to accelerate ammunition. Ammunition is cheap, and the weapon operates with powerful batteries. Not all design problems have been solved, and only prototypes exist, with high price and 'top secret' label.

SecTek TNB-200 is one of the first models, which is taking its first steps for being mass produced. It looks much like a normal assault rifle, but with broad bulp at the butt. (3/2+, 3000 m/s)

High power lasers exist in industrial use, but military and security forces design also their own lasers. These lasers use extra large batteries, and fire burst of concentrated energy, which burns the target briefly with immense heat. If targeted on a person, flesh will burn and blood veins and muscles explode, cells expanding rapidly in sudden warmth. Rumors about plasma guns exist, which use laser to ionize air and then use this ray to shoot energy into target.

Yanaka X245 Laser does not exist and it cannot boil and explode tissue 100 meters away. Its packback does not allow about 50 shots and it does not include built-in smartgun system so it can be easily used on hip, with energy pack at back. (1/6, 300000 m/s)

Other Guns
Of course, various dart guns, tasers and other guns exist. They are not described here, but details are left to GM and his campaign. Their values are typically compared to some other more popular gun type.

Gun Statistics

Some sample common weapons described above are listed in this table. Players should not use this table to select their guns, but instead use general impression of the gun according to description - when you are buing a gun, you do not have exact valuesw anywhere, and after all, style over substance.

Name: Name of the gun. Serial type numbers and letters vary, and are not written here in most cases.

Built-in: Built-in firearm accessories. Those in parentheses are optional, depending on model. Letters stand as: internal laser (L), smartgun (Sm), sound suppressor (SS), scope (Sc), light intensifier scope (LI-Sc) sights. Unbracketed add-ons always come with the gun. F stands for folding stock, but while the stock is folded away, the recoil is increased but size and accuracy reduced.

Type: Firing modes of the gun. SA=semi-automatic, B=burst (typically 3 shots), FA=full automatic, SS=single shot (must be reloaded after each firing), PA=pump action.

Accuracy: Accuracy of the weapon, in relative terms to the basic weapon of that type (light pistol, sniper rifle etc.) In ideal conditions, a human sized stationary target is hit in that range for 95% of the time, if the aim is perfect. If the gun type has a range of 100-400, and average gun 200-300, then poor accuracy is about 150-200 meters, inferior 100 or less, good 300-350 and excellent 400 or more.

If combat situations, effective accurate range falls to 10-20 meter, depending on the weapon type.

ROF: Rate-Of-Fire (cyclic rate) refers to how quickly the weapon fires shells. Equal to shells in a second in the most rapid firing rate.

Ammunition: Ammunition used in the gun. See notes above. So, it is not very likely that a Chinese heavy assault rifle uses the same ammunition as the American one. In general, if there is no reason for two weapons to have exactly the same caliber, they do not have it.

Rel: Reliability of the weapon, i.e. how often it needs fixing, repair and does break up or jam.

Mag: How big is the standard magazine (or similar storage). Double magazines are changed with a switch. *ammunition is loaded one-at-a-time into internal feeding system.

Recoil: How hard the gun kicks when fired, relative to basic weapon of that type.

Size: The general size of the weapon when concealing is needed. If two values are given, the second one is the disassembled state. Given as relative size to basic weapon of that type.

Cost: Basic price for a gun. Older models without caseless ammunition and composite structure cost a half. Note that this is the price of the manufacturer. Black market guns usually cost much more, but might be more cheaper in some cases.

WeaponBuilt-in TypeAccurROFAmmunition RelMagReclSize

Pistols (range 25-75m)
Beretta Model 115M SApoor37mmS high20lowtiny
Beretta Model 310F SA/Bpoor107mmS avg30low/highsmall
Heckler&Koch TN4(L) SAgood39mmS excel18avgsmall
SecTek O200 Officer(L, Sm) SAavg49mmS high20lowavg
Yanaka OfficialL SA/Bavg109mmS avg25avg/highavg
Armit Kickass(L) SAavg211mmS high12avgbig
Colt Piecemaker(L) SAgood211mmL avg10highbig
Magnum 350L SAgood111mmL high6*highbig

SMGs (range 25-100m)
Armit Storm(L,Sm) B/FApoor187mmS low30lowtiny
Heckler&Koch MP6(F,L,SS) SA/B/FAgood169mmS excel50avgavg
SecTek Piranha-1F,(L,Sm) SA/B/FAexcel159mmS high2x40avgavg
SecTek Piranha Covert(L,Sm) SA/B/FAgood159mmS avg2x20hightiny
Steyr MPi 22 SA/FAavg149mmS high50avgavg
Ingram MAC-17 FApoor1611mmS avg40highsmall
Yanaka Samurai(L, Sm) SA/Bgood1411mmL avg30avgavg
Thompson T19 CobraL B/FAexcel1211mmL low25lowbig

Shotguns (range 20-70m)
Colt Viper(L) PAavg112 ga high6*highsmall
Ithaca Model 20MN(L) PAgood112 ga high8*avgavg
Beretta H4 Hurricane SApoor312 ga avg12avgavg
Benelli Heavy 30M PA/SAavg1/312 ga avg8*avgavg
SecTek Street King 3(L,Sm) SA/B/FAavg512 ga low15avgavg

Sniper Rifles (range 400-1500m)
Walther Hawkeye(LI-Sc) SAavg35.5mmR high20lowavg
Heckler&Kock G4LI-Sc SA/B/FAgood87.5mmR high2x20avgbig
FA NWMLI-Sc SSexcel19.5mmR excel10highbig
Barret Model 020LI-Sc SAgood112.5mmR high6highbig

Assault Rifles (range 100-500m)
Colt M30A2 SA/B/FAavg105.5mmR avg40lowavg
SecTek Storm-3Sc,GrL¹ SA/B/FAavg125.5mmR avg2x40lowavg
Heckler&Koch G13Sc SA/B/FAgood105.5mmR high60avgsmall
Colt M32A2 SA/B/FAavg107.5mmSR avg35avgavg
Yanaka T20 NinjaSc SA/Bavg127.5mmR avg2x40avgsmall
Kalashnikov AK-11F SA/FApoor107.5mmSR high40avgavg

Machine Guns (compared to assault rifles)
Beretta Model 150F LMG FAavg187.5mmR avgbeltavgbig
SecTek Lawnmower(Sm) B/FAgood207.5mmSR highbeltlowbig
Ingram 200T Firepower FAgood209.5mmR avgbeltn/a-

Miniguns (compared to assault rifles - vehicle mounted only)
Ingram Gc2022(Sm) FApoor305.5mmR highbeltlowhuge
SecTek FireCracker FAinferi305.5mmR avgbeltlowsmall
Heckler&Koch 20A4 "Deathstorm" FAgood509.5mmR excelbeltn/a-

Grenade Launchers (compared to shotguns, range 300-1000)
¹SecTek Grenade Launcher PApoor130 mm high4*avg-
Armit T5 Grenade Launcher SSavg140 mm avg1*avgsmall
Thompson 3V Catapult SApoor130 mm avg12*highsmall

Special Heavy Weapons (refer to description in main text)
Armit Xt-5 Nemesis (Grenade Gun)LI-Sc SAavg120 mm high15highhuge
Armit L5 Inferno (Flame Thrower) spec(30m)specflame highspeclowspec

Experimental Weapons (refer to description in main text)
SecTek TNB-200 (Gauss Gun)Sm FAgood20disc low200noneavg
Yanaka X245 LaserSm SAexcel4- low-nonespec

Notes: ¹ refers to a link between Storm-3 assault rifle and its built-in grenade launcher

Fire-arm Accessories

As with separate independent flashlights, these come in different frequencies, from normal light to infrared and ultraviolet, which can be used to lighten up the target and then it can be seen with special filters. 20e normal, 50e special

Laser Sight
Available as a normal or as an IR or UV-version which is only visible with appropriate filters. 100e-200

Personal Gun System
PGS can be installed to all weapons with only minor modifications. The system prevents firing the gun without matching palm around the grip. The palm is set under programming mode. The keycode and a programming set (or a laptop computer if you are very lucky with compatibility!) are required to enter programming mode. The system is not completely reliable and gloves, sweat and other things cause problems with it. 100e

Magnifying scopes of any quality are available. Can be fitted with a light intensifier (LI) or thermographic filteration. Most advanced scopes include red-dot systems if switched on. Most scopes meant for short-range firing do not even have any magnifying option, just red-dot. 20e+

Smartgun Adapter
Sight system for weapon which allows smartgun targeting. In practice it means that target point and range can be shown digitally on HUD or cybereye display. In addition, smartgun enables things like target recognization, projectary drawings and recoil-compensation (when linked to reflex wirings or wired reflexes). Note that unless the smartgun is a built-in model, the wielder is not aware of ammo usage nor can he switch mode off of the weapon even when fitted with access ware. 400e

Sound Suppressor ("silencer")
Reduces noise from the gun. Not all weapons can be fitted with a silencer, and rifles are not very effectually silenced, the speed must be lowered to sub-sonic, dropping the attack power and penetration to that of a heavy pistol. 100e

Other Weapons


Grenades are available in many shapes and sizes, and most are equipped with both timer and movement detonator, which detonates the grenade when the movement ends (increase cost by 10e-50)

Most of the grenades are also available as 40mm grenades for grenade launchers. Such grenades are normally not throwable and cost three times more. 30mm grenades are also available; they have less impact but cost as much. In addition, some assault rifles and light machine guns can fire rifle grenades, which is like firing grenade launcher, but special grenades which must be inserted separately must be used.

Blows up in a very bright light and causes temporary blindness, and may stun people, inflicting severe shock and epileptic-type seizures in perfectly healthy people. Available to most security offices. 40e

This grenade is similar to concussion grenade, but its shell is made from small pieces that fragment into lethal pieces scattered over a wide area. Fragments do 1/1 damage and people nearby are hit with a dozen. In addition, a blast wave of 0/8 is generated. 60e

Gas Bomb
This grenade releases some gas upon intact. Includes sleep, tear or even nerve gas. Sleep or tear gas available for most security offices. 30e+

High Explosive
This grenade has a very solid shell and mainly creates a very powerful shock wave. It is mainly meant for defensive purposes. Concussion grenade has a power of 0/10 (which is reduced by two for each meter in outdoors) which will increase in enclosed spaces. 40e

This grenade burst white phosphor over a wide area. Phosphor burns without air (self-contained) and at over 1000 degrees. Ignites most objects and burns underwater. 200e

Generates thick smoke for a few minutes. Can be just plain gray, or colored. 10e (15e for colored)

Melee Weapons

Although the ranged weapons rule the world, sometimes the opponent is close enough for a strike. And nothing, except nerve gas, beats an electric baton in riot control.
Fiber Weapon
A perfectly balanced melee weapon made of ultralight composite material with a monoedge. Damage about 1/2+strength. 500e+

Stun Baton
A baton equipped with a powerful shock generator. Target can immediately lose consciousness when hit, in addition to the normal damage (0/2+strength) from a baton. 200e

Remember that nothing beats an electric baton in riot control - except for nerve gas.

A small electric device for self defense. Available from most stores, but can be illegal in some countries. 80e

Telescopic Baton
This melee weapon is 10cm long cylinder, which is instantly expanded to 80cm baton ideal for tripping or striking to temple. 60e

Special Weapons

Special weapons are usually very hard to get and classified for military use. They are used mainly against armored targets or during war.
For classic TNT to plastic, liquid and foam explosives, these come in various material and power. Detonation is usually handled via timer, trigger (see security stuff), electricity or some wireless control (radio or ultrafrequency). Most explosives cannot be triggered with normal gunfire or fire. TNT 1e/kg, plastic/similar 10-100e/kg

WASP Earth-to-Air
An air defense missile with its own launching equipment. Targeted with both a radar and an IR targeting systems. The complete weapon system weights around 15 kg, with missile weighting 10 kg. Target is hit at 5/20, range 10 km. 8000e

LAW Rocket
A simple one-launch bazooka. Very light (around 2 kg), includes one shaped charge. 5/20, range 500 m. 150e

MAW Rocket
A heavy one-launch bazooka, weighting around 10 kg. 10/40, range 1 km. 1000e


Most vehicles in the 204th decade have electric motors using hi-power batteries, which are recharged in service stations, from service cards or apartment sockets. Gasoline motors are still used in luxury cars, or when the heavy power is required, because electric batteries are not strong enough to allow heavy duty for a long period.

Autopilots: Most vehicles have some kind of autopilot, which can be used to drive it in most cases. Human interaction is only required in emergency cases, or when you do not want to drive by the limits.

Smartlinks: Many vehicles include option for mentally controlling the vehicle like a cyberterminal or smartgun. The driver needs mind link or trodes to control the device via brain impulses.

Sample Vehicle List

Here is a short collection of some typical vehicles. The list has the following elements:
    Name: Name of the vehicle
    Type: Type of the vehicle
    • Bike, Car (all variants) and Helicopters are like 20th century counterparts, except for more modern design, materials and electronics, plus autopilots, smartlinks and electric motors. Autopilot is usually an intelligent system aiding in driving and can do standard driving by itself, but is not very good to handle special situations. And people like to drive.
    • Airplanes are usually turbine based, jet motors are very rare nowadays
    • Vectored thrust vehicles are 'flying cars and tanks' of the 21th century, being able to hover still and fly above the buildings. As technology is new and very expensive, these vehicles are quite rare.
    • Boats range from ultra-light electric speedboats to heavy gargo ships
    Max: Estimated top speed
    Seats: Seats, including the driver. Seats after plus sign are a bit smaller.
    Range: Operation range with full tank (f)/batteries (e)
    Price: Average price for vehicle
    Upkeep: Average monthly upkeep costs for spare parts, maintenance, insurances, fuel etc. to keep the vehicle in good shape and operational. Modify this value according to usage level, this price includes daily usage but not full-time.
NameType MaxSeatsRange PriceUpkeepNotes
Yamaha Sliver medium bike2001+1 150 km /e5000e100e Common street bike
Suzuki Tsunami medium bike1801+1 200 km /e7000e100e Another street bike, very silent
Yanaka Nightwing medium bike2201+1 150 km /e40000e200e Stealt bike with completely silent engine and stealth surface. Comes with built-in UV-headlight. Might need special permit to purchase.
Honda Monster heavy bike2401+1 300 km /f9000e400e Big heavy bike for overland trips
Mazda Beetlebum city-car902+2 100 km /e5000e50e Compact, cheap and easy-to-maintain city car. Comes in all fashion colors and includes built-in entertainment and information systems.
Mitsubishi Soneus city-car1004 200 km /e6000e80e A bit bigger city-car, but still very compact and inexpensive.
Toyota Dreamer sedan1104 250 km /e9000e100e A typical middle class family car
Volvo 2300 sedan1805 800 km /f13000e500e Fuel based family car
Rolls Royce 1800 limousine1608 600 km /f150000e1500e Limousine with all you need. Mini-bar, television, virtual entertainment unit, satellite system.
Honda 606 Turbo city-sport1302+2 200 km /e11000e100e Very sleek and elegant sport-car for cities, comes as opentop model, too.
Ferrari Phoenix sport2802+2 600 km /f250000e1000e Fast, sleek, aerodynamic, excellent way to pick up girls.
Yamaha Supace medium van1003++ 250 km /e9000e200e Typical van
Volkswagen Tunto medium van1403++ 800 km /f11000e800e Van running with fuel
Ford Carrion heavy van1203++ 200 km /e12000e300e Much heavier van
Ford Mammoth truck1403 500 km /f35000e800e Truck, excluding trailers
Rolls Royce 9000 vectored thrust limousine3008 100 km /e2Me3000e State-of-the-art luxury for filthy rich. Comes in every colors, but jet black or snow white are most popular ones. Shadowed bullterproof windows, satellite receiver/transmitter and real leather couches.
SecTek SSH-3 'Raven' combat 'copter700/3002 1200/100km f/e50Me10000e stealth helicopter, armament, electric drive for silent flight
Yanaka TC-4 Dragonfly transport 'copter3002+8 400/50km f/e
(max 400)
5Me5000e A typical small transport helicopter

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