standard cybervaran

A basic varan without upgrades/modifications have following standard things/abilities/accessories:
mental attributes
The mental abilities of the varans are not as impressive as the physical ones, but they are not mindless automatons either. The following things are characteristic for them:

physical attributes
Varans are strong, fast and agile creatures, and are able to sustain and regenerate horrible wounds. Even lost limbs can be recovered in medical labs. The standard varan has following physical advantages:

All cybervarans have enhanced visionary equipment, mapping systems, radio, light intensifiers, sound dampers, flash protectors, thermographic filters, target tracking and pattern matching. This allows, but is not limited, to following features: Of course the electronic systems are fragile and may be damaged when varans are hit by gunfire or melee attacks.

cloaking device
In addition to advanced electronics (of which some are cybernetically implanted to varans) the varan battle suit has an advanced visionary cloaking (chameleon) device. This system makes them almost invisible, especially in dark or gloomy location. However, when moving and especially against a bright and/or animated background the varan can be seen as a transparent humanoid form.
The battle suit and cloaking device grant an armor value of 5 to the varans, which is increased to 6 if attacker has no clear idea of where the varan is. In addition, any creature/system limited to standard vision must succeed in perception roll to notice the varan. Even those with thermographic vision may have problems spotting the varans as their body temperatory is close to the surrounding environment. The cloaking device also makes the varan quite invisible to the bio-scanners.

cybervaran enhancement

A cybervaran character is more than s standard varan described above. The player is free to choose seven (7) enhancements from the list below to make his varan stronger, tougher, better... no enhancement can be taken more than 3 times. If the varan has no enhancement taken 3 times, it gains additional enhancement for a total of eight (8) enhancements. Any equipment is freely selected from the equipment page. There is no limit/restrictions to the starting equipment, except for carrying capacity (see equipment for details). Battlesuit has enough compartments, pockets and other carrying things for all the weapons the varan has.

Created varan can be written on character sheet (, 17kB)

sample cybervaran - assault varan

basic varan
We create a fast assault varan, with melee/speed/armor essential. Note that 8 enhancements because we take no x3 enhancement.
The light assault/melee varan needs sufficient armor protection and weapons for close quarter fighting. So we fit it with following things: Total 40kg of equipment/accessories (jump limited to 4/8 meters)

sample cybervaran - backup/firepower varan

basic varan
We create a backup varan for fire support
The backup firepower varan needs just that, heavy firepower. And lots of it, so it does not run out immediately. Total 45kg of equipment (jump limited to 3/6 meters, movement 10/15)

sample cybervaran - scout varan

basic varan
We create a fast and light scout varan for surveillance
The scout varan has little equipment so that it may move silently and in walls/roof. Total 12kg of equipment/accessories

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