Syndicate Campaigns

In reverse-order

Sunset Beach   The current 2001 campaign. Located to small island Ata, this beautiful pacific island is controlled by Tusuki corporation and is headquarter of seaweed and deep ocean research. Player characters are special agents of opposing corporations, hired to do various undercover jobs.

Helsinki Project

Spring and summer '98 campaign is back to Syndicate foundations, third time in Finland. This is part of Syndicate reprint project. The campaign is a bit more like short stories tied together by same campaign area and possibly same characters. Only 3-4 players are taken for each session.

One-shot Syndicate

..bored of difficulties for arranging each session, Fall '97 syndicate scenarios are all one-shot i.e. last only one or maybe 2-3 sessions. Characters are specially tailored for each; if appropriate, old surviving characters can be used, thus some campaign is still there, but most normal activities are this time completely ignored.

Return to Past

The summer '97 Syndicate campaign was again a classic campaign for free-lancers. It was mainly located to Helsinki area. Campaign was mainly meant for old veteran Syndicate players.

Isle of Dawn

The first full-born Syndicate Dark Era campaign was situated to Taiwan, which is controlled by Esoku corporation. Characters were international agents hired by other corporations to do various jobs. This campaign was only for professionals. No weirdos, psychopaths etc. this time - they would not be hired. The campaign lasted for summer '96.

Dark Era Epilogue Mini-Campaign

This mini-campaign was held as introduction to Syndicate system and Dark Era. It last for 4 sessions (and 3 campaign days!), started from Miami, USA, and ended in Guatemala. A total number of 7 players partake, and 7 characters were wasted.

Finland Campaign

After a short break, the second syndicate campaign was started, and it last from spring '94 to summer '94. The gaming group was identical to previous, but this time, no special guest stars were seen. The campaign mainly concentrated on mission around Helsinki and fighting with Nokia agents; at the end, most characters were again wasted.

Philadelphia Campaign

The first Syndicate campaign was held winter '93 - '94, and it was situated to Philadelphia. It started with only 3 players, but soon number grow and standard group of 5-6 players was seen each time. The campaign last for 3-4 months, and all players were wasted at its end (a typical fate in Syndicate).
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