Sample Session

These cut-scenes from imaginary sample session are presented to give some tips and guidelines on how to play very-light story-oriented game without exact mechanics. Characters in the session are those in sample characters and are played by Frank, John and Helen for easier to remember. Please note that no big difference is made between player and player character as long as it is obvious which one the conversation is about.

Sorry for any inconvenience that the language may cause, as some parts are taken from various sessions held in Finnish originally. Lots of extra babble has been left out to make these cut-scenes more compact.

NOTE: I added it to frontpage so that you can read it, but is is not finished yet. Thus, it is incomplete, language sucks and there might be some additions and changes to the text. But feel free to comment like what should be described.

Raid to Warehouse

Current situation: Frans, Johann and Helena are hired to make a raid to a warehouse to get information about nerve-gas shippings. They have stolen an old car from suburb area, hacked all security systems on it and have now driven close to the warehouse.

GM: You arrive to target location and drive past it to get a view of it; it is about 100x100 meter block surrounded by 3 meter hugh fence with razorwire on the top, and then there is a large warehouse taking about half of the block inside the compound. There seems to be a gate on one side of the compound; it is closed and there is a small guard booth next to it. The place seems to be quiet.

[Conversation about the place and surrounding areas. Finally the team decides that it is a good idea that Helene takes a position in an abandoned building across the street, wherefrom she can observate the situation and give backup support if need to. Johann stays in the car while Frans and Helene enter the old abandoned building and climb the stairs to the 4th floor.]

GM: You find a promising door from the 4th floor. It it closed but most probably leads to flat you checked out from outside.
Helen: Well I go inside to check it out.
GM: You try the door but seems that it is jammed or locked.
Helen: Well, if I apply some brute force...
Frank: Wait! Can I just pick the lock, in a case that we might need to relock it? (turning to GM) I take a look on it, is it locked or just jammed?
GM: There seems to be quite intact mechanical lock on it and a fast check shows that it seems to be operational.
Frank: I try my lockpicks.
GM: It is quite dark but sufficient to hit the lock with your automatic lockpick. [As Frans has adequate tools and even skill in using them, and GM does not classify this as special situation, the picking is automatic] There is some clicks and then a louder click as the lock opens.
Frank: Here, you see? No need to use force. (to GM) I push the door open and enter the flat.
GM: You enter a dark flat; some light comes from the street from broken windows. The flat seems to be a complete mess. Hm, how much did you have awareness?
Frank: Good..
GM: (a d6 roll turns to be 4 - not a bad result) You almost stumble into a body lying on the floor.
Frank: Uh, is it dead?
GM: (rolls a die - 1!) You bend down to check when it suddenly makes a noise and starts to rise!
Frank: I jump back!
Helen: Shit! I take a quick step forward and kick the form into head or whatever sticks out.
GM: (rolls d6 and gets 5) You take a leap inside and kick the form into head, or at least what you think is its head. (rolls a second d6 for some damage indication and gets 5) A loud krak is heard and the form falls back.
Helen: Does it stay down?
GM: At least it does not rise immediately again.
Frank: I will check it out.
GM: Do you have some lightning? It is quite dark here...
Frank: I guess I have something in my E-tools?
GM: Fair enough. With a small light you check the form. When you take a closer look, depsite the horrible smell coming from the form, it appears to be some old bum. A pool of blood is forming under his head.
Helen: Is he dead? Do I care? Just finish him.
Frank: (to GM) How is he?
GM: Seems to be alive, at least currently. Might survive, if the wound is binded correctly.
Frank: Helen, can you fix him? No need to get innocent man killed...
Helen: Aw, who cares? But if that makes you happy, but if he starts to make noises when I'm at the guard, I don't promise anything... (to GM) Can I fix him, without getting too dirty from filth and blood?
GM: I guess so. You have training and some kind of first aid stuff?
Helen: Yup. And I will bind his arms, too, just in case if he wakes up.
Frank: I investigate the place while she is at it.
GM: (rolls a d6 and gets 3, so nothing special appears during the fixing) (to Helen) You spend some minutes at binding his head wound, put him into more safer position and tie his hands. He is going to survive.
Helen: (to Frank) Happy now?
Frank: Yup. Lets put up the systems. (to GM) Did I find anything special?
GM: Nope. Just lots of broken stuff, empty bottles and stuff like that.

[Frank and Helen put up various surveillance equipment and clear the room for Helene for better sniping. Frank then leaves and puts a motion sensor to stairway while going out, to warn about any intruders]

[the raid]

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