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Chaos Special Rules

Strategy Rating: Chaos Black Legion has a strategy rating of 3 for mixed troops. If the army only includes Chaos Space Marine, Chaos Space Marine Armour and Chaos Engine Detachments, it is increased to 5. If the army only includes Chaos Cultist and/or Daemon Detachments, it is dropped to 2. Supreme Commander is not counted.

Notes: Added Minotaurs and Trolls to Chaos Cultists, stats from Citadel Journal.

Chaos Units Summary

UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
Chaos Space Marines10cm 30cm135+ Rapid Fire15
Cultists10cm 30cm113+  7
Beastmen10cm --24+  5
Minotaurs15cm --45+  9
Trolls15cm --35+ Save17
Support Weapon10cm 45cmanti-tank04+  18
Daemon Prince15cm --66+ Save(45)
Bloodthirster25cm --106+ Save, Skimmer, Rampage29
Great Unclean One10cm 15cm286+ Save, Psyker27
Keeper of Secrets15cm --86+ Save, Psyker25
Lord of Change25cm --86+ Save, Psyker, Skimmer27
Lesser Daemon15cm --44+ Save10

UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
Chaos Space Marine Bikers35cm 15cm124+  10
Land Raider20cm 45cm2*anti-tank26+ Transport (2)45
Predator30cm 45cm216+  27
Rhino30cm --05+ Transport (2)7
Dreadnought15cm 45cm156+ Walker, Rampage24
Khorne Engine20cm 30cm23+D36+ Rampage26
Nurgle Engine20cm 30-90cmDisrupt15+ Artillery31
Slaanesh Engine25cm 45cm325+  29
Silver Tower15cm 30cm215+ Skimmer, Close Support18
Chaos Artillery10cm 90cmHeavy Barrage05+ Artillery50
Sentinel20cm 30cm114+ Walker8
Leman Russ25cm 45cm316+  32
Demolisher15cm 15cm416+ Close Support22
Chimera25cm 45cm115+ Transport (2)14
Hellhound20cm 15cm315+ Close Support12
Griffon25cm 30cmBarrage05+ Artillery19
Hydra15cm 30cm315+ Flak24

War Engines
UnitSpeedAssault ArmorVoid ShieldsDCPts
Banelord Titan15cm30 6+612545
Plague Tower10cm14 5+-8170
Lord of Battles15cm14 6+-8225
Subjugator/Questor25cm8 6+-4160/135
Warhound20cm12 6+24200
Reaver15cm24 6+48390
Warlord15cm30 6+612555

UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
DoomwingFlyer 15cm24/24+  31
FirelordFlyer 30cmHeavy Barrage1/35+  53

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