Epic 40K


Imperial Army Special Rules

Strategy Rating: Imperial Army has a strategy rating of 4 for mixed troops. If the army only includes Space Marine detachments and Thunderhawks, it is increased to 5. If the army only includes Imperial Guard and/or Titan Legions, it is dropped to 2. Supreme Commander is not taken into account.
Imperial Guard: If you include any Imperial Guard units, you must spend at least half of the points into them (including possible Supreme Commander).

Notes: Strategy rating a bit modified, flak-units from Citadel Journal. Imperial guard minimum as KTA rule.

Imperial Army Units Summary

UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
Inquisitor Lord10cm 30cm165+ Save, Rapid Fire, Stubborn, Commander(50)
Imperial Guard10cm 30cm113+  7
Ogryns10cm 15cm145+  10
Support Weapon10cm 45cmanti-tank04+  18
AA Support Weapon10cm 30cm204+ Flak18
Space Marine10cm 30cm135+ Rapid Fire, Stubborn15

Imperial Guard Vehicles
UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
Sentinel20cm 30cm114+ Walker8
Leman Russ25cm 45cm316+  32
Demolisher15cm 15cm416+ Close Support22
Chimera25cm 45cm115+ Transport (2)14
Hellhound20cm 15cm315+ Close Support12
Griffon25cm 30cmBarrage05+ Artillery19
Heavy Artillery15cm 90cmBarrage05+ Artillery41
Siege Artillery10cm 45-125cmHeavy Barrage05+ Artillery54
Deathstrike15cm UL(1)05+ Deathstrike Missile53
Hydra15cm 30cm315+ Flak28

Space Marine Vehicles
UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
Land Raider20cm 45cm2*anti-tank26+ Transport (2), Stubborn45
Whirlwind30cm 45cmBarrage05+ Artillery, Stubborn26
AA Whirlwind30cm 45cm205+ Flak, Stubborn26
Razorback30cm 45cm115+ Transport (1), Stubborn15
Predator30cm 45cm216+ Stubborn27
Vindicator25cm 15cm316+ Close Support, Stubborn22
Bike Squadron35cm 15cm124+ Stubborn10
Attack Bike30cm 30cm214+ Stubborn10
Land Speeder35cm 30cm214+ Skimmer, Stubborn20
Dreadnought15cm 45cm246+ Walker, Stubborn27
Rhino30cm --05+ Transport (2), Stubborn7

War Engines
UnitSpeedAssault ArmorVoid ShieldsDCPts
Ordinatus10cm4 5+-8200
Leviathan10cm6 6+48330
Super Heavy Tank15cm4 6+-4110
Warhound20cm12 6+24200
Reaver15cm24 6+48390
Warlord15cm30 6+612555
Imperator15cm36 5+1224900

UnitSpeedRangeFP AssaultArmorSpecialPts
MarauderFlyer 30cm52/25+  45
ThunderboltFlyer 15cm23/25+  30
ThunderhawkFlyer 30cm81/46+ Transport (6)*80
*can only transport Space Marines

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