Ropecon Epic:Armageddon Log

Recently I have just played Epic:Armageddon in Ropecon. We usually have a 3 match tournament held on saturday. For more details of matches before 2010 and my other older games, see old game log.

Please note that as used ruleset has changed from year to year, those army lists might not be fully buildable nowadays when we are using NetEA living rulebook.

Ropecon 2007

ORKS                              3000

Great Gargant (with Warlord)       850
 +Supa-Stompa                      475
Fighta-Bomberz                     150
 +2 boyz (an' Grotz)               250
 +5 boyz (an' Grotz)               325
Stormboyz                          150
4x Blitz (2 flakwagons)
 +supa-zzap                     4x 200
Bad Moon shoota boyz ended as 3/10.

Ropecon 2008

BLACK LEGION                      3000

Banelord                           800
Devastation                        150
Retinue + D.Prince (SC) +
   Obliterator + Defiler           485
Raptors (4)                        160
Chosen (7) + Obliterator           540
Chosen (4)                         260
Retinue + Dreadclaws               315
Forlorn Hope + Rhinos              145
Forlorn Hope + Rhinos              145
Drop chaos army ended as 3/9.

Ropecon 2009

SPACE MARINES                     2150

Land Speeders + SC                 300
Land Speeders                   6x 200
Warhounds (BTS)                    500
Thunderbolts                       150
We had limited time and thus a bit smaller tournament. I used the chance and this horrible popcorn army won this tournament of 8 players.

Ropecon 2010

+++List lost in warp+++

Used Space Marines (as Slaanesh/Emperor' Children) and won the tournament of just 4 players. Unfortunately I do not recall what it consisted of, but my guess is typical Thunderhawk - terminators - warhounds composition. Games were against Eldar Biel-Tan, Necron and another Space Marines.

Ropecon 2011

There was a tournament, but I do not recall at all what I used and what was the final standings. What I have found out, we only had 4 participants like last year.

Ropecon 2012

No Epic tournament was held that year.

Ropecon 2013

SPACE MARINES (Slaanesh)          2975

Strike Cruiser                     200
Tactical                        2x 275
Tactical + Chaplain (BTS)          325
Land Speeders + SC                 300
Land Speeders                   3x 200
Warhounds                       3x 275
Thunderbolts                       175

This drop list was quite a disaster and ended last (6/6).

Ropecon 2014

ELDAR BIEL-TAN                    3000

Warlock titan                      850
Warpgate                            50
Aspect Host (8 warp spiders)
   +2x exarch                      350
Aspect Host (8 swooping hawks)
   + exarch, autarch               400
Wind Riders (5 jets, 1 vyper)   3x 200
Storm Serpent                   2x 250 
Void Spinner                       250

Undisputable tournament victory (3 victories, all others), but yet again we had only 4 players after last minute cancellations. I heard later on that similar list was also used very successfully in European tournament.

Ropecon 2015

ORKS (Bad Moon shootas)           3000

Gargant                            650
Fighta-Bomberz                     150
Landa                              200
 +Supa-Stompa                      500
Warband    (warlord in other)
 +2 boyz (an' Grotz)            2x 250 
Blitz (1 flakwagon in each)
 +supa-zzap                     5x 200
Retried year 2007 but this time ended much worse, with final standing as 4/6.

Ropecon 2016

EMPEROR'S CHILDREN                3000

Retinue   (in thunderhawk)
  +4 noise repl.
  +daemon prince
  +warlord                         375
Retinue  (in thunderhawk)
  +4 noise repl.                   275
  +4 noise repl.
  +daemonic pact                   330
Noise marines
  +champion of chaos
  +daemonic pact                   405
Noise marines (8)
  +champion of chaos
  +daemonic pact                   485
Thunderhawk                     2x 200
Hell Blades                        200
Hell Talons                        225
Devastation Cruiser                150

Greater daemon                      50
Lesser daemons (7, total 10)       105
Emperor's Children had just become official army in NetEA and of course I had to use it! We had total 8 players playing in the tournament, but some were stand-ins or replacements, so it was more like a 6 player tournament and I ended first.