Epica Battle Log

ForceFlavor Army Result (for force) Total
MeMyOther WinsTiesDefeats
Space Marines 327 534 12
Scions of Iron --3 2-1 3
Total 3210 735 15
Imperial Guard 124 2-5 7
AMTL --2 2-- 2
Orks 6-2 422 8
Speed Freaks 1-- --1 1
Feral Orks --1 1-- 1
OGBM 2-1 111 3
Total 9-4 634 13
Eldar Biel-Tan 1-1 --2 2
Iyanden 3-- 111 3
Ulthwe 1-2 2-1 3
Total 5-3 314 8
Chaos Black Legion 6-1 3-4 7
Death Guard --1 --1 1
Emperor's Children 10-- 514 10
Lost and the Damned --1 --1 1
Total 16-3 8110 19
Tyranids --2 1-1 2
Demiurg 1-- 1-- 1
Tau --2 1-1 2
Dark Eldar --1 --1 1
Grand Total 35431 31831 70

This is a log of Epica battles either I have played, or which have been played at my place here in Fowlperil. Army lists are usually valid at the time they were used but they might not be valid anymore. I have tried to include some version information.

As I have a very good gaming table (180x120cm, accessable from every direction) and lots of miniatures of many armies, it is okay to come to play with me without any own figures or rule knowledge. Just contact me. The army can be planned with my force listing.

Keys to the army usage table on the right: 'Me': I have played with mine, 'My': My opponent have played with my army, 'Other': My opponent have played with army which isn't mine.

Minigeddon games are ignored.

The beginning (22.7.2007)

The very first games of Epica I played with Tommi. We played two training scenarios on a small table (100x80) - I think I won the first one and the other one (Korps Grinda returns) was a draw.

More Training (25.7.2007)

I played with Pare. We had 1000 point armies (Space Marines and Orks) which I had chosen. There was still some rules we played wrong and the very first game is always hard. My Orks crushed the Space Marines.

1. First Real One (31.7.2007)

As the Ropecon with its Epic Tournament was closing in, I had to start playing real games. This one was against Asko who had played many many games of Epica and his "Karjalan Legioona", an ATML army with 2 Reavers, 2 Warhounds and a list of light support troops. I had a plain Ork army. Both were 3000 points and Asko basically crushed me with rule oddities and unexpected things. Very useful battle.

Result: 3000 pts AMTL (Asko) beat Orks (Kalle)

2. Old Grudges (2.8.2007)

More training to Ropecon. This time it was my Speed Freak army test against Hena's Scions of Iron, an experimental Space Marine armored list. Now I had hold of most basic Epica oddities and tactics and it was much closer than the previous battle. You can read the full illustrated report from Tactical Wargames.

Result: 3000 pts Scions of Iron (Hena) beat Speed Freaks (Kalle)

3. All Rules (5.8.2007)

A second gaming day with Tommi. I hade made a 2000 point Space Marine and Ork armies and limited the table to 180x120cm. Tommi chose the Space Marines but then had some bad drawbacks with Terminators and Devastators which both were practically wiped by Stompa Mob. In 3 turns, Orks had a clear victory.

Result: 2000 pts Orks (Kalle) beat Space Marines (Tommi)

4-6. Ropecon '07 (11.8.2007)

Orks 3000 Great Gargant (with Warlord) 850 Stompas +Supa-Stompa 475 Fighta-Bomberz 150 Warband +2 boyz (an' Grotz) 250 Warband +5 boyz (an' Grotz) 325 Stormboyz 150 4x Blitz (2 flakwagons) +supa-zzap 4x 200

Now it was time for the Epic tournament in Ropecon. As I was prepared to play Orks, I played Orks. My battle report can be read from the Sotavasara.net, but it is in Finnish. Tournament results are available from Hena's page which also includes some army lists.

Result: 3000 pts Orks (Kalle) beat Imperial Guard (Antti)
Result: 3000 pts Orks (Kalle) beat Death Guard (Teemu)
Result: 3000 pts Orks (Kalle) tied with Space Marines (Santtu)

Training Ground (25.8.2007)

I played two games with Mika. He had never played any miniature war games, so it was very introductionary. He used Space Marines, I had Imperial Guard. In the first battle he had +50% more troops in points and won easily. In the second one we had even number of points and it was closer and I eventually won.

7. Fishmen and Pointyears (31.8.2007)

Eldar Biel-Tan 2965 (Avatar) Portal 50 Guardians (1 heavy weapons) + 3 wraithguard 300 Guardians (3 heavy weapons) + 3 support 200 Aspect (4 Hawks, 4 Spears) +Autarch +Exarch 400 Aspects (1 Scorpion, 2 Spider, 3 Fire Dragon, 2 Avenger) +2 Exarch 350 Windriders (1 Vyper) 200 Rangers (4) 100 Swords of Vaul (6) 1 Fire Prism, 1 Fire Storm 315 Storm Serpent 250 Storm Serpent 250 Void Spinner 250 Night Wings 300

Now that I have enough of greenskins for a while, it was time to test Eldar which I have been painting and modifying lately. I played it against a Tau army of Asko. What to say about the battle? It started with Tau army rushing to Eldar meat grinder - and passing through it unharmed! The first turn was things like 11 out of 12 Tau armor saves succeeding, several failed activations for the Eldar and so on. For the next two turns, Eldar tried to save what was left to save but that was quite hopeless.

Result: 3000 pts Tau (Asko) beat Biel-Tan Eldar (Kalle) (2-0 turn 3)

8. Fairies and Guard (16.9.2007)

My second battle with Eldar. This time I used Iayenden craftworld list with 2 Spirit Hosts, some Storm Serpents, Windriders and a Warlock Titan. I played against Tommi who had a Steel Legion Imperial Guard army made by me - a very good generic army, I wouldn't know what to change from it afterwards.

This time it was IG who rolled bad, not Eldar. Although it was nothing compared to previous battle, the first turn was still a disaster for Imperial Guard. After the Warlock wiped the Imperial Guard Leman Russ BTS, the last two turns were desperate struggle to stop Eldar from winning.

Result: 3000 pts Iaynden Eldar (Kalle) beat Steel Legion Imperial Guard (Tommi) (2-0 turn 4)

9. Dead Pointy Eared Guys vs. Green Fast Brutes (20.10.2007)

Eldar Iaynden 3000 (Avatar) Spirit Warhost 350 Spirit Warhost 350 (on) Vampire 200 Guardians +Support Weapons 200 Phantom Titan 750 Aspect Host (Warp Spiders) +Autarch 250 Aspect Host (Swooping Hawks) +Exarch 200 Windriders (1 Vyper) 200 Windriders (1 Vyper) 200 Swords of Vaul (6) 1 Fire Storm 300

I tried again Iayenden craftworld list, but this time without Storm Serpents nor Wraithgate, but using Vampire instead. I also tested Phantom. Teemu had his trusty Bad Moonz and we used new 75 point Oddboyz. Orks were more like of Kult of Speed with all Warbands fit into Battlewagons, 2 big Kult of Speeds with 8 scorachas each and so on. Orks used cunning Marine tactics and swamped with their huge hordes. The Lady Luck favored greenskins and after two turns Eldar was reduced to 2-3 activations, mainly Phantom, Vampire and like one extra activation and they struggled to stop Orks from winning. Some failed march activations to Orks and the game was concluded as a draw, with mere 210 point difference in destroyed points.

Result: 3000 pts Iaynden Eldar (Kalle) draws with Orks (Teemu) (0-0 turn 4)

10. Dead Fairies Again (23.10.2007)

Eldar Iaynden 2995 (Avatar) Spirit Warhost + Wave Serpents 650 Guardian Warhost 150 (on) Vampire 200 Rangers (8) 200 (on) Vampire 200 Aspect Host (Dark Reapers) +Autarch +Wave Serpents 325 Engine of Vaul (Scorpion) 250 Shields of Vaul (Spinners) 175 Windriders (1 Vyper) 200 Nightwings 300 Swords of Vaul (6) 3 Fire Prism, 1 Fire Storm 345

Yet again I used Iayenden, this time against Mikko (charad) with his orange Space Marines. My army had only single Spirit Warhost (in Wave Serpents) and I tried instead Rangers and Guardians in two Vampires - no portals again. I also tried Scorpion and Night Spinners. Mikko had miscellaneous space marines, two Warhounds (with 250 a piece) and one warhound. Both of us had paper armor.

I made some tactical errors and use of Autarch was - again - a bad call. During turn 3 I had to struggle a bit to keep Space Marines from winning, but then neither of us could win on turn 4, so again it was a draw in objectives and destroyed points were counted. This time it was like 325 point marginal victory for Eldar.

Result: 3000 pts Iaynden Eldar (Kalle) wins marginally Space Marines (Mikko) (0-0 turn 4)

11. Pain and Pleasure (13.11.2007)

Emperor's Children (2.0) 3000 Retinue (4 Noise, 1 Possessed) + Daemon Prince + Demonic Pact + Dreadclaws 405 Chosen (Sorceror) + Demonic Pact 525 Daemon Knights 450 Daemon Engines (2 Debaser) 500 Bikes (Supreme Commander) 350 Subjugator 250 Questor 250 Devastation 150 Daemon Pool: 6 Lesser 120

This time I finally tried Emperor's Children, my pet project for new Epic. I played against AMTL (gee I hate those) and the full battle report is readable at Tactical Command. As a short conclusion, it started badly but then I managed to force it to tied objectives, but definately losed in point difference.

Result: 3000 pts AMTL (Mikko) wins Emperor's Children (Kalle) (1-1 turn 4, 1080 point difference)

12. Big Boys Again (22.11.2007)

Emperor's Children (2.01) 3000 Retinue (Sorceror, 6 Noise) + Debaser + Defiler 450 Chosen (Sorceror) 500 Daemon Knights 450 Bikes (Daemon Prince, SC) 400 Subjugator 250 Questor 250 Questor 250 Legionnaires 250 Hell Blades 200

Second game with Emperor's Children. I played with Teemu who unfortunately had decided to use OGBM (Orkimedian Gargant Big Mob). The full battle report is at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) wins OGBM (Teemu) (4-0 turn 3)

13. Worst Fear of Eldar (6.12.2007)

Emperor's Children (2.01) 3000 Chosen (Sorceror) 500 Daemon Knights 450 Daemon Knights 450 Bikes (Daemon Prince, SC) 400 Subjugator 250 Questor 250 Questor 250 Legionnaires 250 Hell Blades 200
Eldar Ulthwé 2975 Phantom Titan (2x pulsar) 750 Scorpion 250 Scorpion 250 Cobra 250 Vampire 200 Guardians 150 Guardians (3 heavy weapons) 150 Black Guardians + Seer Council + 4 Wave Serpents 500 Swords (4 Falcons, 1 Fire) 250 Shields (3 Night Spinners) 175 (Wraithgate) 50

Full battle report at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Eldar Ulthwe (Mikko) wins Emperor's Children (Kalle) (2-0 turn 4)

14. Horus Heresy Re-visited (15.12.2007)

Emperor's Children (2.02) 3000 Chosen (Sorceror)+ Pact 525 Daemon Engines (6 Defiler) 500 Daemon Knights 450 Bikes (Daemon Prince, SC) 375 Retinue (Sorceror, 6 Noise) 275 Questor 275 Questor 275 Hell Blades 200 Hell Talons 125
Space Marines 3000 Land Raiders + Hunter 425 Tactical + Supreme Commander 400 Thunderhawk 200 Terminators + Chaplain 400 Tactical 300 Thunderhawk 200 Assault 175 Devastators 250 Whirlwinds 300 Land Speeders 200 Thunderhawks 150

This time I again travelled to Lohikäärmeen luola. Again it was two-blind armies and we used latest handbook (2008) rules with some little modifications. Full battle report at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) wins Space Marines (Tapsa) (2-0 turn 4)

15. Low Strategy (21.12.2007)

Demiurg Consortium (2.2) 2990 Goliaths 400 Land Train +2 Pilum Cars 400 Overlord 200 Trikes (8 Trikes + HG Cavalry) + Trade Factor 325 Iron Eagles 200 Heartguard Cavalry + Legate 350 Sandhogs (6 Sappers + HG) + Merchant Prince 350 Arsmen (6 Armsmen) + 2 Bikes + HG + Trade Factor + 4 Rhinos 415 Grand Battery (6 Mole Mortars) + 3 Thudd Gun 350
Imperial Guard 3000 Regimental HQ + Hydra + Griffons 650 Super Heavy Tanks (3 Baneblades) + Hydra 550 Leman Russ Company + Hydra 700 Rough Riders 150 Sentinels 100 Shadowsword 200 Artillery Battery (3 Manticores) 250 Artillery Battery (3 Bombards) 250 Thunderbolts 150

Time to change army. I dusted off my Squats, now named as Demiurgs, and picked a fight with Hena and his Imperial Guard. Full report again at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Demiurg (Kalle) wins Imperial Guard (Hena) (3-1 turn 3)

16. Green Struggle (29.12.2007)

This was a 2000 point introductionary fight with my brother. I explained the rules and off we went - me with Ork green tide with Gargant, big KoS, two Warbands with Battlefortresses and some Stormboyz and tanks. The green colored IG had Leman Russ Company, Regimental HQ, Shadowsword, Stormtroopers in Valkyries and Bombard battery. We fought over 2 objectives with no garrison - the first to control both after third turn will win.

Result: 2000 pts Orks (Kalle) wins Imperial Guard (Pema) (turn 4)

17. Snappa Snappa (5.1.2008)

Orkamedian Gargant Big Mob 2995 Great Gargant (soopas) +Mekboy Big Boss 800 Great Gargant (soopas) +Big Mek (+5cm) 875 Snappa Mob +4 Killa Kans 250 (on) Landa 200 Snappa Mob +4 Killa Kans 250 (on) Landa 200 Snappa Mob +2 Dreadnoughts 220 (on) Landa 200

Time to test some popcorn to see if snappa mob is correctly priced. I used OGBM proposed upcoming version 2.1 - in this case, mainly meant that Big Mek costed 75, not 50. Naturally I did not have all these figs needed for this army so it looked ratrher ugly with robots used as Killa Kans and unpainted Steam Gargant as second Great Gargant (but at least tracks were explained: those were that +5cm speed!)

The full report of this boring battle can be found from Tactical Command as always.

Result: 3000 pts OGBM (Kalle) ties with Space marines (Tapsa) (turn 5)

18. Armored Horus Heresy (20.1.2008)

Emperor's Children (2.02) 3000 Chosen (with Sorceror) 500 Daemon Knights 450 Daemon Knights 450 Retinue (5 Noise) + Daemon Prince with Wings + Rhinos 375 Legionnaires 250 Subjugator 225 Questor 275 Questor 275 Hell Blades 200
Scions of Iron 3000 Terminators + 2 LR Crusaders 500 Thawk Transporters 250 Thawk CAS 250 Thawk SB 250 LR Helios Det + Hunter 575 Tactical (Vindicator, Prometheus) 450 Armour (4 Predators, Hunter) 350 Bikes (4 + LS Tornado) 225 Thunderbolts 150

Some EC again. And again against mostly armored enemy. Report as always at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Scions of Iron (Hena) wins Emperor's Children (Kalle) (275 points turn 4)

19. Massacre from Above (30.1.2008)

Emperor's Children (2.1) 3000 Chosen + Dreadclaws + Pact 555 Retinue + Dreadclaws + Pact 380 (Daemon Prince, 4 Possessed, 1 Noise Marines) Retinue + Rhinos + Pact 330 Legionnaires + Dreadclaws + Pact 170 Legionnaires + Dreadclaws + Pact 170 Bike Company + Pact (SC) 350 Questor 275 Hell Blades 200 Hell Talons 200 Devastation 150 Daemon Pool: 11 Lesser Daemon 220

Some EC again. I wanted to try new non-fearless units, Dreadclaws and Lesser Daemons. It was a complete massacre. Report as always at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) wins Ulthwe Eldar (Mikko) (major victory in turn 2)

20-22. Winter Epic Tournament '08 (16.2.2008)

Emperor's Children (2.0) 3000 Chosen (with Sorceror) 500 Daemon Knights 450 Daemon Knights 450 Retinue (5 Noise) + Daemon Prince with Wings + Rhinos 400 Legionnaires + Rhinos 300 Questor 250 Questor 250 Hell Blades 200 Hell Talons 200

Hena arranged a spectacular Winter tournament. I was in the middle of my move and a bit ill, but still partook with my EC army. The results were not that great, but will tell more about those later on. You can check out the results and some pictures from Hena's Epic tournament page.

Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) beat Tau (Antti) (time-out, points)
Result: 3000 pts Black Legion (Atte) beat Emperor's Children (Kalle)
Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) tied with (Khorne) Space Marines () (time-out)

23. Eldar and Armor (9.3.2008)

Eldar Ulthwé 3000 Warlock Titan (fist) 850 Storm Serpent 250 Guardians (1 heavy weapon) 150 Guardians (3 heavy weapons) + Support weapons, + 3 Wraithguards 350 Black Guardians + Seer Council + 4 Wave Serpents 500 Shields (2 Fires, 1 Nights) 175 Shields (2 Fires, 1 Nights) 175 Windriders (1 Vyper, 5 jb) 200 Rangers (6) 150 Aspects (4 Swooping Hawks) 150 (Wraithgate) 50

I played against Hena in our new flat. I sported Eldar Ulthwe while Hena had Scions of Iron. I had luck on my side and crushed Armored Space Marines after many failed rolls by Space Marines and many successful armor saves by my Eldar.

Some report is readable from Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Eldar Ulthwe (Kalle) wins Scions of Iron (Hena) (4-0 turn 3)

24. Armies of the Imperium (25.3.2008)

Imperial Guard Steel Legion 3000 Leman Russ Company 650 Regimental HQ 500 Super Heavy Company 500 (3 Shadowswords) Deathstrikes 200 Vultures 300 Manticore Battery 250 Flak 150 Flak 150 Thunderbolts 150 Thunderbolts 150 (commissar in first 6)

This time it was a battle between Imperial Guard Steel Legion and Adeptus Astartes Space Marines. Full report at Tactical Command.

Result: 3000 pts Steel Legion (Kalle) wins Space Marines (Tapsa) (3-0 turn 3)

25. Gork, Mork and Dolphines (28.3.2008)

OGBM vs. Dark Eldar.

Result: 3000 pts OGBM (Kalle) wins Dark Eldar (Mikko) (1-1 turn 4, 950 point margin)

26. Experimental (17.4.2008)

Hena tried his variant for Tyranid 8.4 list while I tested sextet variant of Emperor's Children 2.1.

Result: 3000 pts Emperor's Children (Kalle) wins Tyranids (Hena) (2-0 turn 4)

27. Dawn of War (6.7.2008)

Both of us tried new armies; Hena had his Feral Ork project while I tried (Slaanesh) Black Legion. The battle started well for me and looked like decisive victory for Chaos with all my great armor rolls but then Hena started roll hits like possessed and my armor truly started to fail. Both of us made both tactical and rulewise errors plus tried things out of curiosity. Both had Blitz and Take and Hold but Orks also had BTS and there were not much to do about it at the end of the turn 4. But now back to laboratory to make the lists better...

Result: 3000 pts Feral Orks (Hena) wins Black Legion (Kalle) (3-2 turn 4)

28. Swarm (30.7.2008)

Hena tried Tyranids 9.0 first version. I had almost the same Black Legion as earlier, except one retinue was moved to dreadclaws and Chosen used teleport. There was some balance issues in Tyranid list but not that big - the main crucial part was Tyranids winning initiative on turn 3 when their main nexus was positioned right in the center of Retinue, 2 Chosen formations and Banelord.

Result: 3000 pts Tyranids (Hena) wins Black Legion (Kalle) (2-1 turn 3)

29. Age of Heresy (3.8.2008)

Black Legion 3000 Banelord 800 Devastation 150 Retinue + D.Prince + Rhinos 365 Raptors (4) + D.Prince 210 Chosen (4) + Obliterator 345 Chosen (4) + Obliterator 345 Retinue + 2 Obliterators +DC 495 Forlorn Hope +DC 145 Forlorn Hope +DC 145

My Black Legion had some changes but not that much - Bikes were replaced with Raptors along with Daemon prince (yai I can have multiple of those - but are they really worth their cost after losing TK? I am really uncertain...). Asko used popcorn Space Marines. And rolled so damn well for 2 first turns while my rolls were infernal. Then the luck changed but it was too late, it was only the question when and how the loyals win...

And BTW, that army list has a flaw - no DP for Raptors allowed...

Result: 3000 pts Space Marines (Asko) wins Black Legion (Kalle) (2-0 turn 4)

30. Minigeddon (8.8.2008)

While waiting for people for the Epic demo game (2000 pts), we (I and Hena) had a quick Minigeddon with Feral Orks and Black Legion. There was bad luck involved - as always when I play Black Legion - and Orks managed a clear victory on turn 3.

31-33. Ropecon 2008 / Syksyn Sävelet (9.8.2008)

Black Legion 3000 Banelord 800 Devastation 150 Retinue + D.Prince (SC) + Obliterator + Defiler 485 Raptors (4) 160 Chosen (7) + Obliterator 540 Chosen (4) 260 Retinue + Dreadclaws 315 Forlorn Hope + Rhinos 145 Forlorn Hope + Rhinos 145

My cursed Black Legion started its battle against Imperial Guard, losing the initiative while facing 2 packs of Vultures and Deathstrikes. There was some immense luck involved with other Deathstrike missing the Banelord and other causing just 2 points of damage. I continued with snake-eyes for Marshal action for the Banelord. And so on. However, on the third turn the luck somewhat turned. It was a close call that IG won by 2-0 on that turn, if the game had spilled to 4th turn the situation would have been quite interesting and even...

The second game was against Space Marines which prompted to destroy my Banelord with all their might. As always, there was some bad luck associated when I tried to kill their BTS (2 Warhounds) including missing pin-point from Devastation. On the other hand, Dark Gods yet again protected Banelord, which was damaged to 1 remaining point of DC when it marshalled and got back 6 void shields... While the Space Marine army was busy trying to get Banelord down I captured the objectives on their side.

The last battle against Orks had some very juicy targets for the Banelord, including ruins filled with BTS orks just in the range of its main weapon, ignore cover macro weapon barrage! This time I destroyed almost everything in Ork army and prompty took Blitz, BTS and They Shall Not Pass and almost Take & Hold. But I won't start to talk about the AA accuracy of my Obliterators and yet again immediately wiped smaller Chosen formation...

Result: 3000 pts Imperial Guard (Asko) beat Black Legion (Kalle) (2-0 turn 3)
Result: 3000 pts Black Legion (Kalle) beat Space Marines (Fysope) (2-0 turn 3)
Result: 3000 pts Black Legion (Kalle) beat Orks (Thepanu) (3-0 turn 3)

34-36. Ropecon 2009 / Syksyn Sävelet 2009 (2.8.2009)

Space Marines 2150 Land Speeders + SC 300 6x Land Speeders 1200 Warhounds (BTS) 500 Thunderbolts 150

Time to play after a one year break. As we had less time than usual, Hena decided that go with 2150 (2150? What the point amount is that? 2000 + squadron of Thunderbolts he told me...). After kicked a bit around by IG Valkyrie army last year and as we had limited time and points, I decided to go with something different this year. Army that has been speculated for some time but no one really had fielded, I guess mainly because of the required figs.

First against tneva. You can read about that elsewhere, but neverthless, after bad start I then exploited his advance to the middle of my land speeders. The loss of regimental HQ was downfall as he rolled only '1's for the activations for the rest of the match. Neverthless I had problems winning at turn 3 and mainly won 2-0 on that turn as he forgot the 'They Shall Not Pass' objective, could have easily extended this to turn 4 (and it would have not been over in one hour)

Next match was against Hena and his LatD. As I have played with Hena several times and he really knows all the rules and is not afraid of using them, I dumped all the fair fight courtesy and chose the corner deployment. Then as Hena struggled to get chaos into engage range I swamped them with speeders. Luck was on my side as Lords of Battles got really burned up by my speeders (usually 2 hits on double) and Hena failed to rally anything broken on turn 1 and 2. Couldn't get blitz after Warhound engage failed, but still won 3-0 on turn 3 as I again claimed "They Shall Not Pass"

Last one was against Biel-Tan Eldar. This was seen as match with clear outcome beforehand, and even while I made an error of forgotting his vampire filled with aspect warriors (should had put thunderbolts to CAP), they failed to destroy both warhounds and were then promptly wiped by speeders. Then I just surrounded and engaged all the other Eldar and we ended it at the start of the turn 3 when Eldar has left one Guardian activation near his blitz. Most probably this would have turned out 5-0 but as 4-0 is as good we did not bother to play.

Result: 2150 pts Space Marines (Kalle) beat Imperial Guard (Timo) (2-0 turn 3)
Result: 2150 pts Space Marines (Kalle) beat Lost and the Damned (Hena) (3-0 turn 3)
Result: 2150 pts Space Marines (Kalle) beat Biel-Tan Eldar (Erno) (4-0 turn 3)

37+ Ropecon Tournaments 2010-

See separate page; these are not in statistics anyway.