I have played Magic since '94, but playing has been a bit infrequent since '97, playing a few times per year.


Retro-tournaments are relax&fun tournaments played with old magic cards and rules. These pages include information about retro-tournaments, upcoming and held ones. Statistics are also included.


Retro page

Retro rules and tournaments (Fi only)

Retro Statistics


Personal Reports

There are some other MtG tournaments which I have attended and had made some kind of reports or deck listings at least.

Finnish Nationals '97

A report and my deck listing.

Finnish Nationals '95

Not a tournament report but my deck listing found from somewhere.

Local Resources

The rest of MtG stuff available from this web page. For retro-tournament formats, see links above.

Trading Page

Cards up to trade and wanted

Retro Revised T0

Revised Type 0 card list

Web Resources

Some useful links related to Magic.

MoxPerl Mirror

Local copy of old card listings and rulings, unfortunately search engines do not work currently (Finland only).


Find a specific card: (laajannettu haku)

Safe Haven


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