AE Nostalgic Winter Tournament '99

Match Table - Some decks


We had a little MtG tournament 20.2.1999 with 12 participants. We used preconstructed decks of Nostalgic Type I.5 - nostalgic meant that we had banned all expansions from Tempest and onward.

In short, we had 8 round tournament, with Swiss Draw and 2 points for each victory, thus maximum being 16 points. Decks were minimum of 60 cards with 15 card sideboard, as Mulligan rule we allowed one unconditional reshuffle per match (not game). Most participants had not played for months and none had been very active for years, thus we used mainly '95 rules, i.e. no mana sources etc.

Tournament results and some decks can be viewed from separate pages, see links at the top of the page. Please note that most players had a very limited card pool.

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