the cybervaran fierce card game

gaming environment


game idea
The game of Neo-Combat is about cybervaran combat teams, which have only one object: to kill as many other varans than possible. To achieve this, they have to use their cloaking systems for full potential and then launch a attack against enemy varans. The game is suitable for two or more players.

The game is played in turns, in which all players do their actions. Each player has 1 or more varans and tries to kill other players' varans. The player with most kills when the first players drops out (loses all his varans) is the winner. Alternatively, an extended game for total termination can be played, when the last player with any varans is the winner.

Neo-Combat has following terms associated to it:

varan cards

All players have one or more varan cards. The other side is identical to all cards, but is distinguishable from action cards. The other side has a picture of the varan and all its attributes, which are explained below:
All varans have speed of 1-3, and are moved in that order (lowest first) in the movement phase of the game turn. Any varan can fake a lower speed than its real one, i.e. move earlier.

The total health (hit points) of the varan, including some extra from heavy armor. If the accumulated damage ever reaches this level or exceeds it, the varan is immediately killed and removed from the game. Any action cards played on it are returned to discard pile.

extra attibutes
In addition to basic attributes explained above, the varan may have a number of extra attributes, which affect the gameplay. Any of these powers can be used even when the varan is cloaked, but if the player lies about them (uses attributes not available to the varan) the player should be beaten to pulp. Or something.
Varan card listing with any attributes can be found from Neo-Combat card list. Players may want to distinguish their own varans via colored sleeves or markers so that they do not get mixed up especially when cloaked.

action cards

Action cards are divided into following types: No action cards can be played during draw or discard phase. Any damage or continuous effect cards are left at target varan until it repairs the damage or it is killed, when the cards are put to discard pile.

The actual effect of the card depends on its type. Most cards have their effect explained in the card, while shot and strike cards do damage equal to power value of the card.

If the card has notation 'extra card: <attribute>' the player playing the card may immediately draw a new card, if the varan using the card has the appropriate attribute and has not yet used that attribute to gain an extra card this turn.

Some cards (mainly defense cards) are marked as to be removed from the game after being played. As varan armor gets battered, covers blown up and varans become exhausted, it becomes harder to defend against attacks. So, when some defense cards are played (not discarded), they are immediately removed from the game and not returned to discard pile.

Full action card listing can be found from Neo-Combat card list.

game rules

This is the core rules of Neo-Combat. Everything needed should be there, unless it is written to cards itself.

before the game

Each player takes 1 or more varans. The more the longer the game lasts and there will be continual shuffling if there are many players. The varans can either be selected by some rules, or the varan cards can be shuffled and dealt to players. Each player then places all his varans in front of him, upside down. This represents their starting sector. Each varan team starts from different sector and no one starts in the center battlefield.

After that one player shuffles the entire action card deck and deals to each player cards equal to number of varans per player plus four (4) extra cards. So, with 4 varans per player the dealer deals 8 cards to each player.

Then the game is started. The dealer is the first player for the first game turn.

game turn

The Neo-Combat game turn is divided into following parts, which are done in the prefixed order. After all phases a new turn is started. In all phases a player turn is advanced clockwise.

  1. draw phase
  2. movement phase
  3. combat phase
  4. repair phase
  5. discard phase

killed varans

Any varan which is dealt damage equal or exceed its health level is considered as killed, destroyed or vaporized. Any action cards on it are returned to discard pile and the varan card is removed from the game. If the varan was the last varan of the player, the player drops from the game. The player which fired or struck the lethal attack gains the kill. Any played extra damage cards are not taken into account, the player who initiated the attack gains the kill. If a player kills his own varan, none gains the kill.

end of game

extended game

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