epic dungeons&dragons 2nd edition


edd2 is an epic dungeon crawl system, aimed for very high level adventure parties in old fashioned Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or Nethack style world, where fast action, big battles and epic conflicts are more interesting than battling with the system. Normal hack'n'slash systems are mainly meant for low level playing and when opposition and player characters become stronger, they slow down. And this is where edd2 comes handy.

edd2 is based on older edd game system, but has some improvements and even faster and smoother gameplay. If you play on lower power level than level 20 caharacters, you might consider using some other system, like hdd3 - I used it on my campaign until power level came too high for smooth gameplay, and switched to edd. If you use edd2, it might be a bit too deadly for lower level characters and character advancement frustrating.

Conventions: all references to player characters are with 'he' for simplicity. No special section of basics of roleplaying, character background or world description is given. Gamemaster and players are encouraged to find that information from other roleplaying games and various AD&D supplements.

Note: this game has nothing to do with new D20 D&D, but is based mainly on old 1st and 2nd edition AD&D, D&D and various versions of Nethack. Any use of copyrighted names is just for convenience. If you have any problems with the system, drop me email at marjola št iki.fi. And as last words, if you are interested to keep light hack'n'slash type games in space opera environment, I recommend Neo-Troops, the cybervaran roleplaying game.

Notes: I did some updates Summer 2004, see latest updates.

Extra Rules

edd 1st edition
edd2 RPG system © Kalle Marjola 1998, 2001, 2004. See generic license page.