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I have created, modified and designed roleplaying and other games more than 10 years, and best results are freely available from these webpages. On this page, I give a short description of all major games and systems; links to older versions are usually available in the webpage of the new version.

All these games are free for download and use, and you may print any number of copies for your own use. However, if you are interested to publish any of these games, contact me. See license page for details.

The game list is divided into following groups:

Current Projects

See Google site for that.

All Game Projects

(This list is most probably outdated)

RPGBoard/card Computer
   RIP Fantasy
edd2 and edd
hdd3 and older
Live Bloodbowl
Lords of Hell
B: The Summer Camp Slasher
Dungeon Lair
Neo-Hunt 3
Neo-Hunt 2
Alter Ego NCCG
Amiga Fantasy Forces
Net Fantasy Forces

Game Summary

Most games have some kind of summary. Values rated are:

Complexity: how hard the game is to learn, and how much rules there exist. I prefer less rules, as more complexity rarely means more realism, just slowed down gaming.

Rating: how much I recommend this game. Practically those with one star are mainly interesting curiosity, those with two stars can be played now and then but most probably I have better games around and those with three are surely worth checking out! Usually older versions are just a curiosity, use the latest one (unless that one is just being developed). Usually there is also a date when the game was last modified, apart from simple typo fixes or similar updates.

Homepage: official homepage. If you want to link the game, use this, not the URL in your browser as it is expanded and might stop working later on! This is more permanent.

Roleplaying Systems

RIP: Roleplaying the Infinite Possibilities

Setting: generic
Complexity: *
Rating: *** (2002)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/RIP/

My major intense roleplaying system, and the only one unless some very special or mass combat rules are needed. But for human campaigns, this is an ideal system, as far as you are interested in smooth gameplay and realistic (in your environment) action instead of slowing down when something happens.

This system is only for experienced gamemasters, as this system heavily depends on gamemaster experience, knowledge and justice. Includes two complete campaign settings/specifications and one partial project.

This game system is the only one I will ever use unless I held a hack'n'slash (or equivalent) campaign.

Syndicate V: The Corporate Future

Setting: corporate/cyberpunk (RIP system)
Complexity: *
Rating: *** (2002)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/syndicate/

Syndicate is a roleplaying game about near-future of globalization and corporate wars. Latest versions are based on my general roleplaying system RIP and thus act only as guidelines and comprasion material without exact mechanics.

Syndicate is a result of many years of game design. It combines streamlined and fast storytelling into very realistic background information.

Syndicate V: the Corporate Future is the latest, fifth edition. The world and technology has been upgarded to reflect current vision of near-future.

RIP Fantasy

Setting: fantasy (RIP system)
Complexity: *
Rating: *** (2002)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/RIP/fantasy/

This is a comlete fantasy expansion to my generic roleplaying system RIP. It includes description of fantasy characters, spirit world, fantasy trappings, bestiary and its own kind magic.

RIP Fantasy also introduces my fantasy world, Tanion, but the description of that world is very superficial, but it might give you number of great ideas for adventures and campaigns.


Setting: generic
Complexity: *
Rating: n/a (being developed)

This is my second generic system, combination of old Neo-Troops and Epic D&D. So, it is meant when you simply cannot play without any 'exact' rules, when RIP fails short. However, it is still very simple game system and ideal for handling large combats. It will also include 'revolutionary' (well old ideas with new names) reactive combat system, to make combats more realistic and enjoyable, although still abstract enough for fast play.


Setting: sci-fi opera
Complexity: **
Rating: *** (2002)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/neo/

Have you ever wanted to play a cybervaran, designed and programmed to fulfill its special missions? This is a roleplaying game of highly advanced killing machines, and it is meant for light fun shoot'em'up roleplaying sessions.

This game is currently under development of fourth edition which is going to use my new generic light system Neo-V.

Neo-Troops is my main 'own branch' on which I have created several card and board games in addition to Neo-Troops roleplaying game. See card/board game section for details.

Epic D&D

Setting: epic fantasy (nethack/old ad&d type)
Complexity: *
Rating: *** (2004)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/edd2/

Epic D&D is for very high level add-stylish campaigns, meant for levels 20 and up. It is very simplified and streamlined and fast game system, and version 2, edd2, is even faster and more simplified.

edd2 is simply a genious game for high-level adventuring. Never before has the system has been so light still allowing all the basic elements of the high level gaming and balanced combats, without using some story telling system. Feel the power and freedom of handling mass battles of adventure group against hundreds of lowly creatures in short time.

Update: while doing my new combat oriented light system Neo-V I noticed that I can use it also for EDD. So there is going to be EDD2.5 at some point, using Neo-V. Practically it is the same game, I think almost nothing changes, just names of some things.

Hacked D&D

Setting: high fantasy (nethack/old ad&d type)
Complexity: **
Rating: ** (1997)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/hdd3/

The RPG system family of hacked dungeons&dragons is meant for hack'n'slash campaigns - yes, those campaigns with less brains and more gore and dice throwing. However, commercial games are usually far too complicated or have too many loopholes, so I had made my own systems, creating a new better one for each campaign...

The first two versions were simple simplified AD&D systems, but the third one, HDD3 is a complete game system, ideal for lower level (say, less than 20) high-fantasy adventures with lots of combat or D&D monster galory (slimes, anyone?)

Live-Bloodbowl (Fi)

Setting: live fantasy
Complexity: **
Rating: ** (1998/2002)

The liveplaying version of Bloodbowl was originally done by other people, but I have done some new version out of it, and they were actively used on late 90's, although now it is much quieter on that area.

The lastest, but unfortunately un-tested version is 5. edition (in Finnish), which was planned to be used Summer 2002 but that never happened.

And do not forget Murskapallo (Fi), a bloodbowl variant bit based on Rutger Hauer film 'Juggernauts'.

Board and Card Games

Lords of Hell

Type: card (2-6 players, 15-60 minutes)
Complexity: *
Rating: *** hot
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/loh/

'The game of Unholy Politics', this game puts each player in control of one Devil Lord, with aim to become the new overlord of the Hell. Or at least control the new overlord.

This game is my pet project, continued for several years in aim to create very nice game with unique atmosphere. It is now running on sixth edition.


Type: board (3-8 players, 30 mins)
Complexity: *
Rating: ** hot
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/loh/lohbg.html

The board game version of Lords of Hell, with simple rules and concentration only on social interaction. Formerly known as Politics from Hell.

B: The Summer Camp Slasher

Type: card (2-10 players, 5-20 mins)
Complexity: *
Rating: ***

Fun and fast - this is a quick and easy game of B class teen slasher movies, with group of youngs arriving to a summer camp and then getting slaughtered by unidentified killer in a messy way. The last one makes it to the sequel!

The game is now being illustrated and has final playtesting. I also have plans for other survival horror themed card games.

Dungeon Lair

Type: board (2-6 players, 45-60 mins)
Complexity: *
Rating: ***
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/games/misc/lair.html

This is a fantasy dungeon game, a monster territory game, a bit similar to Carcassonne. It is played with dungeon tiles from the game Dungeonquest (the old Swedish game published by Games Workshop). The aim of the game is to control as much dungeon space as possible with your own monsters. There is no fighting or violence in this game, so it is a bit different from my usual games...

Cthulhu Investigators

Type: card/board (3-6 players, 45-60 mins)
Complexity: **
Rating: ***
Homepage: no official

This game is a co-operative board/card game, in which a group of investigators try to stop mad cultists from calling an Old One to eat the world. The player groups fights against time, tireness, insanity, cultists and local police.


Type: variant (chess) (2 players, 15-45 min)
Complexity: **
Rating: *** (2002)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/games/misc/chesswar.html

If you have a chessboard, some dice and prefereable two set of pieces, you can play fantasy strategy with these rules. This game could be called as game variant for standard Chess, but as it is more like Warhammer Fantasy Battle than Chess (it just uses Chess pieces and board and even that is optional) it is quite stand alone game.

This game is also published in Alterations 2/97. A new version with updated rules, illustrations and much more is now available. I also started to do ChessWar Online, a browser client for this game, but that never got ready, some demos do exist. It was more like a PHP and CSS test.

Neo-Hunt 3

Type: board (2-4 players, 30-60 min)
Complexity: **
Rating: *** (2004) Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/neo/nh3.shtml

Neo-Hunt 3 is the third type of a board-based cybervaran game. This version is aimed for less players (2-4, when Neo-Hunt 2 works best with 4-6 players) and have even better game system. It also has much more simpler rules and less to learn, so it is a very fast boardgame. In addition, now varans can kill much more troopers and you again control on entire team, not just one silly varan.

Current project is the 3rd edition of the game, with changed basic system (one command at the time, instead of Roborally/Dragon Delta -preprogramming). This 3rd version feels almost ready now, and even have varan pictures.

Neo-Hunt 2

Type: card/board (3-6 players, 30-60 min)
Complexity: **
Rating: ** (2001)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/neo/nh2.shtml

This is the second edition of Neo-Hunt, with easier and faster game system, and this time without any dice. However, this also has the same problem as the previous one - it works best with 4 or more players and thus has same audience as Lords of Hell, and was thus pushed aside.

Like all my new card and board games, it includes all more complex components as ready-to-be-printed postscript sheets, so you just need a printer and some patience (plus some covers to fit cards into). See sheet print guidelines on how to use them.


Type: card/board (2-6 players, 1-2h)
Complexity: ***
Rating: ** (2000)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/neo/neo-hunt.shtml

The second cybervaran board/card game, this time with an interesting multi-action system, well worth taking a look. However, this version is quite complex and so it was aimed to same audience and thus shadowed by Lords of Hell.


Type: card (2-4 players, 30+ min)
Complexity: **
Rating: * (1999)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/neo/neo-lama.html

My first cybervaran card/board game, based on Neo-Troops, the cybervaran roleplaying game. This card game is a bit like Lunch Money but with strategic element, with cybervaran groups pitted against each other.

Have some problems with gaming time, as sometimes it is very hard to kill anyone, but very decent design anyway. We played this a for one weekend back in Summer 1999 or so.

Nihti (Fi)

Type: conventional card (2-4 players)
Complexity: *
Rating: *** (2000)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/games/misc/nihti.html

An innovative card game for plain standard normal 52 card playing cards. In Finnish, mainly for pair play (4 players) but can also be played with two or three players.

Basicly this game is a trick card game, with flavors from Bridge and similar games. Quite fast, one special twist, nothing special.

Pentagrammi (Fi)

Type: conventional card (5 players)
Complexity: *
Rating: ? (2004)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/games/misc/pentagrammi.html

A wicked card game for 5 players. Just add one standard deck of 52 cards with 3 joker cards. In Finnish only.

Alter Ego Non-Collectable Card Game (Fi)

Type: card (3+ players)
Complexity: **
Rating: * (1998)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/AE/aepeli.html

Alter Ego non-collectable card game, in Finnish. A card game of groups, relations, RPG campaigns, politics... Any similarities to real persons, living or dead, are purely coincidental. The older version, 1st edition, also available.

As you might expect from the name, this game is a bit of inside-joke, although a very long lasting and one had some very nice things as part of it. However, as there is no card prints or anything, it is very hard to duplicate. I have planned new versions now and there is a draft version of 3rd version, but I guess it will stay as that, non-usable draft.

Bottisota-3 (Fi)

Type: card (2+ players, 15+ min)
Complexity: *
Rating: ** (1996)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/3rd_bot/

A simple and easy-to-learn card-bot-combat game, in Finnish. As you can easily guess, there exist also older versions, which either use 3d miniature board or 2d paper board, instead of cards. There is link on the homepage of this 3rd edition.

The card game has some problems like too much card-shuffling, but it is fun and fast. It was published in Alteration 4/96, too, if I remember correctly.


Type: variant (orcwars)
Complexity: ***
Rating: * (1997)
Homepage: http://iki.fi/marjola/orcwar/

Once upon a time there was that gaming company named TSR, which published Dragon magazine and Orcs of Thar named supplement to D&D. From those you could find Orcwars, a humorous board game about political struggle of goblinoids.

That game had a very funny setting, but not very well tested rules. So me and my friends edited them. So the Orcwars Too! was born. After that I also made OrcWar Tree (in Finnish), which was never tested out and not even finished.

I also worked for a while with Tommi Nirha with an idea of Net-played Orcwars-based game, Orcs of War. This project got never further than plans, but at least the idea is decent. There exist some demo pages (written in Finnish)

Computer Games


Platform: amiga (2 player)
Type: 2 player dungeon fight
Rating: *** (1994)

A violent two-player game for Amiga, in which knights controlled by players run around dungeon trying to complete their quest. This game includes almost unlimited number of different dungeons, huge amount of varying stuff, vampiric bats and zombies, and very nasty violence and sound effects. It is multi-tasking and should work in all amigas with 1 MB or more memory.

Naturally this game is a bit old, but if you have your old Amiga laying somewhere, you may want to take a look, it is very funny although not completely smooth to play.

This game is available from Aminet at game/2play, from nic.funet.fi or download directly Knights242.lha, 230 kb. Source code is also available, but read dislaimer before downloading it (Ksource.lha, 250kb). New (Aug 2009): The license is now GPL.

Amiga Fantasy Forces

Platform: amiga (2-4 player)
Type: 2-4 player turn-based fantasy skirmish
Rating: *** (1995)

My last Amiga game. A strategic/tactical combat game for 2-4 human players, somehow like Lords of Chaos (or eq.), but has some new features not on other games (of that era) like:

First Amos-release is available from Aminet at game/misc or nic-funet.fi, or download directly FForces10a.lha, 220 kb.

C-version was developed, too, but never reached release. C-version accepts up to 5 players, has 3 new creatures and runs faster, with longer sighting range, too. Well, maybe I can dig that out at some point, for nostalgic reasons.


Platform: amiga (4 player)
Type: 4 player fight
Rating: *** (1995)

A simple 4-player bombing-game. Extra-fast action, a typical game lasts less than 1 minute!

Unfortunately this game is not available, and I doubt that I will ever make a packet out of it, either. But perhaps I will do it with Java, someday. You can of course visit me to play it.

Python Fantasy Forces

Platform: python
Type: X player turn-based fantasy skirmish

Remake of Fantasy Forces in python (pygame). Screenshots etc. will arrive as soon as this gets to playable demo stage. Currently units can run around the map and the game is successfully divided to server and client parts.

Net Fantasy Forces

Platform: browser
Type: 2-6 player turn-based fantasy skirmish

Fantasy Forces, a game of fantasy turn-based combat, is described above. As original Fantasy Forces was an Amiga game, Net Fantasy Forces (or JaFFa) is aimed to be an WWW-Browser based game, so that it can be played in any system with Java-capable browser.

The project was started Winter 1999, but after my winter vacation ended, I ditched it, but might return to develop it at some point, when I feel I need to do some Java-training again. There is still some demo pages lying around (comments in Finnish).

(update: see python Fantasy Forces)


Platform: web browser
Type: X player turn-based abstract space strategy

This is a computer strategy game of interplanetic warfare. The main idea is to abstract the game as much as possible, and concentrate on high level strategy and tactics. Thus, no micro-management but big decision, easy gameflow and quick gameplay.

There have been many version of Planetoid. The first version was a Play-by-Mail game played back in year 1990 (or close to that), and after that there was several projects at Amiga with that name. However, latest versions are made so that they are played with web browsers.

Update (2005): I have yet a new version under planning, as a combination of Masters of Orion and Diplomacy. Hopefully I get something playable during Fall 2005.


Platform: mobile
Type: 2-4 player shooter

This is my project of making a mobile version of good old shooter games like Turboraketti and other similar games. Just a technology demo, yet, Symbian development is so slow.

Last Words

Naturally there exist numerous other computer game projects, even finalized ones, from Amiga times to quite a new ones. However, they are not that interesting that I listed them here.

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