Lords of Hell

The card game of unholy power struggle


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Resource Cards

There exists 100 resource cards in total. The letter after the card is the print sheet on which the card is. If there is 'x' or other mark, it means that the card has been modified lately. A plus-sign '+' means that card has been clarified lately, but not otherwise changed.

Hordes (45)
Dark Critters (2) If Dark, Night and Shadow critters are in the same army at the start of fight, as long as any own critters are alive and same fight continues, gain a Soul for any own horde destroyed. B
Night Critters (2) (see above) B
Shadow Critters (2) (see above) B
Diabolic Fiends (5) In Transfer phase, Diabolic Fiends can be sent to Earth to gather Souls. Return them to Hell in next draw phase. Diabolic fiends in Hell can cast rituals as Devil can. AC
Fallen Angels (2) (power:2) As long as you control Fallen Angels, your army can move freely even when the Devil is on Earth or imprisoned. C
Fiends (10) In Transfer phase, Fiends can be sent to Earth to gather Souls. Return them to Hell in next draw phase. BBO
Juggernauts (5) Must take first hit. If destroyed in combat, does an immediate extra hit to selected hostile army. AC+
Leviathan (1) (power:9) Leviathan never fights in own home realm but is knocked out and added to capturer's army. Army with Leviathan cannot retreat, must attack all other armies in same combat and always pursues and has exactly 4 attack dice. Leviathan is hit last. Ex
Metal Beasts (4) Metal Beasts can reduce defense points of defender's home realm by one. Apply this only once. CC
Tormented Ones (8) (power:x) First Tormented Ones in same army has power 1, the second has power 2, third 3 and so on. BO
Warriors of Darkness (4) If destroyed, gain a Soul. BB

Rituals (20)
Bury (3) Destroy up to 3 target hordes or Souls in Hell. A
Chain Catalysm (1) Destroy target Soul, horde, ritual or artifact in Hell. Owner of that can then destroy next target and so on until someone stops selecting. E
Conjuration (4) Turn over 6 top cards of the deck, and table up to 3 hordes or artifacts, discarding rest. CC
Drain Power (1) All artifacts on table are destroyed. Draw a card for each artifact destroyed this way. E
Furnace of Souls (2) Destroy all Souls in play. Draw a card for each own Soul destroyed this way. C
Infernal Plague (3) Each Realm loses one-third of Souls and then one-third of hordes in Hell, rounded up. Lost hordes are randomized. Gain a Soul for each 2 hordes destroyed by this ritual. A
Sanctuary (3) This ritual is special and has effect only before finished. While the ritual is being cast, your home Realm has 2 defense points instead of normal defense points of the realm. Apply this before any Metal Beasts. Discard this ritual if your army moves. A
Steal Power (3) Gain control of any one tabled horde, artifact or Soul, or take a look at hand of one non-imprisoned Devil and take one resource card of you choice from that hand, if any. A

Artifacts (5)
Orb of Transformation (1) In transfer phase, if your Devil is not imprisoned, discard any number of resource cards from hand to draw that many cards. Each Devil can use this power only once per turn. Ex
Soul Stones (1) All your Souls have power 1 each. E
Staff of Undead (1) In transfer phase, if your Devil is not imprisoned, destroy your Soul to put horde card from discard pile directly into play under your control. Use this power as many times as you desire. Ex
Tome of Power(1) In draw phase, draw an extra card. E
Wand of Might (1) In combat, if your army is led by the Devil, instead of normal rerolls you must reroll all completely missed attack dice. E

Specials (18)
Dispel Magic (2) Play in combat phase. Target ritual is destroyed and its effect canceled. This card can be used after any targets of the ritual has been chosen, but must be used before any random targets are selected. D
Double Cross (3) Play before gathering phase, whenever any special card which is not unstoppable is played. That special card did not work. A
Escape (2) Play during transfer phase. Target imprisoned Devil is immediately released. D
Recall (4) Play in combat or gathering phase. Return any number of your creatures on Earth to Hell, or return target Devil on Earth to Hell which can take any number of its creatures on Earth with it. If the target Devil has no home realm, it immediately takes control of new one. DD
Summon (3) Play in combat phase to Devil which is in Hell and not imprisoned or knocked out. That Devil is immediately transfered to Earth unless its owner denies that. FFF
Thief in the Night (2) Play in transfer phase or combat phase. Draw a random card from target Devil. If it is an Oath card, return it and immediately take control of one artifact held by that Devil, if any. Dx
Treacherous Troops (2) Play in combat phase. One horde in target army switches to other army pof your choice in the same combat. Dx

Unstoppable Specials (12)
Ambush (2) Play in combat phase, at the start of fight phase when special cards cannot be normally played, just before armies are moved but after targets are revealed. Change your move target to any legal one. D
Drunken Agreement (1) Play in gathering phase. Each Devil in Hell must select an Oath card, and these cards are then shuffled and dealt to these same Devils. Those without Oath cards do not partake. F
Forced Agreement (3) During transfer phase, give to target Devil you can trade with your own Oath card to make a forced trade. For each two Souls more the target has, take one. For each two total number of hordes and artifacts more the target has, take one non-protected of your choice. Then, take one extra horde or artifact from target Devil, if has any. A+
New Alliance (2) Play in transfer phase and only if your Devil is not imprisoned. Discard your own Oath card. All Devils with more souls than you have lose one. All Devils with more hordes than you have lose one random one. All lost souls and hordes are then added to your realm. D+
Silence (1) Play in gathering phase, after all proclaimings are done. Leave this card on table until start of the next gathering phase. While this card is in play, no communication, negotiated deals or trades are allowed between players. Already made promises must be still kept and forced trades can be done normally. Fx
Time of Virtue (1) Play in transfer or combat phase. If there is World War in play, discard it. Leave this card on the table until end of the next Soul Gathering. In Soul gathering, all Devils and fiends roll 2d6, selecting the lowest die. F
Winds of Chaos (1) Play in Gathering phase. All players discard 5 resource cards from hand and/or table, if able. Then shuffle discard pile to resource deck and put this card as new discard pile. In next draw phase, all players draw 3 extra cards. F
World War (1) Play in transfer phase. If Time of Virtue is in play, discard it. Leave this card on the table. In Soul gathering, Devils and fiends roll 2d6 instead of d6, selecting the higher one. At the end of each Soul Gathering, on a d6 roll 1-3 this card is discarded. F

Oath Cards

There exist 36 Oath cards, 6 for each Devil. All Oath cards are on Sheet O, and must have identical back to resource cards. Same sheet also have some horde cards. Following text is on each Oath card, except for Baalzebub's:


Total of 8 different realms exists, of which High Palace of Hell should have different back and is always in game, but at least one random realm does not partake each game.

Dis In combat, deals an extra hit against each hostile army during each hit assignment.
Forest of Hanged Ones (def:1) In combat, each hostile army loses one Soul at the start of each hit assignment, if they have any.
Frozen Ocean (def:2) No Sanctuary can be cast
High Palace of Hell (def:1) In draw phase, draw an extra card. In gathering phase, your Devil is automatically proclaimed as new Overlord, and wins second tie-breaker.
Lake of Boiling Blood (def:1) In combat, no army can have more attack dice than your army has.
Mountain of Ever-Rotting Corpses (def:1) In combat, if your army takes more than one hit each hit assignment, ignore one of them.
Seat of Judgement (def:1) In Soul gathering, for each other Devil gathering more than 1 soul, gain one Soul from them.
Valley of Wailing Souls (def:1) In combat, your Souls have power 1 each.


All Devil cards are on sheet L. Their back should be different to other cards. The same sheet also has various counters for play use.

Asmodeus (power:6), the Arch-Fiend of Devilkin. Any attacks against your army needs at least 5 to-hit unless attacking army is led by a Devil.
Baalzebub, Lord of Flies and Deception. Home Realm of Baalzebub has always at least 1 defense point. When playing New Alliance or Forced Agreement, can instead give any one Oath card or 2 resource cards from hand. When target of a forced trade, can select what to give.x
Belial (power:3), Lord of Pain and Suffering. In the end of draw phase, take 3 random cards from each prisoner, including tabled ones. Keep all resource cards, and either return all Oath cards or keep one and release the prisoner. If there is any Tormented Ones in discard pile in draw phase, discard a Soul to add one under your control.
Glasya, Sorceress of Hell. Can cast any number of rituals per turn. Whenever trading is allowed, discard a ritual from hand or table to draw a card. If discarded from table, a caster must be available.
Mammon, Lord of Greed and Vengeance. In draw phase, draw an extra card. If Mammon takes hit in combat, he does an immediate extra hit to each hostile army in same combat.x
Mephistopheles, Lord of Whispered Promises. In soul gathering, Mephistopheles does not have a reroll, but instead rolls twice and selects either result. Whenever trading is allowed, discard a resource card from hand to gain a Soul.x

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