Kalle's Game Page

Welcome to Kalle's Game Page. From these pages you find numerous free games, from roleplaying games to board games (pieces not included), plus house rules, tournament reports, local campaign information and much more. See also generic index.

Please note that some game systems are only in Finnish, especially older versions of some games. And no, I'm not going to translate them into English, unless I make a new version.

Stuff Available


Generic license for all game products herein.

Design Pages

What games are available from these pages - a short description and some words of each. Roleplaying games from Syndicate, RIP Fantasy and hdd3 to Neo-Troops cybervaran RPG, and boardgames from traditional card game Nihti to chess-variant Chesswar.

Campaign Page (Fi)

My current, upcoming and previous roleplaying games, and notes on other campaings I have been or am currently partaking. In Finnish only, as this information is not very interesting for outsiders.

Bloodbowl Pages

Some useful stuff in English and Finnish, plus links to local tournaments and other BB pages

GW Pages

Pages about Citadel/Games Workship miniature games, includes link to that previous Bloodbowl page, but also especially for Epic pages, for Epic Warhammer 40000, including Squat army list, house rules, useful links and battle reports (some in Finnish)

MtG Pages

Magic the Gathering pages with links, old tournament reports (famous retro tournaments) and useful trading page and rules for Retro Revised Type 0 deck building.

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