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This is compact index for all essential things on these pages. To read short descriptions of these things or to reach older versions or some minor projects, go to appropriate page or generic design page.

RPG Systems

RIP Generic roleplaying system
RIP Fantasy Fantasy supplement, includes generic rules for fantasy gaming
Syndicate Cyberpunk/corporate game, uses RIP
Neo-Troops Cybervaran game
edd2 Epic hack'n'slash
hdd3 Streamlined modified ad&d

Board/Card Games

Lords of Hell A card game of Unholy power struggle (with illustrated card prints, under development)
B: The Summer Camp Slasher A quick B horror movie card game (preview)
Neo-Hunt 3 A fast and simple cybervaran board game (with nice card prints)
Chesswar Fantasy war with chess pieces
Dungeon Lair Monster territory board game
MtG Retro Type 0 A very limited card set tournament type

Nihti (Fi) A conventional card game
Pentagrammi (Fi) And another one
Lunch Money House Rules (Fi) Common house rules

Computer Games

Knights (Amiga) Two-player dungeon duel
Fantasy Forces (Amiga) Multi-player fantasy strategy

Miscellaneous Stuff

Count A web comic
DeSS - Deck Simulation Software
X-Chat custom limited rexegp patch For 1.8.8 and other versions
Internet Links

Ilmoraattori (Fi) Generic registeration system
3-Live-Bloodbowl (Fi) Live Bloodbowl
Ravintolalistaus (Fi) Helsingin ydinkeskustan lounaspaikkoja

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