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Dec 2009: New: Ilmoraattori 2
Jan 2009: Now available: count'R, mobile playtracker.
Summer 2008: I'm too lazy to update these pages very frequently. I have moved by design pages to Google site. There has been some changes here and there, mainly Epic updates and new game rules.
Winter 2008: There has been list of Epic updates but not much else.
16.9.2007: Homepage moved from CS to kapsi. Please report any problems. You should still use iki.fi/marjola oath to avoid any problems when I move my pages.
August 2007: New Epic pages, replaces old ones.
Spring 2007: Lords of Hell sixth edition has had some updates. There is list of other projects but sorry no data here.


These pages contain all gaming-related material from older roleplaying game systems and board games to latest projects, plus information about local and international games, leagues and campaigns.

Most popular: Contents, Syndicate, RIP Fantasy, Neo-Troops, edd2, Bloodbowl Pages, MtG, Epica, and Design pages. See also Generic Index


For those things not related to games, like miscellaneous Finnish information, link pages and other stuff.

Most popular: Contents, Count web comic, Link page, #helsinki pages, Ilmoraattori (Fi), and snoukkasivut (Fi).

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