This page has all the news published in title page, but are not kept in front page for convenience. Some news also became deprecated and thus some the links below might not be working anymore. I might fix them some day, if I care enough.

Dec 2009: New: Ilmoraattori 2
Jan 2009: Now available: count'R, mobile playtracker.
Summer 2008: I'm too lazy to update these pages very frequently. I have moved by design pages to Google site. There has been some changes here and there, mainly Epic updates and new game rules.
Winter 2008: There has been list of Epic updates but not much else.
16.9.2007: Homepage moved from CS to kapsi. Please report any problems. You should still use oath to avoid any problems when I move my pages.
August 2007: New Epic pages, replaces old ones.
Spring 2007: Lords of Hell sixth edition has had some updates. There is list of other projects but sorry no data here.
Sep 2006: Lords of Hell sixth edition in playable status. There is also #ihmissusi channel pages now and some other little new things.
Aug 2006: Deabolik, the Lords of Hell boardgame has a new name and slightly modified rules.
Jul 2006: Lords of Hell sixth edition alpha available. There has been some silent updates not listed here.
Jan 2006: Army of Darkness Card Game: Rules of Kalle in alpha version. Then there has been updates to my Trade/Sell page and to Neo-Troops Neo-Troops IV and Varan Laboratory.
Dec 2005: Small updates to Lords of Hell 616 and Politics from Hell.
Sep 2005: Lords of Hell 616 now in English. Stay tuned for card prints.
9.12.2004: There has been updates to Neo-Troops 4th edition, including the brand new web-based varan laboratory.
27.11.2004: New Count strip
16.11.2004: New Count strip
7.11.2004: New Count strip
3.11.2004: PDA version of Count web comic. New links and updates to Lords of Hell 4th edition
24.10.2004: New Count strip, new look (even to old ones)
18.10.2004: At last, pictures from our Stryn trip (Fi)
16.10.2004: Lords of Hell 4th edition updated version available.
10.10.2004: New Count strip, updated Neo-Hunt 3, HTML/CSS updates..
13.8.2004: Pictures and some extra stuff moved from one external location to another. Should not have any effect on pages but if does, please report.
12.8.2004: Lords of Hell 4th edition alpha version available for review.
14.7.2004: edd2 updated! More updates coming...
22.3.2004: Ilmoraattori version 1.3 (Fi)
14.3.2004: Snoukkasivut (Fi) updated with new pictures.
13.3.2004: Count, a web comic of dark future.
9.3.2004: Pentagrammi (Fi), a wicked card game played with normal playing cards now available.
27.1.2004: Ilmoraattori version 1.2 (Fi) available with new features.
30.12.2003: Lords of Hell frontpage updated to point to third edition.
23.12.2003: Neo-Hunt 3.3 now has card prints online. Lords of Hell 3rd edition has completely updated card prints available.
12.12.2003: Card previews and prints added to Lords of Hell 3rd edition. Dungeon Lair and B: The Summer Camp Slasher moved to 'ready' games.
23.11.2003: Ilmoraattori (Fi) available.
18.11.2003: Neo-Hunt 3 3rd edition available for preview. Cards later.
11.11.2003: Main pages changed to use proportional fonts.
29.10.2003: Little updates to Neo-Hunt 3 new rules and Lords of Hell 3rd edition. Dungeon Lair and B: The Summer Camp Slasher have had numerous playtest games and seem to be ready.
17.9.2003: Updated front page to use CSS2. There is also updated versions of Dungeon Lair and Neo-Hunt 3 available, although the second one is not yet finished.
2.9.2003: Neo-V draft version available. Updates to the page of statues.
22.8.2003: B: The Summer Camp Slasher cardgame rules added. Also note updates to the Lords of Hell 3rd edition
9.7.2003: Added illustrated page of our weekend summer skiing trip to Zermatt.
29.5.2003: Added illustrated page of my weekend visit to Venice. There has been also updates to the page of statues and Lords of Hell 3rd edition
15.5.2003: DeSS version 1.2 out, with lots of improvements
13.5.2003: DeSS version 1.1.1 released!
12.5.2003: DeSS version 1.1 released!
9.5.2003: DeSS version 1.0 released!
22.4.2003: Added illustrated page of my short visit to Rome and a page of statues
17.4.2003: Still quiet, except for more pictures from Alps in snowboarding page (in Finnish)
11.2.2003: Still nothing special, but check out illustrated snowboarding trips from snowboarding page (in Finnish)
28.12.2002: Very quiet Fall, no updates to games, only some fixed links at links page. However, check out Bird Valley Gallery
20.8.2002: ChessWar printing support upgraded. The game is in final playtesting stage. Lords of Hell 3rd edition alpha version uploaded!
2.8.2002: More updates to ChessWar.
28.7.2002: More updates to ChessWar.
25.7.2002: Little updates to ChessWar.
24.7.2002: More updates to ChessWar.
23.7.2002: ChessWar updated, including more clarified rules, some new rules, new army and beautiful pictures of the game in progress.
22.7.2002: Minor updates to Neo-Troops, including prints.
1.7.2002: RIP basic attribute changed to health and cp costs for high and low attributes modified in all RIP games, including RIP Fantasy and Syndicate V (which is still under tuning)
25.6.2002: RIP mechanics updated, including in RIP Fantasy and Syndicate V (which is under tuning)
5.6.2002: Raflalistaus (Fi) finally updated
4.3.2002: New #helsinki pages (Fi mainly)
10.3.2002: Neo-Hunt 3 card game color update.
20.12.2001: Latest updates to Lords of Hell card game.
12.12.2001: Lords of Hell card game updated; some minor changes and clarifications.
10.12.2001: Magic Retro X played and retro pages updated accordingly (Fi only)
21.11.2001: Lords of Hell card game updated; some minor changes and clarifications.
14.10.2001: Magic Retro IX played. Also added retro page (Fi only)
2.10.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 updated.
27.9.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 updated, with ready-to-print gamebook and new clarified trooper rules.
25.9.2001: New games added to opinion page. Lords of Hell card game still under heavy playtesting.
26.8.2001: Neo-Troops now provided with ready-to-print booklets, see prints page. Also re-opened KTA pages (Fi only)
14.8.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 updated, some gaming board and rule changes. Also added link to restaurant listing (Fi only)
14.7.2001: Neo-Troops the cybervaran rpg 3rd edition design version released.
8.7.2001: New stories at stories section (Fi only)
29.5.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 little rules and cards update
29.5.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 cards updated and minor modifications to two of them
25.5.2001: Neo-Hunt 3 design version has now printable colored cards
24.5.2001: Neo-Hunt 2 ready.
2.5.2001: Syndicate 5th edition design version released.

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